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The Power of Office Design to Bring in New Clients

18 April 2023

Most offices are designed keeping in mind the needs of their employees. From what would make the employees comfortable to how functional the office design is, the focus is usually on the employees and the process flow. Not many offices are designed to look attractive to new clients.

When a business wants to attract new clients, they follow the most common approach: running marketing campaigns. They market themselves on the biggest platforms to spread their message to as many prospective clients as possible. They invest a massive amount of money in marketing to attract new clientele without realizing that they already have the biggest asset they need to have new clients. And that's their office!

No matter how solid and convincing your marketing campaign is, if the new clients aren't impressed by your office, the chances that they would want to proceed with you are quite slim. Your office is an important asset and you must learn to use it to its full potential.

Not many businesses realize the power of office design in bringing in new clients. If you're planning to initiate a marketing campaign and expand your client base, we would suggest you work on designing your office such that it catches the attention of new clients from the moment they step in.

Continue reading this blog post to know how your office design can make or break a deal with new clients and how you can design your office such that it's a catch for new clients!

How Can Office Design Help Bring in New Clients?

Imagine going to an office for a meeting to discuss the possibility of a business expansion. Would you continue with the deal if the office is a complete turn-off? We bet you wouldn't! Well, that's how powerful your office design is. It can make or break deals.

Since not many businesses think this way, we've put together how your office design can help you bring in new clients (and how it might break the deal even before it is signed).

Makes a Strong Visual Impact

You may not know this, but most people (about 9 out of 10) base their purchase decisions on visuals. If they don't like how a product looks, no matter how useful and functional it may be, they won't be too eager to purchase it.

The same is the case when you're bringing in new clients. How your office looks are the first factor they'll consider when deciding whether or not to do business with you.

The look of your office can tell a lot about you. Prospective clients will assume various things about you depending on how your office looks. If your office design is mediocre and unattractive, they'll assume your services will be just like that too – mediocre. They'll also assume that you aren't focused on working on giving your employees a good work environment.

The worst thing that a prospective client can take away from looking at your mediocre office is that you aren't interested in upgrading with time, and therefore, you won't last the test of time for too long. And with this, their eagerness to do business with you will drop significantly.

Influences the First Impression

Imagine walking into a fancy restaurant and seeing tables with no napkins or cutlery, no cleanliness, and no signs of good management. Would you want to eat there just because people rave about how good the food is? Probably not. That's the power of first impressions!

Similarly, when a client walks into your office for the first time and sees that your office is still following the age-old cubicle office layout, the first impression that they might draw is that you're outdated and you don't want to upgrade and improve with time.

The competition is fierce, and businesses that don't match the pace of the time will soon be nowhere. And nobody would want to deal with a company whose future appears blurred.

The financials of your business might be in good shape, your employees may be satisfied with the benefits you offer, and you might be doing really well as a business, but all of it won't matter to the new client if the first impression they draw is poor.

The more pleasant, cozy, and interactive your office looks, the better the first impression of the new client will be. Today, businesses that prioritize employee well-being and satisfaction are seen in a really good light, and if you're able to show new clients that's just what you do, you might be pretty close to closing a good deal with a new client.

Gives an Idea of How Seriously You Take Employee Well-being

As we said above, companies that take employee well-being seriously receive lots of praise. They not only attract new talent but are also a catch for new clients. If you design your office to offer comfort to your employees and take their well-being into consideration, it'll show the new client how seriously you take your employees' well-being. They'll know that you take your corporate relationships seriously, and this would improve the chances of you reaching an agreement with the new client.

Let's say your office features ergonomic workstations and desks, and all employees have a Flexispot Monitor Riser Stand on their desks. It'll show how closely you've considered workplace ergonomics. It'll show you off as a responsible employer, and who wouldn't want to form an alliance with someone who takes the well-being of everyone under their umbrella so seriously?

The Right Vibe

Believe it or not, your office design gives off a vibe that can either be a catch or a major turn-off. If your office design meets the modern standards of an employee-oriented workplace, your office will give off the right vibes that would make anyone want to return to your office. However, if your office design is the age-old cubicle type with dull walls and poor lighting, that's enough to kill the vibe!

When new client visits your office for the first time, the first thing they'll judge you on will be the looks and vibe of your office, and that's precisely what you've got to work on!

How to Design an Office That Will Help Bring in New Clients?

Now that you know that your office design can help you bring in new clients, the next thing you would want to know is what design features you should include that will make closing deals with new clients easier.

Well, fret not. We've sorted this part out for you too!

Work on the Reception

When your client comes to your office, the reception area is the first area of the office they'll enter. Designing your reception area that serves the purpose but doesn't look like a typical reception is the key to catching your client's attention from the very first moment they enter your office. The reception area should be bold and vibrant, and reflective of the vision and mission of your company. Your reception area should leave the client wanting to know more about you.


One element that makes modern offices stand out is the décor. This was something older offices didn't focus on too much. Newer offices add various decorative elements to their offices to make them look presentable and attractive for the employees and the clients. Don't leave the walls empty. Hang attractive art pieces on the walls, cover the walls with wallpaper, install modern light fixtures, and make sure to add lots of fresh plants. These are just a few of the many things that you can do to make your office look presentable to new clients.

Well-Thought Out Floor Plan

A well-thought out floor plan can make a significant difference. If the floor plan of your office is too haphazard, where there's no distinction between teams and everyone seems to be all over the place, your office will look too busy (and unattractive) and messy. And that will definitely not leave a good impression on prospective clients. So, one of the most important office design features that you should consider when planning to optimize your office design for new clients is the floor plan.


Your office must reflect what your brand is about. If a client can't draw a rough idea of what your brand is and what they should expect, it'll only blur their judgment. The right branding elements incorporated in your office design will help new clients know what exactly your brand is about, and that'll be the first step towards a successful deal.

Bottom Line

You shouldn't underestimate the power of your office design. It can help make new clients or break the deal even before they reach the final steps. Your office design should offer the new clients an insight into the nature of your business. The better your office design reflects the essence of your business, the brighter the chances that you'll be able to expand your client base!