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Why adjustable bed bases will be better for your pregnancy?

28 April 2022

Bringing life into this world is a lot of work, so why not make it easier?

Getting the news that you or your spouse is pregnant can cause you all sorts of joy. Whether this is your first child or your latest one, having a new addition to your family is very wonderful. Even with all the joy that surrounds this, many people feel that this causes them to think of all the things they need to do to properly prepare. Many women feel the first things they need to do to properly prepare is to focus on their nutrition, as well as all the many things that a baby will need once they enter the world and your lives.

While these things are of course very important, many women forget to focus on their health and how they sleep. Sleep is going to be immensely important when it comes to the next nine months you will have to bring a healthy baby into this world. While being pregnant, you are going to experience tiredness and fatigue, due to all the changes that will be going on with your body. Sleep will most likely be your best friend when it comes to the aches and pains that come with being pregnant.

pregnant sleeping

A good nap or good night’s sleep is the best way to recharge your body and overall give you the energy you need to tackle each day. This is true whether you are pregnant or not. No one wants to feel tired or drowsy all day long. How you sleep is the foundation for how your whole day will be for you. When you’re pregnant, many things will affect your sleep through all the stages of your pregnancy.

At the beginning of your second trimester, the size of the abdomen, pressure, and pain in the back and neck, acid reflux, heartburn, insomnia, shortness of breath, and swelling of the legs tend to occur. There can of course be some hazards of pregnant women sleeping on their backs. When laying on your back it tends to cause more harm than good. When sleeping on your back, it will make it difficult for you as a pregnant woman to breathe and may even cause heart problems due to compression of the vena cava, which allows blood to flow to your heart.

Pregnant women should not lie on their back in a completely flat posture. Doing so will cause the uterus to press on the spine, back muscles, and major blood vessels. This also may cause hemorrhoids and a drop in blood pressure. Similarly, in a lying position, the baby will not be able to get the proper blood needed from the mother. In the third trimester, sleeping in this way also increases the risk of stillbirth.

pregnant sleeping with raised bed

There are many ways women can sleep better and feel more rested while being pregnant. Some of those ways include raising her back and slightly raising her legs and sleeping to the left. You may be curious why pregnant women sleep more comfortably like this. The reasons why this happens to consist of a few different reasons. Reasons to help clarify this are simple. Elevating their upper body during sleep will reduce the pressure on their lower back (it is recommended to do this at 15°).

This will help to reduce back and neck pain. It also helps the stomach acid sot it is not easy to reflux and help relieve heartburn and acid reflux during the night. Elevating your legs will also help promote healthier blood circulation and reduce swelling in the legs and lower body.

The biggest thing that will help or even possibly do more harm than good is what you sleep on. Many people have the normal way to sleep such as on a mattress. Sometimes having something on the mattress additionally like memory foam, memory sleep pillows, or even quilted foam for the mattress itself. While these can help, they aren’t the best solution for your pregnancy. One of the best things you can do for your sleep during pregnancy or really during any time is using an adjustable bed base. An adjustable bed base does many things for your health while you sleep. Some of those things include:

• Helping you lighten the effects of back pain
• Alleviating your sleep apnea, asthma, and snoring
• Lowering your chances of acid reflux and heartburn
• Easing your insomnia
• Improving your digestion
• Enhancing your body’s circulation
• Helping you lighten the effects of leg swelling
• Enhancing your lifestyle and furthering your independence physically

adjustable bed base

Considering those are just a small amount of the things that your body will get from an adjustable bed base, it seems very worth it. Sure, getting an adjustable bed base might be more expensive than the average bed frame or regular mattress, but what you are doing is not only investing in sleeping better but investing in your future health. Little things that affect your health can worsen over time or even cause serious health issues. Preventing those things from happening early will end up paying for the adjustable bed base tenfold.

If you think about it regarding cost and numbers, an adjustable bed base will cost so much less than many visits to the doctor’s office throughout the rest of your life. There is a balance to having an adjustable bed base when you think of it in these terms. You are chipping away at health problems you have, as well you are spending less money having to continuously get help at a doctor’s office. As we all know, going to the doctor’s even once can be a pain, let alone having to go many times.

The best thing to take away from this is to listen to your body (whether you are pregnant or not) and make sure you do what is best for you. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what your body might be saying but taking some measures beforehand will end up setting you up for exactly what you need. Let your new adjustable bed base do that for you now and for years to come.