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Word Sleep Day Events Sales with FlexiSpot Straight Down Standing Desk

10 March 2023

At FlexiSpot, we pride ourselves on providing items that facilitate your daily routine. Very few of us take the time to adequately care for our health in today's hectic world. And that can lead to bad sleeping patterns that would be better avoided if, in any way, we could.

Are you interested in making the most of your leisure hours with the best, most comfortable Flexispot products that cost next to nothing? Here's your luck. With the 2023 World Sleep Day event sales, you can get tons of discounted products and buy more to get your savings up to the roof.

All products from our store can help you improve your health immediately and over the long term. And if there's one thing we know you'll appreciate more than improved health, it's improved health at a reasonable cost.

Read on!

The 2023 World Sleep Day Event

There isn't a set date in March to celebrate World Sleep Day, but it'll hold on March 17 this year. Based on the data collected, we know that the date is between March 10 and March 20. The day of the celebration (Friday) is consistent even though the date changes from year to year. This celebration takes place on the Friday preceding the Spring Equinox, and the World Sleep Day Society's Committee for the Holiday oversees its planning. The purpose of the day is to bring attention to the value of sleep and to offer solutions to the many problems that prevent people from getting enough of it.

How it all started

Let's dig a little bit into the history of World Sleep Day.

Sleep is the body's normal way of winding down. By limiting muscle activity and other underutilized body sensations, it aids in regenerating and replenishing the body and the mind. Several stages of sleep serve different purposes. And disrupting one might cause physical or mental health problems that permeate every aspect of living.

With so many positive effects on cognition and health, it's no surprise that groups like the International Sleep Day Society feel compelled to celebrate the value of sleep by designating a day in March as World Sleep Day.

Although everyone has to sleep at some point, everyone has a unique interpretation of what happens while we're out. Some specialists argue that sleep is a transitory coma in which the body is simultaneously cognizant and unconscious.

Yet, many people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, so they never hit this rejuvenating coma-like condition. In 2008, the World Sleep Society and the World Association of Sleep Medicine came together to introduce the World Sleep Day.

Ever since World Sleep Day has worked to raise public awareness of the importance of sleep to overall health and to unite organizations on a global and local scale to address sleep-related problems.

The event has been commemorated annually with a different focus to draw attention to the cause. People are encouraged to seek help for sleep problems and are given information about various sleep disorders that may occur.

Doctors like Antonio Culebras and Liborio Parrino served as the first co-chairmen of World Sleep Day and helped found the World Sleep Society, a nonprofit organization devoted to assisting in funding research for the numerous sleep issues that are currently plaguing the world.

The World Sleep Society collaborates with a number of media outlets to help them inform the public and report on the impact sleep may have on daily living. It's crucial to spread the word and let folks know where exactly to look for assistance!

What to Do on World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day may be quite simple to enjoy. But taking a few steps toward a good sleep routine can improve the quality of your entire life in no time. Check out the following ideas to make the most out of your Sleep Day holiday:

Get some rest

Spend World Sleep Day doing what everyone enjoys doing at the end of the day: Catch some Z's! Have a day off and separate yourself from everything stressful. Instead, for a less drastic option, consider taking a 20-minute power nap at work during lunch. If you get a sense of renewal afterward, then it was necessary.

Adopt good sleep hygiene

Adults may feel they should fall asleep easily when they are weary because toddlers do so. But truth is, they can't! Some persons' sleep schedules may require some extra sprinkle of care, much as caring for their physical body. So a good sleep hygiene is a must.

Buy a Product from Flexispot

Now is a good time to cop star products from the top-rated Flexispot. During the holiday, you can participate in the World Sleep Day Straight down and pick any of the products you find appealing.

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Flexispot Straight Down Standing Desk

Come March 17, you can buy any of Flexispot's straight-down discounted products and save more: $90 off $900, $120 off $1200, and $150 off $1500.

In particular, the E7 Standing Desk is BIFMA-certified, raising the benchmark for its extreme stability.

It is made with stronger leg columns. Plus, the column spacing is precisely calculated to be 0.05 mm, which is the ideal value for enabling the column stages to travel just smoothly.

For a robust and stable experience, the foundation structure of the E7 is made of solid carbon steel that has been upgraded to automotive material standards.

Even if you pile things on the top unevenly, it remains stable.

The E7 is a premium desk that offers exceptional performance and stability and is made to last. Its holeless leg design makes it aesthetically beautiful, and the Nordson Enviro Coat powder spraying technique makes it sustainable.

The desktop surface has great color consistency thanks to a coating that is both anti-wear and high-temperature resistant. It also slides smoothly up and down to keep your gadgets in place while easily adjusting the height.

When lifted to the highest point, the E7 is robust enough to remain still. Whether you're gaming or typing, you won't sway.

Flexispot straight down event star products

Adjustable Bed Base S4 - Cheapest Electric Bed Frame

The original asking price was $599.99. But at the event, you may save $180 off the regular price, and cop it at $419.99.

Though sometimes difficult, a great night's rest is definitely a must if you're ever going to stay healthy. If you're having trouble finding the right sleeping position, an adjustable bed frame may be the answer.

This bed is attractive, and its reduced price makes it more accessible to more consumers. Its features include under-bed storage, a side pocket, and firm legs.

Height Adjustable Overbed Table H6

The original asking price was $129.99. But at the event, you can spend just as less as $99.99 and save $30.

Relaxing in bed is easy if you have a solid table or desk nearby for eating and playing games. Flexispot overbed tables are designed with older adults and hospitalized patients with mobility restrictions in mind.

MLILY Dreamer Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The original price is $159.99. But the event reduces it to $144.99—saving you a total of $15.

When you consider that these types of sales typically don't happen until Black Friday or January, it's clear that Flexispot's timing couldn't be better.

It's probably no secret that you spend a lot of time in bed. So, if you are a victim of bedroom-related pain and injury, the Dreamer memory foam mattress may be able to help. This bed offers an excellent trade-off between low price, high quality, and long life.