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Top 6 Ergonomic Products to Help Women Succeed

29 August 2022

Women aren’t as strong as men. In fact, if you want us to get into specifics, a man is 1/3 stronger than a woman. It would take 3 women to do a physical task that 2 men can do. This is why you rarely find women taking on physically demanding jobs.

If you look closely, even the way men and women sit is different. If you can’t see the face and body from afar, you can still tell if the person is a male or female just by looking at their posture. Considering these factors, we can say that the ergonomic needs of women are also quite different from men. Ergonomics aren’t a one size fits all solution anyway, and it’s even more different for men and women. So, the products and equipment that ensure ergonomics in men may not be the best for women, and vice versa.

Unlike men, women can’t call it a day after they go home. There’s a whole lot of housework waiting for her. A woman spends more time working than men, first in the office than at home. Therefore, you’ll find women complaining about body pain more often than men. Since women are at higher risk of suffering from the consequences of poor ergonomics, it becomes even more critical for women to ensure they’re working in an ergonomic environment, both at the office and at home.

This blog post highlights how ergonomics are different for both genders and which products will help women work more comfortably, thereby ensuring higher productivity, efficiency, and success!

How are Ergonomics Different for Men and Women?

How are Ergonomics Different for Men and Women?

You already know men and women are different, but you may not know that the comfort needs of both genders are also different. Since our focus here is ergonomics, let’s take you through how ergonomics for both genders differ.

Center of Gravity

Men are generally bigger in physique than women. They’re heavier and bulkier. This means that the center of gravity for both men and women will also be different. The center of gravity of men is near their chest, while in women, it’s near the pelvis. For this reason, the position of the lower back and hips is quite different for women than men. Women sit differently, and this is why a chair that’s comfortable for male workers may not be the best option for female workers.

Weight Distribution

The body weight is distributed differently in men and women. Women have more weight on their chest region due to breast tissue. As a result, a woman’s body is often pulled forward. Therefore, women are more likely to suffer from shoulder, neck, and back pain. Since the tension in muscles in different parts of the body of men and women are different, their ergonomic needs will vary too.

Symmetry of Spine

The spine is more likely to be asymmetrical in women as compared to men. This is because women nurse their babies, for which they’ve got to round their shoulders. Women carry their toddlers more than men. Most women carry their children on their hip, resulting in their hip sides being more dominant. All of these factors increase the risk of women’s spines becoming asymmetrical.

Best Ergonomic Products for Women

Ergonomics is defined as the science of designing spaces that would enable individuals to work more safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Since you know by now that a woman’s body is quite different from a man's and their comforts needs also vary, a work environment that’s ergonomic for men may not be the most ergonomic for women.

Some ergonomic products can facilitate you in work, whether you’re working at the office or home. The more comfortable you are while working, the better you’ll be able to perform. You shouldn’t take ergonomics lightly.

We’ve listed down some of the best ergonomic products that can help women work more efficiently.

Ergonomic Chair

1. Ergonomic Chair

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, the center of gravity is different for women, which is why the way they sit to maintain a balance is different from that of men. Considering the extra weight on a woman’s chest that tends to pull her forward, an ergonomic chair that offers support from shoulders all the way down to the lower back would help a woman work in comfort. She wouldn’t have to sit on the edge of the chair in a bent or leaning posture. With an ergonomic chair, she’ll be able to adjust the recline of the backrest, the height of the seat and armrests, and the tilt of the seat to ensure that the whole of her body is well-rested. The more comfortable a woman is (or man, as a matter of fact), the better she’ll perform.

Standing Desk

2. Standing Desk

Sitting in the same posture isn’t good for anyone, be it men or women. While the risk of sitting for long hours exists for both genders, it poses far more risk for women. The reason is the same; more weight around the chest region. You may not realize, but your body is constantly in a tensed state to maintain a balance against gravity to keep the body upright. This increases the chances of muscle fatigue and muscle spasm. One of the best ergonomic products for women is a standing desk which one can use while standing, cutting down the risk of having to suffer from the consequences of excessive sitting in an incorrect posture.

Standing desks can also be lowered to become regular desks so you can alternate between sitting and standing. Or you could invest in anti-fatigue mats to go with the standing desk, so your legs don’t start hurting from standing all day long. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo Texture Top is our top suggestion for women for all the right reasons.

Back Support

3. Back Support

A cushioned back support is quite a basic product, but it’s also one of the most helpful ergonomic products. It’s a blessing in disguise for women who’re nursing or menstruating. It provides excellent cushioning for the back, ensuring that a woman doesn’t feel pain in the back while at work. You can’t expect a woman to work at 100% efficiency if she’s in pain. A back support cushion is literally a lifesaver for women!

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

4. Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Imagine typing on the keyboard all day long and then coming home to cook for the family. Cutting the vegetables will feel like a burden since your fingers and wrists must be hurting from all the typing. This is where ergonomic keyboards and mice can come to the rescue. These aren’t like the regular keyboards and mice. The keyboard is designed to ensure the correct placement of wrists. It also ensures that the fingers of both hands are placed at an appropriate distance and angle from each other. The wrists aren’t raised while typing but are well-rested on the keyboard. An ergonomic mouse is also unique in design. Its buttons are softer. The design ensures the hand is placed in a natural position so as to prevent any stress on the hands and wrists.

Slanted Footrest

5. Slanted Footrest

Another top ergonomic product for women is the footrest. Many women wear heels to work. Placing your feet flat on the floor when you’re wearing heels means that your calf muscles are continuously under stress because your heels are not placed flat on the floor; your shoes are. However, a slanted footrest ensures that your weight isn’t on the fingers of your feet. The feet are slanted at a particular angle that ensures that no part of the feet is under more stress than the other.

Adjustable Monitor Stands

6. Adjustable Monitor Stands

The monitor screen may not come to the correct level with the eyes for most women as the level of screens is set at a generalized level for all employees. The average height of women is shorter than men, which means the height of the monitor that’s suitable for men may not be right for women. An adjustable monitor stand will enable the female workers to adjust the level of the monitor as per their comfort. If the monitor isn’t at eye level, it’ll only increase the strain on the eyes and lead to headaches and neck pain.

If a woman doesn’t get comfort at work, she won’t be able to work to the best of her potential; In fact, it’s true for both genders. If an individual is uncomfortable or in pain, can you expect them to work well? The lack of ergonomics for women at work is a notable limiting factor to their success that not many employers think about. Even if you’re working from home, you should make sure you’ve got the right ergonomic equipment to help you work comfortably.

Once you’ve achieved the perfect level of comfort, there’s no stopping you, girl!