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Top Five Adjustable Desks with Storage

04 April 2022

Adjustable desks have several great advantages, but there don't seem to be many which have drawers despite so many choices. Some of the reasons why you can’t seem to find an adjustable desk that has drawers are because;

1. The added weight issue. Most electric adjustable desks already have a lot of weight from the tabletop that weighs depending on the thickness and the hardwood tops; this is already a lot of weight.

2. Additional weight on the wood can significantly impact the overall performance of the adjustable bed. It means that adjustable desks have a specific lifting power for their legs and can hardly bear more weight to work smoothly.

However, there are adjustable desks with drawers that you need to look into before deciding on the specific product you like. These types are based on the placement of the drawers.

What are the different adjustable desks that have storage?

1. There are adjustable desks with drawers under the desktop. It is the most common type you will encounter and usually has one or more drawers underneath. It uses space wisely, but before choosing it, you need to consider a couple of things first. One of the major things is the space on the legs; the drawer might take up more leg space, making it uncomfortable for you. Secondly, you need to be familiar with the location of the drawer, is it placed where the keyboard tray would be? It is easier and more comfortable in this location.

2. There are adjustable desks with drawers above the desktop. The good thing about this is that they give you enough room for accessories such as separate drawers, shelves, and even a keyboard tray.

3. Some adjustable desks have drawers connected to them on the side of the desk or near the floor. If you have enough area in your home office or workplace, this is a good choice that doesn't take up the room underneath or on top of our desktop.

4. Other adjustable desks have attachments and accessories attached to or go under your desk. Some merely sit on top while others clip onto the desk. Some have similarities with small fife cabinets and can reach the floor underneath the desk.

Top adjustable desks with drawers

Fezibo Height Adjustable Standing Desk

1. Fezibo Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If you need more than one drawer, this desk comes with two, also has two sizes and four options of color. It contains a sturdy electric system that has a programmable memory setting. The sturdy electric system contains a steel frame that is industrial grade and can support up to 155lbs. It contains anti-collision technology, meaning the desk is protected from scratches and bumps, and includes a sensor that detects obstacles on the desk's movement path. It also has three preset buttons to customize your desired height, ranging from 27.16" to 46.06". However, the desk has small drawers that can limit the number of items you need to store.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top - 48" W

2. Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top - 48" W

Overall, the Comhar series is the best on the list. It comes with several features like the child lock, built-in storage, and multiple USB ports.

It is a multifunctional desk with an embedded drawer, height adjustments, and charging ports. The pull-out drawer that is convenient and embedded in the desktop has a storage space that is seamlessly integrated for office supplies. Its modern design blend is faultless with the rest of the structure; at the same time, it neatly puts away your products from sight. It contains a robust motor that enables an easy and smooth transition from 28.3" to 47.6", a height that can even work for kids. Its four programmable height preset is suitable for multiple users to save and use the height setting they prefer in a shared work environment or family. The desk contains three charging ports (type A and type C) for the compatibility of wide electronic devices.

Its anti-collision function guarantees safety by protecting the desktop from damage or crushing other objects while in motion. Also, it occupies very little space and offers a very spacious desktop. All you need is an empty wall or a nook corner to fit the desk to your office in the comfort of your home. Finally, for stable movement, the desk contains a robust construction. It is made with powder-coated steel tubes that help resist stains and scratches. If your desk legs are irregular, leading to a slanted desktop, use the leveling glides at the bottom of your desk for stability and leveling.

MotionWise Electric Standing Desk

3. MotionWise Electric Standing Desk

The desk is simple to assemble as it can take as little as ten minutes. Its dual power motor makes it simple, smooth, and easy to raise and lower the desk, with its surface being 24" to 48". If you want to store your office supply, the desk has a convenient drawer for storage; it is a single centered sliding drawer with electric adjustability. Also, the desk is durable and stylish and you can get it for a reasonable price. The USB port can easily charge your phone and other devices.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

4. Esben Standing Desk UD4

You might want to tie your home office with this elegantly beautiful piece of furniture that has been made easier for use by FlexiSpot. The stylish, multifunctional design makes this piece of furniture easy to use as a vanity table, computer desk, or dresser. Besides its modern design, the desk has two large spacious drawers and keeps the desk essentials organized and neat while gliding quietly for hassle-free closing and opening. Each drawer is 3” deep, 11.8” long, and 20.1” wide. Its three combined charging ports can charge three different devices simultaneously and offers 1 type C and two types A charging ports.

Also, the Esben standing desk UD4 contains four programmable height settings. The more advanced control panel has four preset memory buttons, making it perfect and easier to program height settings for different users. The desk’s height adjustments can range from 29.5” to 49.2”. It is a flexible and perfect home office desk with spacious drawers needed for small spaces and home use.

72W 3 Positions Sit to Stand L-Shaped Desk

5. 72W 3 Positions Sit to Stand L-Shaped Desk

The L-shaped desk offers the health benefits of a standing desk. It contains file drawers that can open the ball bearing slides to full extension, making it easy to access your legal-sized documents, and a box drawer for utensils and supplies, meaning it can work perfectly for those who have a lot of materials to keep. The return feature is finished back, and the desk allows it to look great and stylish regardless of where it is positioned in the room. Also, the wire grommets are placed on both surfaces to keep cables and cords out of sight and secure. The desk adjusts to three different heights to suit your standing and sitting needs.

Before buying an adjustable desk with storage, you need to consider things like the configuration possibilities. Choices for standing desks can include but are not limited to configurations like L-Shaped desks to fit into specific spots. Check out the number of drawers and specific styles that can work well in a cubicle if the desk is for an office.

Considering the design is also important because you need something that goes well with your space, despite where the space is. For instance, different types of adjustable desks have storage; hence, you can have one with bigger storage space or inches compared to one with smaller storage. The option is good if you want something that is opened easily, one that can make you comfortable while seated, or one that can store personal belonging depending on what you need to be stored. FlexiSpot has adjustable desks with varying storage sizes, and you can use the desks as mentioned earlier to help you decide on the best. Be sure to check the weight of that storage.

Lastly, location is also a vital consideration. Like every other piece of furniture, you have to consider how you will be using your desk and where to set it up. The Esben Standing Desk UD4 can be used as a dressing, computer desk, or vanity table. Considering where to pace it and what you need it for is necessary for your satisfaction and can effortlessly be moved from one room to another if you want to change its purpose.

An adjustable desk with storage from FlexiSpot could be the item you need. It is easily adjustable and safe. The drawers are spacious enough to carry your office accessories and personal items and are made with high-quality steel material making them durable. flexiSpot's adjustable desks with storage have lockable drawers for your privacy and security. They are quality locks made by Steelto Security, perfect for your confidential files and belongings. Besides the excellent storage, using these adjustable desks allows you to take care of yourself by decreasing neck and back pain. The standing desks can increase your productivity by allowing you to swap standing and sitting positions all through like the FlexiSpot Comhar All in One Standing Desk.