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Workout Tools to Invest in for Your Ergonomic Office

30 August 2022

Sitting at your office for more than 8 hours every day and hoping to stay fit are poles apart. Research shows that the average American gains 12 pounds due to adherence to their desk job. Such a statistical analysis is alarming, especially if you struggle to shed every pound. A simple task like sitting can wash over your hard work of surviving on salads and hitting the gym. Also, fitting a workout into your daily routine can be difficult, especially if you have a full-time job, a house with many kids, and other responsibilities pulling you in all directions.

However, finding time to take care of your health is critical because it can strengthen your immune system and improve your cardiovascular endurance and overall health. The department of health and human services has recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercises a week or, if possible, 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercises. It can be easier to attain this goal if you have a home gym or an indoor cycling bike, but such machines can be costly for some people. It can also be difficult for people that work all day in the office without time to work out. It is where companies have come up with tools that can allow people to work while working out at the same time. With such tools, you can simultaneously multitask, get your movement in, and check off your to-do list in the office. You need the proper office workout equipment.

How do you know the correct workout equipment for your ergonomic office? Stick around and let us guide you.

Picking the correct workout tool for your office

Picking the correct workout tool for your office

The workout tool for an ergonomic office depends on your preference. Some people find it necessary to reach their dream body in a limited time, while others can be attracted to the idea of steady and slow winning the race. The unlimited choice of office workout tools in the market today makes it simple for buyers to get the products they want and love that match their goals. Here are some of the easiest and most common ways to locate workout budget-friendly tools for your office. You should look at the following factors for the best workout equipment.

Consider your office environment

You should look at how quiet or loud your office environment is. Can you be allowed to exercise at work while your boss is present, and will you cause trouble for your co-workers? If you plan to get a desk workout equipment that needs floor space, you should consider if you have enough under desk space that you can use to store the equipment.

Consider your primary goal or objective

What is your aim? Is it to lose weight, burn more calories, tone your muscles, and increase blood circulation or blood flow? What part of your body do you care about the most? An example could be, would you want more muscular arms or to lose some pounds while working? You should take into account all these factors before picking the ideal office workout tool.

Consider the price and work out the tool design

It would help you if you thought about your goals and the environment before you buy the tools because it would help narrow down your choices. Currently, workout equipment for your office is costly due to the popularity they are gaining. You have to know where to look; this is why we are here for you, to help and guide you. You should also consider discounts and sales and research the available options. At Flexispot, you can get these workout tools for great discounts and sales because they are offered now and then.

Consider your favorite tools

If you can't do so much cardio while working, you might need to do some at your desk instead. You can use several workout tools to do so. However, if your goal is activating your core, you should go for something less obvious. For example, using a ball chair can improve your fitness and help you accomplish your work without anyone noticing.

Ergonomic tools to invest in:

Once you’ve nailed your preferences in work out tools for your ergonomic office, it is now time to pick out the tools. Here is a helpful list to guide your choice:

Balance ball chair

1. Balance ball chair

One good way to improve your health at work is to stop using the desk chair you are sitting on all day and shift to something like a ball chair whenever possible. As you already know by now, poor posture at work all day can bring some harmful effects to your body, so you need to make the switch to re-energize your system while working. Ball chairs have been created to promote good spine alignment and relieve issues like soreness that can be brought about by sitting for long hours or even back pain. The movements that come from sitting on this chair encourage and engage your mind and body, increasing energy levels and productivity with time. Do not worry about stability because some ball chairs have chair bases to keep you stable.

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1368

2. Ergonomic stool

An ergonomic stool is slowly becoming popular as great office workout equipment and can be used together with standing desks. It is a piece of comfortable and lightweight seating equipment with a solid weighted dynamic base. The height adjustment varies with the manufacturing company, and its sloped seat has been made to keep the core strengthened and strong. Flexispot's Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1368, for instance, has a weight capacity of 270 pounds even though it might appear smaller. The ergonomic stool comes in two colors, which means it can fit different workstations and simultaneously keep your body in shape.

Treadmill desk

3. Treadmill desk

Treadmills can be used together with standing desks to allow you to stay healthy and active while working. If you must stay active and be healthy simultaneously, this is the best workout tool to invest in your ergonomic office. I recommend it as the best because it forces you to exercise. It becomes easier to stop pedaling on a desk bike once you become distracted by a treadmill compared to a desk bike. Treadmills allow you to type while working, answer your calls, skype as you exercise, and even browse the web.

Anti-fatigue Mat

4. Anti-fatigue Mat

If you have used an anti-fatigue mat before, you understand the magic these desk workout tools bring to your daily life. The benefits of anti-fatigue mats are several, but the ones I like the most include preventing users from excessively straining their bodies and posture and preventing them from slipping. It allows you to have different small movements, which means you won't be able to stand in the same pose for extended periods. When you make repeated movements, the blood in your body and legs flows smoothly without restrictions, releasing muscle tension and keeping your body and feet healthy and far from swelling. Flexispot’s anti-fatigue mat MT1 can be used in the office, at your home office, and even in the kitchen. This ergonomic standing solution has been designed to ensure comfort while working.

Adjustable dumbbells

5. Adjustable dumbbells

You can purchase multiple pairs of dumbbells with varying weights if you want to work extra. Multiple pairs allow you to change your workout and exercise routine as you please, using them in weights ranging from 5 to 52.5 pounds. Dumbbells can help you stay on track, especially if you are working on your weight. The best thing is that it is simple to fit a set of dumbbells under your desk if your objective is to train or work on your strength while working.

Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

6. Desk bike

Desk bikes work as stationary bikes without handles so that you can fit them under your desk. If you want the correct height, you might need to use it with a standing desk instead. Some desk bikes have computer desks mounted in front of them to allow you to work on simple tasks as you exercise. The Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair is the best desk bike for working while exercising in your office. Using it brings comfort as it can also work as an office chair. For good results, ensure you do not abandon your desk bike for months; you need to use it regularly.

Standing desk

7. Standing desk

While it might not seem like it, switching between sitting and standing throughout your work day is great workout for your body. Adjustable standing desks are excellent office workout tools that you can use to be fit and healthy. The benefits of having a standing desk over the traditional desk are many, with one of the main ones being that they can eliminate the chances of obesity. A standing desk is known to help its user burn almost twice the amount of calories compared to sitting. Standing desks also improve metabolism rates, speeding up digestion and increasing energy levels. Unlike the traditional desks used for centuries, standing desks are now known to help people maintain good posture. You can get various designs and features of standing desks through the Flexispot website.

With these workout tools invested in your ergonomic office, you can make fitness part of your office day and kill two birds with one stone. There are several workout equipments designed to elevate your office desk into an exercise machine or made to fit under your desk to keep you healthy and in check. Flexispot offers some workout tools that are good for an ergonomic office investment.