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Top 8 Substitutes You Should Consider for Your Office Chair

02 December 2022

You can't spend close to eight hours or even more at work and expect that there won't be lethargic feelings when you get home.

This means that sitting in the same place for long hours can harden up your muscles and negatively affect your productivity level. And as much as leaving your workstation at intervals to enjoy some breaks is advisable, not every line of work favors such.

So don't you think migrating to substitute office chairs will be the long-lasting solution to this menace of body pain and ache? Fortunately, we have a host of alternatives to modern office chairs that'll help you organize your sitting posture and boost your energy.

These alternative ideas will keep you strong and in form throughout the day and ensure your projects executed are of high quality. Hence, the desk chair alternatives in this article will help you discover the best option you can incorporate into your workplace.

Let's have a look at them.

Standing Isn't Enough

Ideally, we said sitting is the new poison, then standing should be the antidote, right? Maybe not. You'll be surprised that a recent survey of 7,300 American office workers showed that folks who stood for their jobs are highly prone to the risk of heart disease, even more than their counterparts who often sat.

This means that the solution is not just about standing. There needs to be proper movement and variety to win this war of making the corporate space healthier for every stakeholder.

And the study highlighted above also tells us that the best results can be achieved when the workers maximize sitting, standing, and walking at different points throughout their daily hustles at work. Remember, movement is paramount!

Why Office Chair Substitutes are Healthier?

Since not sitting has been ruled out as the primary solution, we need to be innovative in the workplace. And this brings us to the discovery that office chair substitutes encourage the body to stay in motion.

And they have degrees, some of the chair alternatives give more intense motion than others. They also ensure that your pelvis has a perfect tilt that promotes healthier spinal alignment.

Even in the educational sector, it's pretty clear that some schools are introducing these desk chair alternatives alongside mini-trampoline so that their students won't have to sit glued to a spot for a prolonged amount of time.

Here are the best alternatives!

Gaming Chairs

It is common knowledge that most modern-day office chairs are monotone and somewhat dull aesthetically. So going for a gaming chair would give you a different and more appealing taste of ergonomic solutions.

And apart from ergonomics, gaming chairs look sleek and luxurious. Thus, gaming chairs can also be used in formal workplaces too and not just gaming rooms.

Most importantly, gaming chairs will spice up your fashion sense since they are specially designed to give your workstation a bit more of style and class.

Ergonomic Stools

The ergonomic stools are a yummy set of desk chair alternatives. And unlike the conventional office chair, an ergonomic stool is built to improve the motion your body experiences as you work.

An ergonomic stool has a tilted seat and a powerful base which will keep you warm, relaxed, and comfy while working.

Meanwhile, most ergonomic stools are built with a classic pneumatic height adjustment component, this means that you can regulate the height of the stool to your preferred position and delight in a stress-free work experience.

Photo Source: Amazon

Kneeling Chairs

It's undebatable that kneeling chairs look somewhat odd, but they are a good choice if you want to stay healthy in the office.

A kneeling chair is stylishly built to release the weight of your upper body off your hips and it's pretty good at keeping you safe from hip joint issues.

Meanwhile, a study has also shown that kneeling chairs force the lower spine to enter into fuller alignment and support than traditional office chairs. And it has also been recommended by medical experts that the best angle for your knee while using a kneeling chair should always be 135 degrees.

Different strokes for different people, so it's understandable if some office workers find the design of this chair uninspiring and cumbersome. But that shouldn't becloud you of the fact that kneeling chairs work best for the prevention and alleviation of spinal issues.

Owing to the declining angle of the seat, a declining chair might not be the best suggestion if you're overweight. This is because much pressure will be forced onto your shin.

Back to the brighter side, a kneeling chair would also do wonders if you want to have a neutral spine. It will also make your core muscles more flexible and stronger while the accumulated pressure on your spine will drastically reduce.

Finally, you can also trust a kneeling chair to enhance blood circulation in your abdominal area, breathing, and smooth digestion.

Photo Source: Amazon

Saddle Chairs

Like the saddle of a horse, a saddle chair is a minimalistic seat that compels its user to maintain a better sitting posture by removing a back to lean against.

And it has also been shown, according to a study, that office workers using saddle chairs enjoy better sitting posture and minimized exposure to lower back pain. Using a saddle chair instead of the regular office chair would also ensure your pelvis and lower back alignment.

Although the seemingly bad side to saddle chairs seems to be the fact that you might have to jut out your neck while working, it has been endorsed to be ideal for office use.

And it also performs more optimally than kneeling chairs when talking about improved spinal alignment. You should also note that a saddle chair will help you create and maintain a proper posture for your lower back and reduce pain.

Thus, there's no doubt that you'll love this piece!

Photo Source: MWELab

Zero Gravity Workstations

Many on-site workers and remote workers are fast embracing the idea of having a zero-gravity workstation recently. And the most laudable part of this chair is that it has all the specifications of a complete package in the sense that there's some space to position your laptop and desktop.

So if you have been suffering from severe back pain and you want to check out a more comfortable desk chair alternative, a zero-gravity workstation is all you need. However, the only downside here is that this substitute is a bit expensive.

Balance Ball Chairs

First, many office chairs fall into this category but the reason is the same. Often backless, a balance ball chair has an unstable seat that continuously pushes the user to maintain correct body balance.

Another easier way to identify a balance ball chair is that it is quite similar to a yoga ball. That's because these two chairs tilt and swivel at different angles and that makes the user constantly maintain a pleasurable sitting experience.

And in comparison to other desk chair alternatives, balance stools or chairs will help you achieve better neck alignment above others. It'll also engage your core and motivate you to observe active sitting at all times.

However, most balance ball chairs are not height-adjustable, so this might make it a bit difficult to achieve alignment with a specific desk or height. Again, the continuous movement almost every minute might distract you from focusing on your projects 100%.

Using a balance ball stool or chair not only boosts blood concentration but also promotes circulation. The chair also helps to strengthen your leg muscles.

Finally, using the stool for prolonged hours can adversely affect your sitting posture. Therefore, it's better that you regularly switch between balance ball chairs and other office chair substitutes.

Photo Source: UPLIFT Desk

Balance Boards

The idea of observing intermittent standing is highly essential to active sitting if you want to live a robust and productive work life. This explains why many on-site and remote workers use balance boards to enjoy those soothing and vibration-like movements while working.

You can also use a balance board to engage and further strengthen your core, build up your balance, and have a delightful experience while standing.

Meanwhile, there are various types of balance boards in the ergonomic industry, so you have a ton of options to choose from. This will also help you choose the type of motion that appeals to you most and makes you feel active.

However, the only disadvantage here is that balance boards may affect your concentration at work negatively and this may lead to the execution of projects with a poor level of efficiency and/or quality.


Squatting is one of the simplest and most natural substitutes for modern-day office chairs. And since it's logical that not every worker would want to invest in these substitutes, some of which are expensive, sitting in the squatting position for a while during your work hours should also help.

Do you even know that squatting is very healthy? Well, it helps in the proper engagement of your muscles and activation of your glutes. It'll also help straighten your legs and keep you in form for the daily work.

Nevertheless, this position is a bit hectic to maintain. So the highest you can go at a time is 20 minutes.

Key Takeaways

As we draw the curtains on this episode, we hope that you have discovered the best substitute for the office chair that perfectly aligns with your workstation.

But before you make up your mind, don't forget to evaluate each of them in terms of their budgetary implications, good sides, bad sides, and ultimately your comfort.

Hopefully, this article has put your feet in the right direction. Now, all you have to do is make the final call. Meanwhile, you can also check Flexispot's official website for more ergonomic solutions such as standing desks, gaming chairs, office accessories, and other products.