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The Excitement About Adjustable Standing Desk E8 by FlexiSpot

08 June 2022

Generally, standing desks have always been a part of the office ergonomics family, but who could have guessed it'll be this common.

And if you've ever visited a friend who uses a standing desk E8 in his home office, you'll understand that it is specially designed to give you unrivaled comfort while working. Many office workers who tried our Adjustable Standing Desk E8 are not left out in this big league of achievers. And we'll be happy to have you on board as well. Now that many brands are switching to standing desks rather than traditional desks, we hope you'll get yours soon.

Besides, getting a standing desk like an adjustable standing desk E8 will open up your mental alertness. It'll help you reason and develop incredible ways to incorporate office ergonomics to stay productive. It would help if you had desks for your on-site and home offices your on-site and home offices.

Imagine how beautiful it looks working in your soundproof office pod at home with a standing desk, far away from chitchats or any activity that'll distract you. That sounds interesting. We're glad to inform you that imagination is very realistic. And it would help if you separated yourself from the crowd because that's your sure path to a healthy and fulfilled work-life. Your health will not be affected, nor will your chain of thoughts gets distorted due to excessive sitting.

Adjustable Standing Desk E8

Why Adjustable Standing Desk E8 is a Must-have For Your Home Office and Workplace

Though the good news of standing desks is fast spreading, it's pathetic that many folks still see it as mere standing. At the same time, it's more than that. You see, you need to value your health and steer clear of anything that might mess with it. That's when it'll be evident that you're ripe enough for our adjustable standing desk. When you sit for long hours, you're straining your spine, and that's your body's major alignment system.

Can you see why every office worker needs to read this?

The problem gets compounded when you're not sitting in an ergonomic position. In no time, you'll start feeling painful health complications due to continuous muscle misuse. As you keep working in that misaligned position, your muscles automatically struggle to relieve the misalignment. The most difficult part is that many workers barely notice the tensions in their bodies; they're too focused on their tasks. And those that notice the anomaly shrug it off as a trivial issue.

So why not stay on the safe side? This is your chance to improve your total muscle activity and blood circulation through a very simple process - get an adjustable standing desk E8 by Flexispot. It'll also help you build and maintain your spine to a more natural and healthier state. Most importantly, we're not encouraging you to stand up all day. That's practically impossible, especially for plus-sized people.

That's why we recommend you get a standing desk E8. It has nice adjustable height features that allow you to transition from sitting to standing as you work with ease. The idea is to make you stay focused and have to be religious with it. It'll be better if you could use the standing desk early in the morning when you get to work. You can also use it right after your lunch because you might feel too relaxed and sluggish.

Now, let's move on to the features of this classy desk.

Features of the Adjustable Standing Desk

Features of the Adjustable Standing Desk

At Flexispot, we pride ourselves on the best adjustable standing desks in the ergonomic industry. And our products help you boost efficiency and how to approach each task in the office. But why the fuss about standing desk E8? What makes it special? Let's check them together.

Powerful Dual-motor Lifting System

The desk is built with two powerful motors, which give you an improved structure with enhanced loading capacity. Even when you set the desk's height to the highest level, you don't worry about the support. The motors will do the perfect job of maintaining maximum stability.

Increased Loading Capacity

Talking of weight, the adjustable-height standing desk gives you the luxury to fill it up to the highest capacity of 275 lbs, while the motors easily achieve a maximum lifting speed of 1.4"/s. The sweetest part of the deal is that all you need is to press a button to activate these goodies!

Reliable, Quick, and Quiet

Another feature of standing desk E8 is that the steel tubing is coated with powder, making it stain and scratch-resistant. Back to the dual-motor lifting system, you can be guaranteed a strengthened structure and durability.

Environmental-friendly and High-quality Desktop

We assure you you'll find no flaw with this desk if you're an environmentalist. It has a nice natural surface with eco-friendly features. That's not all; every piece of office furniture by Flexispot is designed in eco-conscious conditions. So you're not here by coincidence, and you will eliminate all your ergonomic problems soon. In addition, the adjustable electric desk E8 is compatible with your choices in terms of color, material, shape, and size of the desktop. Hence, our goal is to give you enough options to choose from for your DIY.

Cable Management System

We understand that you don't like working in a workplace with cables littered around the room. So we decided to cut your expenses of getting a separate cable tray. Instead, the adjustable standing desk E8 has a groove that compartmentalizes and hides all the cables right under the desk. And the idea is to make your workplace look more organized and secure.

Multifunction Touch Keypad

The desk is also built to give you premium comfort and class. It has a LED touch screen which you can use anytime you want to switch from sitting to standing. You can also set a customized sit/stand reminder and the LED display; you can check at intervals as you work. Very easy. Our engineers introduced this feature because many people tend to forget when it's time to stage. So the control panel will be your alarm!

Flexibility and Easy to Use

You have various options to explore if you want to order for our E8 standing desks. They're available in heights between 23.6 inches to 49.2 inches. Meanwhile, the desk is perfect for both adults and children.

Enhanced Safety Measure

Through the child lock and anti-collision features, the adjustable desk is built to discover and prevent collisions before they happen. If you're security-conscious anytime you're working, standing desk E8 is your best bet, and you shouldn't let this offer escape you.

Oval Leg Design

The desk is specially designed to give your home office or workplace an extra aesthetic glamor.

Advantages of Adjustable Standing Desk E8

Advantages of Adjustable Standing Desk E8

Choosing the right path is not always a cakewalk. But we believe reading through the article to this point shows how interested in staying dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, you should not forget that excessive sitting leads to health complications like metabolic syndrome and obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and others. But are there other benefits you stand to enjoy if you get our standing desk E8? Of course, there are. Let's get started.

Easy Transitioning to Standing and Sitting

There's almost no way you'll avoid sitting in your workplace. This is why your best option is to merge standing and sit as you work. After all, a bit of immobile activity here and mobile activity there is the best way to stay healthy. Hence, adjustable standing desk E8 will help you strike a balance to sit and stand ergonomically.

Adjustability and Calmness

Like a bed of roses, standing desk E8 calms your body as you work. It gives no room for strains on your spine. As the day progresses, it's pretty natural that you'll start feeling tired, but that's not the case when you use adjustable standing desk E8. As the desk switches you from sitting to standing several times, you'll stay focused and more productive. How is that possible? Well, that's because your body is not restrained to a particular spot for long.

Immunity to Posture-related Problems

If not for any other reason, you should get yourself standing desk E8 to stay free from the risk of developing posture-related problems like migraine and lower and upper back pain. You'll also be immune to chronic muscle spasms, pain in the shoulders and neck, and other disorders.

adjustable standing desk E8

Final Thoughts

Investing in an adjustable standing desk E8 should give you a healthy life both at home and at work. And if you're an employer, you need to see it as investing more in the well-being of your employees. After all, they cannot be productive when the sedentary lifestyle at work wrecks them. We also suggest that you give yourself a well-balanced diet and regular exercise to strike a balance. Above all, standing for long hours might not be the only answer to your prayers, but it is a step in the right direction.