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What to Do when You're Already Cramming

18 August 2022

We are all familiar with the term crunch time. At some point in our lives, we may have had to speed things up because it’s already nearing deadline and we have to finish the project on the dot. For students, we have an exam tomorrow and have to study for it hours before exam day.

Most of us may already have it in our system to rush things and think that we work at our best when it’s crunch time. While there may be some semblance of truth in this, it is still much better if we do our tasks ahead of time. Why? When you do not cram, you are able to polish your work. You can spot errors or mistakes you did not see and be able to correct them. You can change the style or make it even better than your first draft. You can study some more and do advanced reading when you are blessed with the luxury of time. Plus, you get to save yourself from stress. What you need of course is to learn proper time management in order to stop the habit of cramming or procrastination.

But if you still find yourself cramming just because you weren’t productive enough as you wanted to; you had too much workload; you came home from a vacation; there was an emergency you had to attend to, etc…what can you do to finish the project on time? What can you do to perform well in your exam? What can you do to retain your client? What can you do to appease your boss?

Since you are already in that tight spot, you have to make the most out of your time by following these steps.

Turn off all notifications.

1. Turn off all notifications.

It’s crunch time so you can’t be distracted by anything. You have to finish your work or else you might lose it or taint your credibility. Turn off your phone notifications and make sure everyone in your area of work knows that you cannot be disturbed at the moment.

Work in an environment that helps you focus.

2. Work in an environment that helps you focus.

Do not work on the sofa or on your bed especially when you need to be awake and alert to finish your task. Do not work beside your television set or in the living room where there are guests. Work in a dedicated workspace that is free from any distraction. You also want to work in a space that’s free of clutter so that you headspace assumes the proper mindset to finish your job.

Listen to classical music.

3. Listen to classical music.

Do everything you can to focus in the here and now. You can listen to classical music so that your senses are all focused in what you are trying to do. Research has proven that it helps sharpen focus as well as have better memory—basically, improving your brain functions.

Notify your boss or client about a new time or date.

4. Notify your boss or client about a new time or date.

Proper communication is key for client or job retainment. Always let your boss or client know about the status of your project so that they know when they can expect the finished task from you.

Make a schedule and stay committed to it.

5. Make a schedule and stay committed to it.

When you are rushing, you will tend to forget some things and details that you have to do. You need to make a list and a timetable on what your cramming game plan will be. Stick to it as much as you can because you basically have to see it as a do or die situation.

Do not forget about this horrible night of cramming.

6. Do not forget about this horrible night of cramming.

You felt so horrible about it so hopefully you won’t be doing it again. Remember how difficult it was for you to get through the night and hw lackluster your work delivery was because you were cramming. Even though it’s easy to say this and then you’ll just go back to cramming again the next time, still tell yourself each time how you could have done better if only you did your work ahead of time.

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Pro Standing Desk (E5)

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Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

An ergonomic workspace has the power to give you a comfortable sitting experience and can also be customized to your needs. The lifting height of this chair is adjustable up to 3.1”. The back has an S-shaped curve and a lumbar support to offer premium comfort. The headrest is movable and can also be adjusted if you feel any strain in your head or neck.

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Final Word

We won’t say much anymore; just try to avoid cramming at all costs!