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Top 10 Office Design Ideas for 2022

29 June 2022

Over the last few years, the working landscape has transformed and evolved so that predictions, expectations, and aspirations for what an office should look like have never been more disparate. While that isn't a bad thing, where the office was more 'home of the 9-5,' it has taken a completely new identity now. The increase in hybrid working has led to organizations changing how they occupy office spaces.

Office designs will keep progressing and moving forward concerning our ways of working. From balancing new strategies to adapting to new approaches in a changing market, some of the top ten design considerations define offices in 2022.

Maximizing natural light

1. Maximizing natural light

With up to 90% of our days spent indoors, it is not surprising that natural light is an essential factor when planning office spaces. An HR employee poll published in Harvard Business Review showed that the number one attribute workers need in their office workspace is natural light. Further research shows that increasing natural light has a considerable impact on everything from creativity to mood and concentration. Natural light is a vital consideration while designing an office. You can improve light through effective space planning, such as constructing open-plan spaces that can optimize natural light. Also, embracing glazed partitioning allows light to filter through your office.

Investing in ergonomics

2. Investing in ergonomics

There is increasing scientific evidence of the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting. As the trend towards workplace well-being and health goes on, we may as well see elementary changes in the way we design our offices. Some artists have developed a conceptual working environment with surfaces that allow office workers to work without sitting, such as standing or leaning. While we may be from the absolute end of the sitting, sensible applications of this principle already exist.

Flexispot, a leader in ergonomic equipment, has products that can be helpful for your office design as well as health. Equipment includes;

A. Ergonomic chairs accommodate natural movement and encourage good posture for your health. one example for your office design is investing in the Flexispot Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 6579. The chair contains an adjustable headrest which can be adjusted over 7cm, and to suit your personal needs, you can tilt it up and down. If you invest in this chair, you will be providing support and comfort for your back and head and relieving muscle pain because of the modern lumbar support that it contains.

B. Standing desks that allow good posture at the same time helps workers to avoid repetitive strains while sitting. One example of an office design this 2022 is the Flexispot EW8 standing desk with an electric height adjustment which allows you to shift from sitting to standing in a few seconds. If you need cheaper standing desks or sit-stand desks, you can visit the Flexispot website and pick from different ergonomics that can help transform your office design.

Focus on reducing the environmental footprint

3. Focus on reducing the environmental footprint

Preserving a healthy environment is as critical as designing a beautiful office space. Many business people team up with environmentally conscious manufacturers that are carbon neutral and make items from renewable resources. Modern office designs gyrate around walls of plants which make the interior of an office look like a garden. Green walls have proven time and again to create a relaxing and homey atmosphere while preserving the health of office workers. You can buy floating shelves from Flexispot, such as the WSF1, to hang plants in your office for an affordable price.

Decorate your wall creatively.

4. Decorate your wall creatively.

Wall decorations are becoming more popular in modern interior design. Interestingly, it is also becoming a norm in the office setting. You can design your office walls whichever way you want to represent your company's values and give a glimpse of your history. You can use a timber pattern, wallpaper, or different colors like green that can add depth to your office space. Regardless of how the structure looks like, wall decors are an investment worth considering. A strategically placed backdrop can increase the touch of flair, while a floor-to-ceiling solution can create a warm and inviting space for both workers and customers. If you want to improve the mood of your office surroundings, you should consider writing motivating quotes on the coverings of your wall.

Focus on natural ventilation and fresh air

5. Focus on natural ventilation and fresh air

Fresh air has several benefits. Research shows that the brain uses 20% of the air we breathe; hence, having fresh, clean air leads to clearer thinking, more concentration, and focus. Apart from the psychological advantages, there are physiological benefits. While people work indoors, there tends to be shallow breathing, but there is increased diaphragmatic breathing when you're outdoors. The process of breathing deeply not only helps you to inhale more oxygen but also exhale more toxins. To maximize fresh air in your office, you can;

Utilize existing outdoor spaces, such as providing access to outdoor spaces in the office like balconies, gardens, rooftops, and terraces.
Encourage open-air meetings by provisioning outdoor spaces for work activities to get more work engagement and productivity from your employees.


6. Artwork

In the work setting, artwork has several positive effects. Art has a significant impact on well-being and mental health by creating a sense of being calm. It also improves creativity and productivity and softens the office mood. Furthermore, art is crucial to the brand identity of a company. It forms unique and different constituents in the workplace, which gives an office an authentic feeling and a sense of belonging and community. A great example is the Clyde and Co art program which allows upcoming artists to display their work in different office locations in London and other global offices. Investing in an artwork is a good office design that creates a good mood around the office and improves productivity.

Create flexible office layouts

7. Create flexible office layouts

A flexible office layout allows workers the freedom to roam around. Office workers should not be trapped in a confined area or a cubicle for a whole day. In 2022, this is changing since office designs include the installation of café-style stations, spaces with sofas for relaxing, and boardrooms. You and your team members can seek a peaceful setting for working quietly. The rooms are also more convenient for conducting phone and video meetings. The layouts should also accommodate workers who spend little time in the office.

Combine new and old

8. Combine new and old

It is an office design trend that is growing in popularity in 2022. You can balance this scheme by including innovative pieces. It can be implemented differently, from vintage desks with colored chairs to grid pattern rugs on old cement floors. You can combine diverse colors and textures by focusing on rustic wood tones and neutral hues while choosing a painting.

Noise-free environment

9. Noise-free environment

It is often hard for people to be productive and concentrate when the environment is noisy. Even though noise is unavoidable in open spaces, you can manage it. Use noise cancellation initiatives such as carpets and high-quality floors to lessen decibels. Creating furnishings with acoustics in mind and soundproof layers can absorb sound. Visit the Flexispot website to get soundproof office products.

10. Technology

10. Technology

Finally, the modern office relies comprehensively on technology to achieve efficiencies and remain competitive. Technological investment reduces the time and money needed to accomplish tasks. Designs include space optimization software that supports reconfiguring furniture, virtual team-based collaboration tools, and digital access maps. Also, security is vital in an office; hence having access and control to various places in an office and building adds design to an office design. Using furniture that utilizes technology is an intelligent way to design your office. With Flexispot, you can get sit-stand desks with USB ports that ease your work in the office and are electric height adjustable.

Offices that use comfortable furniture and carter for their employee needs through various office designs are getting ahead.