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Why Adjustable Bed make good sleep during pregnancy

24 March 2022

Pregnancy is usually a difficult period for many women. One of the primary reasons is the sleep problem. During the pregnancy, there are a couple of physical changes that happen to the mother’s body. And finding a comfortable sleep position to adapt to these changes has become a challenge for many mothers. Adjustable beds are becoming the go-to option for many mothers who want to improve their sleep.

What about FlexiSpot adjustable bed

Why does a pregnant mom need an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds are exactly like their name: adjustable. Whilst a regular bed comprises a mattress on a flat and stationary bed frame; adjustable beds feature parts that can be lowered or raised independently. With the several problems that women face, such as leg pain and backaches during pregnancy, it is vital for pregnant women to find a comfortable position. And using adjustable beds is definitely a good choice for the pregnant for the following reasons:

1. Reduces swelling

During pregnancy, a woman goes through a lot of physical changes. One standard change is the swelling of fingers and toes or legs. It is at this time when they need more rest so that the swelling reduces and what better way to do it than to use an adjustable bed? These beds reduce swelling because they are made in a way that is adjusted to help you by increasing your blood circulation.

2. Increases mood

During pregnancy, it is common for women to go through hormonal changes. Pregnancy can result in mood differences fixed by sleep since sleep is a mood booster. An adjustable bed can bring about a good mood just by sleeping on it. Imagine yourself on a bed adjusted according to your will and comfort needs on a bad day, fantastic, right?

3. It makes it easy to sleep.

Pain and insomnia are widespread during the third trimester for several motives. You may be up more recurrently to take bathroom trips, or the pain and aching caused by the physical change you are undergoing may make it difficult to sleep. People may advise you that it is nature's way of preparing you for the baby's coming, but this is less helpful while sleep is eluding you. In this scenario, an adjustable bed is a perfect solution because it provides the comfort you need during sleep. It is also helpful when you are having trouble breathing during sleep, and it is achieved by elevating the head section of the bed to allow ease of breathing.

What about FlexiSpot adjustable bed?

The FlexiSpot adjustable bed allows you to adjust your sleeping position. The good thing is that you can have several sleeping positions to suit your needs throughout your pregnancy. The following are the bed’s features:

First, FlexiSpot adjustable bed customizes comfort and enhances better sleep quality.

1. Its head adjustment has a range of 0-60 degrees.

2. It is easy to find a good reading, sleeping or watching television with this bed.

3. It relieves back pain, especially for pregnant women. Experiencing good sleep for pregnant women is difficult due to problems like your belly size, pain ad pressure in the neck and back, shortness of breath, and even insomnia. It is worsened by sleeping on a flatbed because you need to use numerous pillows for support to find a comfortable sleeping position. It becomes a thing of the past with FlexiSpot adjustable bed.

4. The bed also reduces snoring, discomfort, and sleep apnea during pregnancy. Lying in zero gravity allows an elevation of the upper body to ensure stomach acids cannot come back up quickly, reducing acid reflux and heartburn. FlexiSpot adjustable bed is a gift for everyone, especially pregnant women.

FlexiSpot adjustable bed can accommodate different sleep preferences. You can put two twin extra-large beds together, forming a split king bed. You and your partner can position and choose your mattress any way you want and at any time. If your spouse goes to bed early, but your pregnancy can't allow you to sleep, so you choose to read or watch television instead, a split king adjustable base can help you relax in style.

In addition, the bed can fit in an existing bed frame, and it can be used as a support system that can stand alone, or it can fit in a bed frame that is considered standard-sized, without slats. It also offers three height options that fit different bed frames, and the height range is 3”, 6”, and 9”.

It also has an under-bed storage space. The 9" height ensures that the under-bed storage space can measure up to 15.8 cp. FT. If you are thinking about buying clothes for your yet-to-be-born baby before you find the perfect room to place your baby items, you can place them in this under-bed storage space, there is plenty of space, and it can be safe under your care.

Finally, the bed is durable and stable. The motorized base can deliver a max thrust of 600kg at a 50db sound level to ensure your entire family can sleep peacefully. It is durable since it has passed 10,000 standard tests. The sturdy steel and six-legged design provides stability and is not easy to tip over, which is safe for pregnant women.

FlexiSpot assures comfort and quality through its limited warranty, covering manufacturing defects and materials in their new products. Its ten-year warranty for adjustable beds, 5years for motor, and two years for a remote, adapter, and control box applies to customers who purchase its products from FlexiSpot authorized retailers. You can sleep knowing that FlexiSpot services fully back you.