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Why the ProPlus E7 is the Best Standing Desk for Home Office in 2022

05 July 2022

If you spend your days working at a desk, there is a chance you have encountered the signs for a long time, such as muscle fatigue and soreness or even back pain. At this age, several of us are relatively familiar with the life of working from home. We have all rolled out of bed, prepared for meetings, and finished work to keep our jobs. Those that go to the office daily are not excluded from this instance because most of us still have set up home offices that we can use for extra work activities. You have probably encountered articles and advertisements that tell us the benefits of a standing desk. You already know that standing desks are the best home office investment.

Standing desks can be your lifeline. A standing desk can help protect your spine, improve your mood, and keep you away from numerous health conditions. From the American journal of public health, we shouldn't sit for longer than 8 hours. If we do, we put ourselves at 10% risk of chronic diseases and premature death. When you rely on a standing desk in your home office, you will experience a boost in productivity and creativity with time. Today, we will look into the Flexispot ProPlus E7 standing desk, the best desk for a home office. Flexispot isn't a newcomer to the ergonomics industry and has created a name for itself by making cost-effective furniture that provides flexibility and healthy working conditions. Why is the Flexispot E7 ProPlus standing desk the best home office standing desk? Find out in this article.

Before we go further, you should know the thing about standing desks that makes your life much easier. The benefits of standing desks in your home office include;

Standing desks improve your energy levels and mood.

Reduce back pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints about office workers worldwide. Human beings shouldn't sit for long periods, and this does not board well with people who spend most of their hours working while sitting at their desks. Also, studies have shown that changing your standard custom with intermittent standing bouts can critically lessen the risk of back pain. A report by says that 54% of workers felt reduced neck and upper back pain when their sitting time was reduced. Just as little as an hour a day of additional standing can create extraordinary benefits.

It promotes good health

While using a standing desk, you can live an active lifestyle instead of a sedentary one. Standing desks can help you shift from standing to sitting, as several people have realized the dangers of prolonged sitting. The desks help workers easily stand up at regular points of the day and then shift back to sitting when their feet are tired. Some desks come with sit-stand reminders to remind the employees or users when they need to take a break and shift their positions. You can also use under desk accessories found on these desks because their heights can adjust smoothly or efficiently.

Boosts productivity

Boosts productivity

Shifting positions between standing and sitting can help boost productivity. Boosting productivity is something your boss would probably love to hear, and it can persuade your company to invest in standing desks. Concentrating is usually challenging if you work from home due to several distractions. Several articles talk about making your home office environment work-friendly. You can accomplish this by investing in standing desks. When you shift your working positions every time, you will increase your productivity and yield great results. The British medical journal performed trials with 146 staff who swapped traditional office desks with standing desks.

Results showed that people who lived sedentary work lives that switched to using standing desks reported an improved engagement concerning their work. Shifting your positions at work helps boost productivity.

It helps in staying alert and focused

When not sitting in a very comfortable position, you wake up your senses and keep them more alert. Standing up ensures a good blood flow, providing high energy levels and keeping you alert and focused. Besides, your body pain gets lessened, allowing you to work continuously without getting disrupted by muscle tension. It is another reason standing desks are getting more popular and everyone's favorite. If you want to change your daily work life performance and focus, how about investing in a standing desk? We have never had anyone wanting to get rid of a standing desk after experiencing the remarkable life it provides.

Standing desks improve your energy levels and mood

Standing desks improve your energy levels and mood

Sitting is linked to an increase in the risk of anxiety and depression. Also, standing attributes to increased energy and mood levels. Research has found that people who use standing desks have reported an increase in the state of their moods compared to those who spend long hours sitting. The people who went back to using traditional office desks found themselves going back to their original mood levels. Apart from improving energy and mood levels, standing invites collaboration that pairs well with spacious open-plan offices.

Improves posture

A standing desk encourages you to sit in the proper position or stand erect. You can adjust the desk height anytime, which means that you can adjust the size to a place that won't make your neck or back uncomfortable or adapt it to a height that will encourage you to have the correct posture. The benefit of this is a straightened spine and less tension. Also, standing during work strengthens your ankle, leg, and foot muscles. To be beneficial, you have to know the proper postures while standing. It isn’t helpful to spend your time standing if you're going to slouch. Standing desks can help you with the correct postures.

After learning the benefits of a standing desk, you now know why you need to invest in one, particularly the ProPlus E7 standing desk, which is the best for a home office set up in 2022.

ProPlus E7 standing desk

ProPlus E7 standing desk

The E7 ProPlus is the latest Flexispot standing desk and comes with the newest company features. The market's starting price is $579, but it can scale up depending on the accessories and options you pick. Opportunities to select include a desk size of 48 by 24 inches to 80 by 30 inches, depending on your home office space. Also, the desk has four different materials you can pick from; fibreboard, chipboard, and solid wood surfaces, each with different wood grain finishes and colors, making it 16 other options that can blend with any home office setup.

E7 ProPlus performance

One feature that makes this standing desk the best for a home office is its performance since It has a consistent and smooth operating system. The desk contains an anti-collision system that works when the desk is traveling in a particular direction. It automatically stops and reverses a few inches when it hits a surface or your furniture. The same happens when cables try to create a mess of your workstation. It is often familiar with a home office and can be fixed by the E7 ProPlus standing desk. Also, its controllers provide programmable height settings, which allow you to set comfortable sitting and standing positions, and while moving, it is quiet enough not to disturb anyone else in the room; if you have a two-person home office, what best to use but this fantastic standing desk.

Reliability and stability

A home office set requires reliable and stable furniture to keep things running smoothly and increase productivity. The E7 ProPlus can provide reliable weight capacity since it is BIFMA certified. Its leg columns are thicker than those of the usual standing desks, making it able to carry the weight of two adults. The desk can accommodate 355lbs, meaning you can place your heavy monitors, laptops, and other office equipment in your home office.

E7 ProPlus design

The best thing relating to home offices is that you can design them however you want. The E7 has a sleek appearance, and its frame is made from laser welding techniques if you're going for looks. Its holeless leg design is aesthetically pleasing, it is temperature resistant for safety and comfort, and its anti-ware coating ensures the consistency of the desk's color for several years. You don't have to buy another desk for your home office for reasons like wearing out.

When you get the desk for your home office, remember to get help while assembling it because it is heavy and needs lifting. There is a 15-year warranty for the motor, frame, and other mechanisms meaning there's no need to worry about desk issues for another 15 years. At Flexispot, we believe that the E7 ProPlus is the best standing desk for your home office; hence we have made it fit your home office needs.