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Work Hard Now, Party Harder this Christmas

19 December 2022

There are jingle bells chiming and people walking through the streets—-do you hear and see them? Do you detect the aroma of warm pie or the remnants of champagne in your beloved top? Do you notice crowds of people swarming the eateries and supermarkets late at night?

Do you see how the streets are covered with snow and decorated with pine trees, Christmas ornaments, and lights?

If you haven't already checked your calendar, there are just 9 days left till Christmas. You'll soon be scrambling to decide what to wear to the Christmas party or what meals to cook for your parents when they visit. Reunions and night outs will eventually take up most of your schedule.

Despite the fact that there are a few workdays remaining, your mindset is already vacation-oriented. You find it particularly challenging to focus on your job right now because you are struggling to balance your hectic social schedule with your ongoing work during the holidays.

However, you are powerless. You must continue working if you still have a job. Unless you want to avoid going back to work after the holiday vacation.

You need to make a list of tasks for the following day before the present workday is over in order to stay focused. For you to continue to be able to cross things off of this list and do well at work, you must remain dedicated to it no matter what. Maintain your daily routines as much as you can despite your busy schedule. Otherwise, you'd lose the motivation to work and be unable to continue. A priority-setting strategy is also necessary. Despite your want to always be a friend or a member of the family, you still lack superhuman strength. Say yes only to requests that you can both afford and accept. You won't be having fun, either if you feel burnt out.

Just take action on what you can. In addition to your to-do list, a list of things you must remember will be helpful. As was already indicated, this time of year is busy socially, so your mind is constantly active and thinking as well as fantasizing a myriad of things. A list that serves as a reminder of everything you need or must do throughout this hectic, exciting season will help you keep focused.

Of course, we must also stress the need for our own self-care. By making an ergonomic furniture purchase, you can accomplish that while working effectively. While you're busy working, these items are made to match your demands and tastes while also encouraging you to take care of your health.

When you have a number of items to sign off on, it's easy to forget to get up and stretch your legs after spending so much time sitting down. Over time, this could be harmful to your health. You can be reminded and made more comfortable to stand up frequently throughout the day by using ergonomic furniture. Additionally, it can prevent any muscle aches or pains in your feet, upper body, back, neck, and other body parts. Additionally, ergonomic furniture can help you be more productive and do more work in the least amount of time possible, giving you a lot more time to spend with your loved ones.

Here are a few pieces of ergonomic furniture that will not simply get you through the holidays but the entire year.

Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8

You can conveniently shift from a sitting to a standing position at more regular points of the day when you have a standing desk. This standing desk has a weight capacity of 275 pounds and you may adjust the height from 23.6" to 49.2" It has an oval column shape design that adds to the total aesthetic of the table. It makes use of a powerful dual-motor lifting system plus multiple desktops, oval legs, a child lock system, an anti-collision feature, cable management, and oval legs. It comes with a multi-function touch keypad that has an LED touch screen, up and down buttons, memory presets, and more.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

For a comfortable working experience, invest in an ergonomic chair so that you can adjust your seat based on your needs and preferences. You can play with the lifting height of this chair which is adjustable up to 3.1". The back has an S-shaped curve and lumbar support to offer premium comfort. The headrest is movable and can also be adjusted if you feel any strain on your head or neck.

This chair is made of breathable quality mesh that sweat and moisture won't build up even if you use it every day for long hours. The seat cushion has a support that can reduce any pain you feel in your hips. And this chair has caster wheels that can be rotated up to 360°.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

It's so easy to pedal away in the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair while attending client meetings and making presentations. The big brains in the FlexiSpot HQ also made the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair work in synergy with all the standing desks offered on the FlexiSpot site. The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair and a standing desk combination will provide you with health benefits enjoyed by people who are dedicated to standing regularly and biking simultaneously when working.

What people love as well is that they're able to use this product even if they share their workspace with others. This FlexiSpot product is whisper-quiet for every pedal stroke. Your office mates or family members won't even know that you are working out while you're working because it really hardly makes any sound.

The FlexiSpot customers love it for a reason. There are some who say that they lost weight from continuously using their desk bike while there are others who are just happy that they are consistent with their workout routine, thanks to this bike.

Final Word

Remember you can enjoy the holidays more if you smash out your work first. Work hard now and you'll party much harder later.