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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Highly Productive Environment

09 January 2023

Are you wondering how to enhance your work productivity?

If so, then it would be worthwhile to consider changing up your environment to make it more conducive to efficiency. With such an environment, your employees would be far more focused and satisfied. As a result, you can be assured that high-quality work is being produced.

The right kind of work environment is aimed at maximizing efficiency and being comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical.

So how do you create such a space? This thorough guide will detail everything you need to know about creating a highly productive work environment. From the design to the furniture you need; this guide will highlight it all.

The Importance of a Highly Productive Environment

The right work environment can make a world of difference to your and your employee's happiness and productivity because this is where you spend the majority of your day. Not to mention, your work is something you tend to do at least a couple of times a week. That said, the right kind of work environment will have a tremendous amount of positive impact. A highly productive work environment can allow you and your employees to enjoy the following benefits:

Improves concentration, focus, and productivity

Boosts creativity

Employees would be more likely to take risks and constructive criticism

Reduces stress

Enhances employees' health, and they would be less likely to take sick leaves in the long run

Builds teamwork

Attracts talented employees and gives them incentives to apply

Tips to Create a Highly Productive Environment in the Workplace

Whether you are working in an office or at home, you should consider revamping your work environment if you feel like you are lacking motivation and are exhausted all the time. This does not just mean changing up the design and furniture but also following specific strategies to make other employees feel valued and cared for. Take a look at the following tips to learn how to do that:

Choose Suitable Background Noise, If Any

Some people work well while listening to music, while others prefer no background noise. You can choose where you work best if you are working from home. It is vital to choose sounds that help you stay focused and let you complete the tasks at hand.

If you are working with people around you, you can plug in headphones and listen to music if you prefer background noise. If not, consider finding a quiet corner in the office and using earplugs.

Get a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Comfort should be a top priority for all employees because it helps them focus, concentrate, and complete their tasks. However, when employees are sat in an uncomfortable position and frequently experience neck and back aches, then they might feel inefficient and be more likely to slack off at work and take sick leaves.

All of this can be avoided if you invest in a height-adjustable standing desk. This lets you switch between sitting and standing to maintain the correct posture. You also won't get tired of staying in the same position for hours. All in all, it is the best thing to use if you want to avoid back and neck strains.

The Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk from FlexiSpot, which is known for being the best desk for work-from-home employees, is an excellent choice. It can adjust its height automatically within seconds, has plenty of space to hold your computer and accessories, and is quite aesthetically pleasing as well.

Remove Any Clutter

Mess and clutter can definitely reduce your productivity, especially without you realizing it. Having too many items around you on your desk can keep you distracted. Moreover, finding what you need amidst the clutter can also become time-consuming. Hence, this can prevent you from completing tasks in a timely manner.

You should save your time and organize your work desk by keeping only the essential items you need. Moreover, don't forget to keep the space clean and organized at all times.

Incorporate Plants in the Office Design

Another way to create a more productive work environment is by improving the atmosphere with pleasing and relaxing elements. The best way to do that is by incorporating nature. The closest to nature your office is, the more calming it will be for you. This is why so many offices now don a plethora of plants in their design.

This help make the environment cleaner and more relaxing. They also provide a fresh scent. Besides this, having indoor plants in the office also makes the office more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Open Windows and Let the Natural Light Come In

As mentioned earlier, fresh air and a natural atmosphere can make a world of difference to employees' comfort and relaxation. This is why having more windows and keeping them open to let the natural light in is an excellent idea. It can boost your productivity, enhance your mood, and improve your health.

The natural light and slight breeze from the office's open windows can make you happier. However, if you don't have windows in your office, you can create a productive environment by using a table lamp. They provide ample light without straining your eyes or making you feel trapped. FlexiSpot has an excellent variety of table lamps for office desks.

Schedule Breaks in between Work Hours

Employees must understand that if they want to be productive in the long run, they must take breaks in between to relax their minds and body. If you are sitting and working, you should schedule small breaks in between so that you can get up, take a walk, socialize, and look at your surroundings. This will help you return to your work with a fresh mind and a fresh pair of eyes, which will then enhance your productivity. Moreover, this will help you relax and feel less stressed out as well.

Schedule reminders on your phone or computer for such breaks. However, be sure to not take too many breaks as that would hinder your efficiency.

Celebrate the Small Wins with Checklists

How often do you give yourself or other employees credit for a job well done? The chances are that you don't do it often. However, positive reinforcement has a significant positive impact on productivity as employees are encouraged to continue working the way they are. Therefore, you should keep checklists of all of your long-term and short-term goals. Then, you should celebrate each win once a goal has been checked off the list.

You will be more motivated when you see progress and find yourself checking off all of these goals. Not to mention, this will also help you stay organized.

Keep a Well Balanced Temperature

A comfortable and productive work environment is one where the temperature of your office is not too hot or too cold but instead at a pleasant level. This will ensure you stay comfortable, which will thus help you complete tasks more efficiently. Hence, having the right temperature is a simple yet effective way to maintain a highly productive environment.

If you cannot control the temperature in your office, consider having blankets and fans around if you find yourself feeling too cold or too hot.

Use a Calendar

If you don't already use a calendar, you should start doing so. It can help you stay on top of all of your deadlines, weekly events, and tasks. They can also give you reminders, set your schedule, and coordinate with team schedules. Additionally, a calendar can help you keep track of all of your tasks and what employees are doing.

All in all, when used correctly, calendars can make a considerable difference to the overall employee productivity since they improve teamwork and enhance communication between colleagues.

Keep Applications Silent

An excellent way to ensure you have a highly productive environment is by keeping applications on your computer and phone silent. The constant buzzing of an email, notification, or text message can be quite distracting and hinder you from efficiently completing tasks on time. This is especially true if you have urgent tasks to complete.

You would be tempted to check your social media applications with such notifications. They can break your concentration levels. Hence, you should keep them silent during work hours. Instead, schedule breaks between work so you can pick up your phone during those times.

Final Words

A comfortable and happy workplace can significantly boost your morale, help you achieve your goals, and stay productive. By following these tips, you can definitely improve your environment and complete all tasks efficiently.

Consider investing in a height-adjustable standing desk from FlexiSpot because it offers myriad benefits. It will help employees stay active, avoid back and neck strain, improve efficiency, and enhance health. Visit FlexiSpot's website to learn more about its electric standing desk and why it deserves a spot in your office!