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Why a Dual-Motor Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Is Great for Large-Scale Offices

02 March 2023

Large-scale offices, which, in the context of this article, refer to businesses with many employees in their offices who share desks with other professionals from different shifts, can benefit from some essential office furniture. The type of furniture we're focusing on is a dual-motor height-adjustable standing desk. These desks allow employees to work in sitting and standing positions, and they make the process of switching between these positions and other users more convenient.

Therefore, this article provides a complete why dual-motor height-adjustable standing desks are great for large-scale offices. The definition we used for large-scale offices is the same as the one mentioned above.

Understanding What a Dual-Motor Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Is

This article is focused on standing desks that allow you to adjust the height within a considerable range. As a result of that, you can use this type of desk in a sitting and standing position. In addition to that, the desks referenced throughout this article also allow people of various heights to use them comfortably. For example, people of heights ranging between 4 feet and 2 inches and 6 feet and 4 inches can use the E7 model by FlexiSpot.

The mechanism to move standing desks can vary. For example, a cost-effective solution that does not require electricity is a crank-style system in which you'll need to rotate a lever to increase or decrease the desk's height.

On the other hand, a more convenient and reliable solution is a dual-motor system. This system uses electricity to power the motors that allow you to raise or lower the desk in minute increments. Thus, it's convenient because it allows you to adjust the height by simply pressing a button instead of using your entire arm to move a crank in a cranky-style desk system. Another convenient feature that the desk mentioned above has is a preset memory feature. So, you can save your height settings on specific presets, and then you can simply press the preset button, and the desk will automatically adjust to your desired height. We can explain how you benefit from this feature in greater detail later in this article.

With that said, let's get into the benefits of a dual-motor height-adjustable standing desk.

Why a Dual-Motor Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Is Great for Large-Scale Offices

While this article is focused on employees from a large-scale office, some of the benefits mentioned below are also applicable to users who work from home. For example, even professionals working from home can benefit from the convenience, versatility, and overall build quality of some of the desks discussed throughout this article. So, if you're looking for office furniture for your home as well, you can also consider investing in a high-quality standing desk.

Below are reasons why a dual-motor height-adjustable standing desk is great for large-scale offices.

It Can Boost Employees' Efficiency and Productivity

One of the most important reasons why businesses should consider investing in high-quality ergonomic furniture for their employees is that it provides workers with the necessary tools to improve their workflow. It's important to understand that a great desk will allow employees to stand or sit ergonomically with great posture. As a result, they'll be at lower risk of muscle strains, pain, and injury. So, if they are more comfortable (obviously to an appropriate degree), they are more likely to be distracted by some symptoms of potential injuries developing in their bodies. In turn, they can be more focused on their work.

Ergonomics is the practice of maximizing work efficiency by providing allowing users to stay comfortable and stay focused on their work. Switching between sitting and standing positions can also help with that, which is where a height-adjustable desk will be useful. So, investing in exceptional furniture for your employees is the same as investing in your business. With the right tools, you can help them maximize their output, which will benefit the company.

You should understand that your desk's height is integral for achieving ideal workplace ergonomics. Therefore, providing your employees with a dual-motor height-adjustable standing desk can help them work in the most efficient way possible. The desk height can affect the position of their elbows and wrists, and if their jobs involve a lot of typing, a comfortable setup can allow them to work at a good pace and productivity with minimal risk to their health and wellbeing.

At the same time, providing your employees with good furniture can also help them feel welcome and valued by their employers. In turn, that can have a tremendous benefit on their overall perspective on their employer and their jobs. Employees who feel valued by their employers are more likely to perform better than those who feel undervalued.

A Dual-Motor Desk Is a Long-Term Investment

Don't think that a dual-motor system will get damaged soon after buying it. The dual-motor systems on standing desks by FlexiSpot go through intensive testing procedures. The designs are approved for selling to customers only after they qualify for showing no damage after thousands of times being used. What this means for you as an investor is that you can expect that your dual-motor desks will stand the test of time, allowing you to make a one-time investment for several years.

An example of how good the quality of the motors is is the warranty period for this company's dual-motor height-adjustable standing desk, i.e., the E8 model. This desk, like the others available by this manufacturer and retailer, is a whopping 15 years for the desk's motor and its internal systems. Therefore, you can expect your desk’s motor to work for that period and more. Also, taking good care of the desk's motor can help prolong its life. It's a good idea to explain to every new employee how to properly use the system and how to save their settings (if they switch between sitting and standing positions or share their desks with other team members).

They Are Convenient and Versatile

The reason we have grouped these two characteristics of a height-adjustable desk is that they work together to benefit the user. So, they are versatile because they can be used at any height for adults of most heights. At the same time, these adults can also use the desks in sitting and standing positions. Changing your positions and working in an ergonomic way in both can help you maintain focus when working and also allow you to keep your body relatively active when working. If you can make that possible for your employees, you are helping them stay fresh throughout their shifts. In turn, they may also be able to work creatively and keep their output at the highest possible levels for the most part.

Another reason why these desks are versatile is that they allow more than one user to save their height settings on one or more of the presets available. So, large companies with professionals working day and night shifts can benefit from this. The E8 model linked above has 4 presets, which is perfect for 2 different users, i.e., a professional from the day shift and another from the night shift. So, the users can save both their sitting and standing heights on the presets. Of course, some coordination between the two users is necessary to prevent them from overwriting the saved presets of one another.

We mentioned that these desks are convenient because they make this switch as easy as pushing a button. Users can find their ideal heights and then save their settings on the memory preset switches. All they need to do then is to press those presets, and they can switch between these two positions.

They also won't need to remove any items from their desk to make this switch possible. This is because the desks mentioned above come with a smooth dual motor that moves the tabletop with minimal jolts and vibrations in motion.

So, users won't have to worry about their things falling off when they switch positions. In addition to that, the desks also come with an anti-collision feature. So, it will stop its movement if it detects that there's an object that is blocking its path. So, you can also rest easy that nothing will fall over. Moreover, the cable management system with these desks allows you to keep work areas relatively clutter-free, which can make a good impression on employees and visitors, which is again great for brand image.

Final Thoughts

It should be clear now why a dual-motor height-adjustable standing desk is great for large-scale offices. While the initial investment may be relatively higher than buying a fixed desk, the benefits it will have on your employees can help you get great returns on that investment. So, make sure to browse through the stock and find something that will fit your company well.