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What is zero gravity mode & how can it help?

18 May 2022

Zero gravity mode on adjustable beds can sometimes be an overlooked feature.

For centuries we as humankind have looked at the stars and wondered what is out in the vastness of space. Only decades ago, we took the chance to break the Earth’s gravitational field and embark on the amazing discovery that is zero gravity. Zero gravity has been something people have only dreamed of and could only imagine through stories of superheroes taking to the sky with one giant leap from the ground. We have all wanted to feel the air around us in a weightless like state. It is a pretty common thought or even dreams most people have had throughout their lives. Thanks to modern technology, we have the ability to fly through the air via airplanes and other safe forms of travel. The closest you would get to the feeling of the air around you would be to go skydiving, and not many people are up to trying that.

zero gravity

Most people who hear the words “zero gravity” tend to think of astronauts floating in their rockets and manually tending to their duties aboard the ship with their team. Sure, that is a common thought when it comes to thinking of zero gravity but the true meaning of it gives you a lot of context on what the concept of zero gravity really is. With zero gravity, your body is suspended in a position where there is no force of any type of gravity acting on your body. Being in this position whether it is reclining in a chair or bed, evenly distributes your weight. Now, I know there was talk of space and astronauts earlier, but that was for good reason. Believe it or not but the zero-gravity technology we know of today was invented by NASA themselves. It is the same type of position that astronauts are in during take-off on their space missions. The reason behind this is that they want to assume a “zero gravity” position to avoid any kind of intense stress their bodies could take during the quick increase in gravity while breaking through the Earth’s gravitational field.

This concept has been applied to many things we do today, such as sleeping and sitting. The zero-gravity concept is mainly used to help people sit and sleep in a more ergonomic position that better affects their health. Scientists and engineers have used technology throughout the years have helped make advances in the concept of zero gravity modes in our everyday ergonomic chairs and beds. It has helped us better understand the best way this concept can continue to increase the reasons behind using it to better all the ergonomic chairs and beds that allow for zero gravity positions or postures when in the right scenario for it. It also gives us a feeling of relaxation that might take us back to our more infant days of being coddled by a parent while we quickly fell asleep.

angle of 120 degrees

Zero gravity concepts have changed and also improved from their initial creation to what we know about them today. It has undergone many different versions over the years and has had many brilliant people investigate every angle of what really makes it tick. Many of them have noticed what the effects of them on people here on Earth as opposed to just focusing on the astronauts who are exploring space. Knowing what it can do for people has made the pursuit of constantly improving on the idea a large goal of scientists and engineers all over the world. Their ideas and understanding of the zero-gravity concepts are a drive to fuel them to truly unlock the future potentials it may have on the people who use it with chairs or beds. Many people wonder how they themselves can use zero gravity concepts in their everyday life. Obtaining a zero-gravity position on your own is pretty achievable. You will want to make sure your upper body is upright or raised position that has an angle of 120 degrees so that your head is right above your heart. You then want to make sure that your legs are also elevated with your knees bent and are suspended in the air. You then will want to make sure that your abdomen and thighs are equally angled with your hips.

One of the ways that people are getting the most out of zero gravity concepts is through adjustable bed bases. Many people have used opportunities to have their current sleeping furniture replaced for the chance to get the feeling most people don’t get when it comes to sleeping on a normal bed with an average bed frame. When people hear about adjustable bed frames it sparks their interest in what it can do for them. Sleep is a pretty big thing for most people. It is a way for us to recharge and a way for us to reset our minds to take on the next day’s challenges.

FlexiSpot Adjustable Bed Base EB011

A bed that has provided many different people enjoying zero gravity concepts is by using the FlexiSpot Adjustable Bed Base EB011. This particular adjustable bed base utilizes the zero-gravity mode that helps it stand out among other adjustable bed bases on the market today. It has the ability to provide customizable comfort with the head adjustment that ranges from zero to sixty degrees. You can easily find the perfect angle for reading, watching TV, or getting some much-needed comfortable sleep. If you are suffering from back pain the adjustable bed base can help relieve it and also help with any difficulty getting up. This is even more helpful with an elderly family member who may be using the adjustable bed base with the zero-gravity mode.

Many people have noticed that with FlexiSpot’s Adjustable Bed Base EB011 they are seeing a decrease in snoring, sleep apnea, and any discomfort while sleeping during pregnancy. Sleeping is very important to everyone. Having to deal with snoring yourself or having to put a family member/spouse could cause some serious loss of sleep. Lack of sleep over time can affect your mental focus, your mental health, and even your physical health by compromising blood pressure as well as causing conditions to your heart. One thing that this adjustable bed base offers is that it can be used as a stand-alone support system or even fit in a standard-sized bed frame without slats. The adjustable bed base offers three height options ranging from 3”, 6”, and 9” to fit many different bed frames.

under-bed storage space

It has the great feature of offering a good amount of under-bed storage space. The max 9” height level makes sure the under-bed storage space will measure up to 15.8 cubic feet. It has a motorized base that quietly delivers at a sound level that will not interrupt your family's sleep so they can sleep soundly. It has a six-legged design and sturdy steel body that offers the stability of the bed frame so that it cannot easily be tipped over when getting out of bed so it can prevent any accidents that may occur. The adjustable bed frame has a weight capacity of 600 pounds which helps to provide much-needed support for your bigger family members or someone who is more restrained to less movement outside of bed. You can even get the most out of this by putting two Twin XL beds together with the Split King Bed adjustable frame instead of the standard Twin XL adjustable bed frame. With this option, you and your partner can also choose/position your mattress any way you like, at any time. It is helpful if say your spouse is going to bed early and you want to stay up and watch TV. With the Split King Adjustable base option, you each can find your perfect options and not have to adhere to just one person’s settings with the zero gravity modes.

Split King Adjustable base

Not only are you going to get a chance to sleep comfortably, but you are also getting a lot of health benefits by using an adjustable bed base with zero gravity mode. Many doctors have agreed that the zero-gravity position while in a chair or bed is the healthiest way to go. If you are someone who deals with swelling in their legs that could occur due to many different symptoms that a zero-gravity mode can offer so much-needed pain relief. The sheer motion of elevating your legs over the level your heart is positioned will help with the increase of proper circulation. It will also help with reducing the swelling as well as minimizing the stress on your heart. It is hard to believe that the strain that gravity has on your back can cause as much pain as it does, but with an adjustable bed base with the option of a zero-gravity mode will help reduce the back pain you have and give you the chance to relax much easier.

Taking the proper steps to sit and sleep better can be hard but remember that you can use the zero-gravity concept to better benefit your health. Instead of suffering, dealing with pain, or causing your health to decline you can take a step back and make the wise decision to have a much healthier tomorrow by having an adjustable base bed frame with zero-gravity mode. The relief of pain you will receive will be all the benefit you need to never look back at your old sleeping habits.