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What to Do When You Don't Get Accepted for a Job

16 August 2022

There are times when things don’t go your way. Maybe you thought you’ve tried hard enough but still, it wasn’t enough. When you’re job hunting, it’s just normal that you will face a number of rejections. You don’t always get what you want, and that’s the reality that has slapped you in the face too many times. But that’s also the reality that will make you strong and a much better candidate in the future.

Plus, being too hard on yourself won’t lead to anything. There are factors that are beyond your control. Maybe someone applied with more experience than you have. Maybe you are overqualified for the job. Maybe they are looking for someone who can stay permanently for the position.

The bottomline is, no matter what the reason for you not getting hired, you shouldn’t let it dampen your spirit. You need a job today so you shouldn’t entertain negativity at the moment. Stay positive and believe in yourself. There are a thousand more opportunities out there, waiting for you to knock on them. You will eventually get a job if you don’t stop hustling.

So what should you do next after a job rejection? Here are some tips you can do to process it, move on, and prepare for the next job opening you would be applying for.

Remember for you to stay motivated, think happy thoughts and believe in yourself.

Don’t brush off your emotions. Feel them.

1. Don’t brush off your emotions. Feel them.

They say that you have to be thick-skinned when applying for a job. That is so true but it doesn’t mean that you have to pretend. It’s normal to feel sad when you just got rejected, especially for a job that you thought you’d be perfect for. So take a day off to allow yourself to breathe and feel all the emotions that are rushing through you after the rejection. Try as much as possible to not take it as a personal attack and focus on the things that you learned from this. Do not dwell on negative thoughts and focus your energy on cheering yourself up for the next open opportunity.

Rationally look at what happened.

2. Rationally look at what happened.

When the emotions have dissipated, it’s time to look at your situation on a rational lens. What could you have done wrong? Where were you lacking and what can you do to fill these gaps? Review what candidate they were looking for and try to assess rationally why they decided to not go with you. This might shed light on you why you weren’t picked by the hr manager.

In particular, you can also check the requirements you passed for the application. Send these over to family and friends whose opinion you highly value and trust. Ask them which parts you need to improve so you can make necessary changes. You can also assess your cover letter, portfolio, and interview performance so as to have a fuller picture of what you can change to get hired in the future.

Know the things that you were good at during the application.

3. Know the things that you were good at during the application.

To stay positive, you have to keep on seeing the good in you. What did you do in the application process that you were happy about? That made you proud of yourself? When you know what your strengths are, you are also able to determine your weaknesses and areas of improvement. This can only make you a much better applicant in the future.

Draft a list of why you were so excited to work for the company in that specific role.

4. Draft a list of why you were so excited to work for the company in that specific role.

Ask yourself what made you so excited about working for that company. What about the job opening spoke to you the most? Did the perks and benefits you’ll get enticed you to apply for it? Did you research on the company’s work culture and wanted to really experience if for yourself? Do the job responsibilities align with what you can do and willing to offer? Your finished list can now serve as your criteria when looking for a next job opportunity! You have a much better understanding of what your dream occupation looks like.

Do not forget to thank the interviewers for their time.

5. Do not forget to thank the interviewers for their time.

Even if you might feel that they made the wrong decision, do not harbor any ill feelings towards those who made time to consider and review your application. You also don’t want to be burning bridges over interviewers who might be possible contacts in the future. Send them a thank-you email for the opportunity that they gave you. Let them know that you understand their decision and ask that they will hopefully still have you in mind for future job openings. This will show them that you are a professional and that your commitment is endless.

Ask for feedback.

6. Ask for feedback.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask your interview what you can do better next time. Politely ask for their honest opinion on why they thought you weren’t the best fit for the role. This opinion you will surely take with you and help you in your future interviews.

So after you’ve reviewed your application and have done the formalities, it’s now time to move forward and prepare yourself for your next interview. You want to build confidence so practice in front of the mirror and answer questions that are normally asked in interviews. You can even ask your friends or family to practice with you. There are so many opportunities out there, opportunities that may even be better than the one that turned you down.

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