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Your Ultimate Guide To Setting Up An Ergonomic Home Office

15 March 2024

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people had to shift to working from home. While initially, people made make-shift home offices by using their kitchen counters and dining tables and even worked from their beds or couches, it was not a feasible option. Working in this manner resulted in postural problems, shoulder and neck pain, back pain, wrist problems and eye strains. Since our homes are not designed to be offices, they don't have the ideal features to support office-related tasks. Therefore, certain changes must be made to set up the best home office.

What Is An Ergonomic Home Office?

Ergonomics is the study of people in the workplace and how the work environment affects humans and their bodies. Our bodies are flexible and adjustable, which is why we accommodate ourselves to suit any position that we are required to for the different tasks we perform every day. If a monitor screen is too high, we can crane our necks and raise our heads to look above. If we are working on something that is below our eye level, we tend to bend our heads low or hunch our backs. If a keyboard mouse is placed too high or too far from us on the desk, we overextend our arms to be able to reach them.

While it is okay to change your posture once in a while to do various tasks, doing them everyday can cause severe damage to our spines, backs, necks and wrists. Most people worldwide work 9-5 office jobs where they are required to sit behind desks and work long shifts. Working from home requires you to work the same hours in front of a computer or laptop screen. If you place your monitor on a coffee table that is too low or a counter that is too high, or if you work while sitting on your bed or couch and tend to slouch while working, this could have disastrous effects on your spine in the long run.

Ergonomic furniture is designed specifically to work around the unique shape of our bodies and to adjust to our bodily needs rather than the other way around. Ergonomics has not only significantly improved physical and mental health in working individuals, but it has also improved the quality of work that is being produced by a considerable amount.

With less discomfort and lowered fatigue, people are happier, more relaxed, feel more refreshed, and can perform better at work.

How To Set Up A Home Office

Designate A Spot In Your Home

Make sure to find a spot in your home that is reserved to be your workspace. It should be in a well-lit room, preferably one that receives a lot of natural light. It should be well-ventilated so that it does not get stuffy and should ideally not be too hot or too cold. It should not be in a room in the house that is too noisy. Choose a spot that is quieter and not distracting. Your workstation should be tidy and not cluttered or messy as it can be difficult to work.

Invest In Good Quality Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is designed to support the ideal sitting posture while working. make sure to get the right furniture for optimum work conditions and produce the best quality of work. Here are some options for the best ergonomic home office furniture:

The Best Ergonomic Home Office Chair

The best ergonomic office chair is one that maintains the ideal posture of the spine while a person works a sitting job. This is ideal for people who are required to sit behind desks for long hours; FlexiSpot has some of the best ergonomic chairs that you can buy and place in your home office. You will notice the difference in comfort, a decreased incidence of aches and pains, and decreased fatigue.

The best ergonomic chair is one that has the following features:

It has a wide and comfortable seat that can support the hips and the thighs

The chair has a lever that allows its height to be adjusted so that the feet of the user are resting flat on the ground rather than above the ground

There should be adequate back and lumbar support to align the natural S shape of the spine

The knees should be at right angles to the body, and the ankles should be behind the knees

The seat should be of breathable and comfortable fabric to allow air to circulate within it and prevent the user from getting uncomfortable and hot

Armrests should be present to provide support to the forearms and elbows, which should rest at right angles to the body

The chair should have a swivel and movable option to allow the user to reach different parts of their desk and office without having to leave their seat

Footrests and headrests may be included for added support

The Best Ergonomic Home Office Desk

The best ergonomic home desk is very important. This is your workstation, and it will be where you perform all your tasks. An ideal work desk should have the following features:

It should be the correct height

It should be wide enough to accommodate your work equipment

It should be made out good quality material that is durable and water resistant

It should be easy to clean

FlexiSpot has fantastic options for work desks that can easily be placed in the home office. Browse through the website to find the one that suits you best.

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

Standing desk converters are a recent invention that have been introduced to encourage desk workers to stand while doing their tasks. This is because desk users who sit for extended hours suffer from various postural problems and others caused due to sitting in the same position for extended hours. Standing desks can be elevated to allow the user to stand and work so that they can take frequent breaks from sitting for too long

FlexiSpot has fantastic standing desk converter options that you can place in your home office. They can be raised in height or lowered depending on whether you are sitting or standing.

The Best Ergonomic Home Office Lighting

A well-lit room is extremely important when working from home. The more daylight that you can incorporate into the room, the better it is. Natural light is the best kind of light to work in as it reduces the incidence of eye strain, headaches, drowsiness and depression while working. Here are some ways to brighten up your work space:

Add big windows that go from floor to ceiling

Get skylights in the room to allow more natural light into the room

Get the window panes frosted or add screens to create a diffused effect of the light and prevent glares

Add floor lamps for more lighting

Add LED lights that mimic daylight

Add desk lamps for task lighting

The Ideal Sitting Posture

The ideal sitting posture is one that puts the least amount of strain on your back, neck, shoulders, wrists and eyes

You should ideally sit with your feet planted flat on the ground

Your knees should be bent at right angles to your body

Your shoulders should be relaxed and not rolled back

Your neck should not be bent or craned

Your head should be straight

Your eyes should be focused in front of the monitor

Your back and spine should be well supported by adequate lumbar and back support on the chair.

Incorrect posture can result in the following problems:

Increased back pain

Sciatica pain

Numbness and tingling in arms and legs

Eye strain and discomfort


Stiffness in the neck and shoulders

Wrist pain and complications such as carpal tunnel syndrome

Disc bulging due to spine misalignment

FlexiSpot has some of the best lighting options on its website. Whether you want floor lamps or desk lamps, they have you covered for all your home office lighting needs. Be sure not to neglect proper lighting in your workspace, as dim lighting can result in low productivity, eye strain and headaches.

The Final Word

Working from home has now become an acceptable and significant part of work culture as many companies offer the option to their employees to work from home. Due to this reason, there is a great need to have ergonomic furniture options to set up home offices. If you are looking to set up a home office, check the Vici Duplex standing desk by FlexiSpot and it can be ordered today. You may check out some more ergonomic furniture options on FlexiSpot to make a relaxing office in the comfort of your home.