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What Standing Desk to Expect from this Flexispot Presidents’ Day Event Flash Sale

15 February 2023

If you've been waiting since the turn of the year for a reason to pull the trigger on a huge purchase, this is as good a reason as you'll get. The Presidents' Day event is the perfect chance to splurge a little on things we want while remaining conscious about your budget with thousands of amazing offers. Regardless, it is easy for all the best deals to pass you by, as everyone gets lost in the shopping frenzy. With sound advice and a heads up on all the best offers from sellers, you can ensure you get everything you love this holiday for unbelievable prices.

While some may know it as an extended weekend, this year, Presidents' Day means excellent opportunities to save on everything you love. With the festivities just around the corner, Flexispot has put together a host of irresistible deals that will save you considerable time on one of their best-standing desks. On the 20th of this month, get the Flexispot E7 Standing Desk during the company's flash sale, where prices will be slashed by up to 15%. Although there is loads of ergonomic furniture online, the E7 Pro Plus standing desk is the premiere height adjustable standing desk; boasting a BIFMA certification for stability, you can rest assured your things won't easily topple over. Whether you work from the comfort of your own home or in a more traditional office environment, save more this holiday season and benefit more!

When is Presidents' Day?

One of the most underrated shopping holidays of the year, Presidents' Day is a god-sent for "shopaholics" as stores scramble to offer deals on shoppers' favorite items. Although it is celebrated on 20th February, the holiday falls on different days. This year's festivities will be on Monday, so look forward to kicking off your week with crazy offers on things you love. Despite not being as glamorous as other shopping holidays like black Friday, you can still get yourself a steal with some of the most affordable opportunities for buying ergonomic furniture popping up everywhere online.

How long does the sale last?

The sales kick off on Monday, 20th February, where you can get a dream standing desk in the form of the E7 Pro Plus. If you fail to get one on that day, don't panic, as FlexiSpot's Presidents' Day sale will go on all through to the 26th of the same month, meaning you will have enough time to snap one up. It is because despite the sales being named after the holiday, you can make the most of the deals on offer before or after the day. So, before you get caught up in the shopping frenzy that will hit most online communities, listen for all the details on what's in store and where to find it. We've done your homework for you, so you can trust us when we say you can get a lot more ergonomic furniture online this Presidents' Day for a lot less!

What to buy during Presidents' Day sales

Other shopping holidays might steal all the limelight, but Presidents' Day deals can be equally as thrilling. Fresh off the start of a new year, retailers are happy to make room for new inventory while livening up your spaces. With so much on offer, it is easy to get lost in the shopping spree and miss out on all the good stuff or get the wrong one. So listen up as we list the things you should look out for during Presidents' Day offers.

Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture is one of the most popular items during the holiday's Flash deals. A whole host of items designed to improve the comfort in which you work for lesser injuries can be acquired for considerably less. Some of the furniture which will be available to you includes:

Standing Desks

Standing desks are the flagship product of the ergonomics campaign, which has picked considerable traction over the last few years and is the star of Flexispot's latest Presidents' Day flash deal. They are modern iterations of your typical office table, although with a twist; it lets you shift between sitting and standing while working at your desk. Cue the E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk. A marvel of office engineering and the solution to poor posture, the Flexispot Standing Desk is designed with thick leg columns, which means it can support a load about as heavy as two adults.

Its base is also made of carbon steel, which improves the desk's durability; its unique design means you can work at its highest height setting, and it will still be sturdy. The height-adjustable desk also ensures a smooth transition across different heights to ensure that nothing will dramatically topple or spill while lowering or raising it. The E7 can also be adjusted across a wide range of heights meaning different users can be accommodated; what makes it the best standing desk on sale this holiday is its BIFMA certification that sticks out like a shiny medal. The desk's design is also aesthetically pleasing, as demonstrated by the stunning color consistency of its anti-wear coat of paint, which is also resistant to high temperatures; this means it will fit in seamlessly with your space's décor style.

With a keyboard tray for holding your equipment and a cable tray for cords, the gem from Flexispot makes it, so you don't have clutter or hurt your wrists typing. For those with a taste for all things futuristic, the quality LCD keypad lets you control the desk at the touch of a screen; four height presets that are programmable, and a button for child safety lock make up the works. With a standing desk such as the E7, you get an excellent piece of ergonomic furniture that will raise productivity, improve musculoskeletal health and burn calories simultaneously.

Ergonomic office chair

Much like a height-adjustable standing desk, an ergonomic chair is designed to prioritize your comfort while working and reduce discomfort and injuries. Unlike past office chairs, made of leather that hindered air circulation, causing you to sweat, ergonomic office chairs have a mesh framework that improves airflow. They are also made to support the lumbar region, without which you would hurt your back after sitting all day at work, as is usually the case.

The back support is also designed to maintain the natural curve of your spine to reduce the likelihood of injury. In addition, ergonomic chairs are made with headrests to support your neck and head and armrests for your arms to reduce the possibility of tension building after typing with dangling hands. The chairs also ensure your feet lie flat on the ground by maintaining the angles at the hips and knees at 90 degrees which is crucial for blood circulation. It is unsurprising to hear that we got your back in this, too; with a visit to the company website, you will quickly appreciate that it is one of the best places to find ergonomic furniture online.

Ergonomic Accessories

Aside from a height-adjustable standing desk and ergonomic chair, there are other ergonomic items that you can get for cheap this Presidents Day. There's something for everyone, ranging from monitor arms that let you adjust the angle at which you view the pc screen to standing desk mats that ensure your feet are flat on the floor. You can also get under-desk bikes that let you exercise more while working through cycling or a bed-base you can adjust for better comfort while sleeping.

What not to buy?

Patio Furniture- It will likely pop up in a number of the sales but steer clear because most are leftovers from last summer, and the selection might be small. You should wait for summer to end for a better deal.

Grills- They will not have their best discounts during the events' sales, so you should hold off until another time.

Presidents' Day FlexiSpot Flash Sale

As things start heating up for the upcoming Presidents' Day holiday, Flexispot is back with yet another blockbuster sale that will get you talking. Holiday events are a staple for shopping enthusiasts and retailers alike because of the increased likelihood that we will buy something at least once. Regardless, what may feel like shopping heaven to some can easily be dreaded by others who are consistently unable to take full advantage.

Widely regarded as among the leading manufacturers of ergonomic equipment, Flexispot will have a flash deal for its premier standing desk, the Pro Plus E7, on 20th February. To be precise, the Flexispot standing desk will see its price slashed from $529.99 to about $449.99, a considerable drop of about eighty dollars. That means you can get the desk for about 15% off, which is a massive discount for such a quality item. If it sounds too good an offer, then like most things, it absolutely isn't; check the company's website!

As you can tell from all the sales being advertised by different sellers, the Presidents' Day holiday is just about here. On the other hand, the event commences on 20th February, where you can get discounts such as $50 on $600 items, $90 for $900, $120 for $1200, and $150 for $1500, and ends on the 26th. With numerous premium products on sale, Flexispot's Presidents' Day sale is the place to be for ergonomic furniture, such as one of the best standing desks, the E7. Set a date in your calendar and visit their website for proof the company is the best source of ergonomic furniture online.