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Where Shall You Spend Your Christmas Bonus?

13 December 2022

Why are people so fond of the holidays?

The air is filled with the smells of delicious food, Christmas music is playing loudly on the stereo, and everyone is in a pleasant mood. They can't wait to reconnect with old friends and family, meet new ones, make treasured lifelong memories, and simply share love and light. It's also a time of year when people reflect on the past year and pay it forward to help others.

Of course, the distribution of 13th-month pay and certain employers' addition of Christmas bonuses make the holidays even more thrilling. If you're fortunate enough to get a Christmas bonus this year, appreciate it and use it sensibly. You worked so hard for that bonus so do not just spend your hard-earned work without putting too much thought into it.

We suggest where you can put that Christmas bonus to good use.

Plan a vacation by making travel arrangements.

You not only have the resources, but also the time. You may use the leaves you weren't able to use to reserve a trip for you and your loved ones to a vacation spot. Don't dwell on the fact that these locations may be crowded during this time of year; instead, consider it to be the ideal break for everyone. Be present in every moment and enjoy it while it's happening.

You can either buy tickets to Japan or Brazil, where Christmas is spent so differently. If you desire a snowy adventure, why not schedule a skiing trip to Colorado?

If you book way ahead, you will surely score the best deals. And of course, you can always ask other people who've been to these places for tips.

Contribute to advocacy or a charitable cause.

You will always feel more grateful when you start paying it forward and giving to others more than what's extra for you. It gives your life so much more meaning and you will start seeing that your difficulties are little more than what they seem to appear in your head.

There are various missions out there that you can give your penny or offer your service to. So that it won't feel like a "responsibility," choose one that resonates the most with you.

Since they say Christmas is a season for kids, why not consider buying toys and mixing them with your old ones to collect enough for an orphanage?

If you have always loved dogs and want to put a stop to animal abuse, why not serve in a shelter and give some gifts while you're at it? If youre big on environmental concerns, support a campaign that advocates against plastic use or sponsor a beach clean-up.

Many organizations accept donations, and there are numerous ways to do so. Recognize that while you can't help everyone, even a small donation can make a big difference.

Don't spend your Christmas bonus.

Why not put the extra money in your savings account so you'll have more money in the future? It's simple finance that tells us you have to save first before you spend money. They even say that your emergency or contingency fund must be six times of what you are earning. Then you need to have a separate savings account. Once these are covered, you can invest money that comes into foreign exchange or stocks. You'll be thanking us for sure when you choose to spend your Christmas bonus instead of saving it.

Spend money on profitable endeavors.

If you have your funds secured, the following course of action is to invest and develop a passive income stream. You may have even more extra money as the amount grows. If you have extra money, don't hesitate to invest it in real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency, or foreign exchange, if you're into that, as it grows through compound interest. Do your research so that you'll be able to invest wisely and conduct thorough research prior to participating in any investment programs. Additionally, you ought to evaluate your investing style. If you can only handle smaller risks, invest in companies that won't go bankrupt anytime. If you are willing to take higher chances, invest in short-term rewards with bigger risks. Tread lightly if you're still very much a beginner.

Make an investment in products that are of high quality.

If you've always wanted a new luxury piece in your collection, now is the perfect time to grab it. Since this is extra money, you can use it for your guilty pleasure. You'd definitely get a good deal because of all the discounts offered during the holiday season.

You can also buy unconventional items that people don't buy on a regular basis. For us, a great investment will be furniture. Most people don't see the need to buy new furniture because they already have existing and usable ones at home. However, if you've been lamenting your workplace's inefficiency or discomfort for months or worse, even years, it's now time to make an ergonomic furniture purchase.

Your daily comfort of less pain will be a luxury, and your performance at work will also be enhanced.

Here are some products that we suggest you check:

Pro Standing Desk (E5)

The FlexiSpot E5 uses an improved motor technology to be more user-friendly. Basically, its dual-motor lifting system is combined with the double crossbeam structure which ensures a smoother operation and a stable experience.

No need to worry about its stability because with a loading capacity of up to 220 pounds, it remains sturdy and wobble-free at its highest point and even during movement.

It features an advanced keypad panel featuring three height presets, a sit-stand reminder that allows you to set a timer from 0 to 99 minutes, and an anti-collision feature that automatically stops movement when obstacles are encountered. The height range of this desk is from 24.4 to 50 inches and can be easily used by people from 4'6" to 6'7".

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair boasts of its 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests—giving you the ultimate seating experience behind your desk. A few days of using this will already change your perspective when it comes to office chairs.

Its backrest is gracefully curved and ergonomically fits the neck and spine for optimal headrest and lumbar support. It has three height adjustment options and a mild rebound system.

The flexible armrests are adjustable in four dimensions that contour effortlessly to your arms and elbows for maximum comfort.

This is made from Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber and premium fleece mesh that offers maximum ventilation and protects the most delicate fabrics.