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Top Benefits of Using a Foot Hammock

02 August 2023

A comfortable, happy employee is a productive employee. You shouldn't skimp on your comfort because of this. While you can't do much about the rising cost of goods, the peak inflation levels around the world, or the environmental catastrophe, but you can take steps to ensure that you are comfortable while using the computer.

What better way to boost your comfort at work than to reward yourself with a foot hammock for your desk? You can feel as driven, effective, and at ease as a dog on a lap with the aid of these foot hammocks.

Your feet and legs may become sore from spending long periods of time in a rough position at a desk. Additionally, hours spent crossing your legs in a chair can temporarily raise your blood pressure. Avoid sitting in the same posture for too long as it may lead to long-term health issues. But whether you sit with your legs on the floor or crossed over the chair, it's bad for you to sit still for long periods of time.

This is why Flexispot has designed an under desk foot hammock; these are made to alleviate the pressure on the lower half of your body, as well as your spine by raising your feet to a more relaxed level. Take regular standing breaks, switch positions, and give your feet and legs a break using a foot hammock.

People who enjoy their occupations are probably the ones who succeed in them. Therefore, you should not settle for anything less than comfortable at work. Even while you may be powerless to change the state of the environment or the economy, you can nevertheless make your workplace more comfortable for yourself. A modifiable foot hammock under the table has numerous advantages, and is a great investment to begin with.

If you don't already have an ergonomic chair or a workstation, an under-desk hammock is a terrific way to give yourself a bit more comfort while you work. You'll feel inspired, imaginative, and relaxed after using our foot hammocks.

Long lengths of time sitting in an uncomfortable pose can cause leg and foot pain. Leg crossing has been associated with a brief increase in blood pressure, especially when done over extended periods of time. Ideally, you should never maintain the same posture for an extended period of time as this might cause back pain and poor posture. Whether or not your legs are crossed, sitting immobile for extended periods of time is terrible for your health.

Although an under-desk hammock may not seem necessary, if you work at a computer for lengthy periods of time, it could make all the difference. Fortunately, you can learn everything there is to know about under-desk leg hammocks right here. Many of us look forward to relaxing at an office desk after a hectic and lengthy day at the workplace and kicking our feet up. But if you have a foot hammock with you, you might enjoy the benefits of relaxing your feet there without having to wait till you go home.

Footrests that are ergonomic increase comfort for extended periods spent sitting at a desk or workstation. Footrests enable a worker to alter postures by transferring weight while reducing back pain.

Footrests help to straighten the posture, lessen fatigue, and lessen discomfort or pain in the thighs, feet, ankles, and knees.

Some people might be surprised to learn that using foot rest hammocks while working from home or at the office is a terrific way to relax your feet, especially if you're putting in long hours. Here's why a hammock can be all you need to soothe your throbbing, achy feet and legs.

Benefits of a Foot Hammock

Even though having a foot hammock under your desk may not seem crucial, if you've spent years working. But the fact is that it could make all the difference.

Stimulates Blood Flow

As already mentioned, it is not advised to sit still and in the same position for long periods of time. Your brain may not receive enough oxygen as a result of poor circulation, which could impair your ability to think effectively. You could experience constant fatigue and sluggishness if your body is not getting enough oxygen. An under desk hammock may relieve pressure from your legs and spine and promote healthier blood circulation. As a result, your productivity may increase because your body will be operating at its best.

Reduction in Lumbar Pressure

Sitting for extended periods of time is one of the main causes of lower back discomfort. Some people may now find that sitting down is uncomfortable rather than relaxing. The hernia of the spinal discs is the main cause of chronic back pain. However, with the use of an under desk hammock, you can improve your posture and stretch your body to make it easier on your spinal discs.

Promotes Healthier Posture

You most likely learned that slouching is bad during the early years of your childhood from our parents or teachers. That reminder would still be helpful to many people today. One of the main causes of the present slouching epidemic is spending hours at a desk. Bad posture caused by slouching can result in a variety of health problems, including digestion disorders, heartburn, as well as neck and back pain.

You might believe that because a foot hammock puts your feet in a relaxing position, it can encourage slouching. This; however, is not true. In fact, your back will make up for your lower extremities hanging in that position so that your body may remain balanced.

Reduced Lower Back Stress

One of the main factors contributing to lower back issues is prolonged sitting. For some people, sitting down no longer signifies relaxing or taking a short break. In fact, sitting down for long hours could be detrimental to your health. This is due to the possibility of a herniated disc between your vertebrae.

Your lower back will hurt as a result of the herniated disc pressing on a nerve in this situation. Your hips will open at an angle while your feet are in a foot hammock, releasing pressure from your spinal discs.

Improves Overall Health

Spending a lot of time at a desk is one of the main causes of the current, widespread slouching issue. Chronic slouching can lead to a variety of health issues, including digestive problems, acid reflux, and back and neck pain. An under desk foot hammock can help alleviate most of these problems and greatly improve the overall health of workers.

Do Desk Foot Rests Actually Work?

A little footrest helps maintain proper chair posture and keeps the user seated upright while also enhancing circulation. A chair may not be positioned low enough for someone who is shorter to have stable, relaxing contact with the ground. For people who are shorter than normal in height (males and females both 5'2"), a foot hammock can be a great investment.

An ergonomic footrest maintains a straight posture for the body and stops the legs from dangling awkwardly. The likelihood of experiencing leg pain, stiffness, or developing blood clots or varicose veins decreases as blood flow and circulation rise.

The Science of Foot Rests: Posture and Comfort Improvement

Users who find a chair to be too high may choose to cross their legs rather than place their feet flat on the floor. According to studies, sitting with the legs crossed for "more than three hours each day" may result in forward head posture, lateral pelvic tilt, and shoulder inclination.

A footrest makes it more probable for a user to move their feet and ankles while seated, decreasing the likelihood that they will remain completely still for extended periods of time. Deep vein thrombosis is caused in part by static posture, commonly referred to as "postural fixivity." Small movements in the feet, ankles, and toes promote venous return and lessen blood clotting. According to studies, employees should alter their posture to incorporate as much leaning, standing, and using a footrest or a foot rail for support.

What Justifies the Use of Desk Footrests?

How well your body is protected while seated depends on where your feet are placed. In this case, a nice footrest might come in handy. Invest in an ergonomic footrest or an adjustable footrest to attain the maximum level of comfort at work. The usage of a footrest that can be altered for ergonomics and increased comfort is a novel innovation with several benefits. Regularly using a foot hammock at work could assist you in maintaining better posture all day.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an employer or a business owner, you are supposed to take care of your comfort levels to enable you to reach your personal and professional objectives. Every worker feels more motivated and content when they are at ease. Investing in ergonomic furniture can greatly increase worker motivation and productivity. Even something as small as an under desk hammock can make all the difference in the world.

Surely content employees are the most productive ones. An under-desk foot hammock can improve your posture, blood circulation and reduce lower back, shoulders, and neck discomfort in addition to making you feel more comfortable. Additionally, it can lessen the stress on your spine, preventing you from developing chronic back discomfort from long-term poor posture.