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Tips for Updating your Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

07 April 2022

We all reach a point where we get tired of furniture in our homes. Even though we love the furniture, you can get to a point where you want to switch things up a little. With the recent pandemic and being confined at home, you might have started to notice things you previously didn't see. You might have also been fed up with liking the same piece of furniture or the same four walls every time. My goal is to share a few tips on how you can update your furniture regardless of its initial cost. Hopefully, these tips will inspire you and set you out on an entirely new path.

Before we jump straight into the tips, you must know what you will achieve from updating your furniture. If your furniture is outdated and old, but you are undecided on whether to update it, you might be surprised to find out that there are numerous reasons why you should.

benefits of updating your furniture

So what are the benefits of updating your furniture?


Adding new furniture to your home gives you the chance to update your preferences and styles as you please. While your couch with a Victorian-era style may give you some nostalgia, picking a more modern piece of furniture may help make your home feel and look more attractive and updated.


If your current home furniture is filling up your space, updating it to something new and better might improve your function and flow, which is vital to your home. Instead of settling for arms on the sofa that doesn't provide better passage, you might find a new and better living room set that brings the opportunity for enjoyment and ease of use.


Do you feel that you can feel the springs of your sofa while sitting down? It is another reason updating your indoor and outdoor furniture is vital for your comfort. You need not worry about your knees rising over your head when you sit on your favorite couch to watch television or when you invite visitors to your home.

That said, here are the tips for updating indoor furniture.

Paint the furniture

Painting furniture is the easiest and most obvious thing to do even though sometimes you can't be bothered. Weigh up the material cost you will need, together with the cost of a new and different piece of furniture, which might help you settle for the best. You can paint plastic, vinyl, glass, metal, laminate, or even wood. Even if your kitchen cupboards are laminate, you can still paint them. It would help if you gave them good sand then prime them with an adhesive primer to make the paint stick. You can paint your bedside table even If you love the wood but don't like its color. All you need to do is give it good sand, clean it and whack some paint over it. If it’s your wooden coffee table, you can stain it if your goal is to change the color instead of painting it over.

Restyle your furniture

Did you know you can update a piece of furniture by restyling it? Take drawers, for instance; even though you like the styling of your drawers, you can switch up tiny bits to make them fit with your style when you change your taste. You can swap that grass that has become dry, change its vase, add new candles, and fix the giant print as you take out the smaller one. They may look like small changes, but the final look is entirely different. You can buy new things to add, but you can switch up your embellishments if you don't want to spend. Maybe place the bedroom ornaments in the lounge and do the same for those in the lounge. Changing your mindset can help you update your furniture and make your home more comfortable and attractive.

Change your hardware

Changing some features in a piece of furniture can make a huge difference. You can change your chest drawers to decorative ceramics of different colors and patterns, even if they were initially made of metal handles. You can change them however you want and as many times as possible and give them different looks every time. If you need to update your tables, you can switch up the legs and give them new ones. You don’t necessarily have to substitute your furniture completely; you can take off the handles and paint them with spray.

For updating outdoor furniture

For updating outdoor furniture;

Bring the comfort of your living room outdoors

If comfort is the thing holding you back from enjoying the sunshine outside, then it’s time to make investments in your outdoor furniture. Several designers have started a trend of creating comfortable, large sectionals as part of their outdoor collections, making it easier for you to find whatever you want. You can find chairs that are as comfortable, if not more than the furniture in your house. If you make your outdoor furniture comfortable, you might have difficulty bringing your family back into your home.

Clean your furniture and buy furniture materials that are easy to clean

As we all know, outdoor furniture is exposed to so much dust and dirt because of exposure to different weather patterns. You can wipe off debris, dust, or dirt from the furniture. Use a cleaning product or buff it using steel wool if it is metallic. Outdoor metallic furniture is likely to get rusty with time, so you need to scrub it with steel wool to remove rust and be shiny. You can use inexpensive ways to clean and update your outdoor furniture and make it a fantastic place to relax, but you need to understand that the change doesn't happen overnight.

Don't be afraid to get shady.

Do not neglect to rest on a shady spot. If you lack an enclosed sunroom or a roof over your head, then the best piece of furniture to use is a table with an umbrella. Some glider chairs come with their covers to protect you from the sun. One way you can be creative is to bring some fun to plastic lawn chairs. You can apply painter’s tape in different widths and spray paint the lawn chair. You can also experiment with fabric. Outdoor fabric options have developed in recent years, and there is a fantastic amount of patterns, textures, weights, and colors available. There are weatherproof outdoor draperies, which are suitable for unpredictable summers. It is crucial for you to play with the shapes and textures to make the outdoor area look complete.

update your indoor/outdoor furniture

How frequently should you update your indoor/outdoor furniture?

After understanding the various ways you can update your furniture for the comfort of your home, it is essential to know how often you can make these updates. It would be best to consider several considerations while deciding on the correct times to update your furniture.

Standard home furniture is not designed to last forever, depending on the fabric. Replacement and update timeframes depend on factors like how heavy an item is consistently used. However, with furniture restoration and upholstery, several materials can expand their lifespan. Leather furniture can be upgraded by smoothing, dyeing, patching rips, and cleaning.

Armchairs and sofas are furniture with a solid condition lifespan depending on the level of usage and material quality. Furniture like this can survive from seven to fifteen years maximum.
Kitchen chairs and tables are likely to be the most frequently used furniture; hence you need to update the furniture at a ten-year mark.
For a mattress, even if it isn’t a showy piece of furniture, your mattress and bed are some of the essential components of furniture in your home. It is one item that is often overlooked in our homes and kept far more protracted than appropriate. On average, you need to update your bed and mattress at a seven-year mark, and it applies to memory foam or a spring mattress.

Before buying new furniture, remember to buy high-quality pieces made to last. You may spend more money by purchasing high-quality, durable furniture, but it will be worth it. Furniture that is made from synthetic fabric is affordable and long-lasting. Also, there is an abundance of solid, attractive, and quality furniture sturdy but priced reasonably. You need not wait for the mentioned duration to update your furniture. However, you can do it whenever you please, in line with the mood in your environment and the comfort you need around your house. Instead of throwing the old furniture, a simple update is enough to give them a new and pleasing look. Like any other update, to bring life to your outdoor and indoor furniture, you must do a makeover, which can save on money if you don't want to spend. In the end, remember to do you. It would be best if you remembered that you live in this space. Your indoor and outdoor space extends your home where you spend so much time, unlike a hotel. You need to buy what you love, what you won't mind sharing and seeing for years to come, and what speaks to you.