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The Best L-Shaped Standing Desk for Students

28 November 2022

Standing desks are a good way of eliminating prolonged sitting periods whenever you are working, which can lead to several health benefits. Height-adjustable standing desks are ordinarily rectangular and as long as 70 inches. However, those looking for a larger workspace setup may prefer L-shaped standing desks; in this instance, students are part of it. Students need more space to work with, for their homework, gaming after studying, or even storing their property without causing clutter.

It is no wonder L-shaped standing desks are becoming more and more popular these days, even amongst students. The desks offer more surface areas which can allow you to multitask effectively. Also, their ergonomic designs will allow you to move more naturally, improving productivity. When you compare rectangular standing desks to L-shaped ones, you will notice there are fewer options, but you can still settle for something for your student in the house that is available in the market. There are many L-shaped standing desks in the market, making it difficult to choose the right one. However, you shouldn't worry further because we have made a list through in-depth research into these desks' sizes, weight capacity, warranty, price, amount of motors, and style.

By looking at these features, we aim to give you a list of good L-shaped standing desks suitable for students and, more importantly, one they can rely on. Before we go straight to the desks, hold your excitement and learn the factors to consider when getting an L-shaped standing desk.

Factors to consider

1. Configuration and size- many L-shaped desks are made of 2 spliced pieces attached. Lucky for you, other brands allow you to configure your desk. You can decide where to connect the extension table, be it on your left or right side. Only some brands have that liberty, so you have to be keen on it, especially if you, as a student, are left-handed. Also, size is an essential factor to consider. Some brands offer several size combinations for the primary and extension tables, while some have only the standard size. You have to compare these with the available space in your home study area and the layout of your room. Although L-shaped desks can be easily flushed to a corner, one side of the table can come out too long for your space. Some brands can offer odd sizes for both the extension and main table; hence you need to measure the area where you will use the desk and then compare it with the product.

2. Modern functionalities- a desk with modern functions and upgraded features usually have a higher price tag. If you don't require it, there is no need to shell out extra costs for a particular upgraded desk. You should go for the desk with the features you need; if you spend an additional cost, it will be worth your time and money.

3. Safety and construction- one of the reasons why people go for L-shaped desks is the large surface it provides. L-shaped desks can be flushed against walls so you can have extra workspace and study space versus the needed square meters of your room. However, you also need to consider the construction. Are the frames of this desk solid? Does the desk feel sturdy enough and doesn't shake? Now that it is for your child to use during study time, does it have an anti-collision feature? With sturdy construction comes safety. It needs a robust construction mainly because the tabletop is often fused. Otherwise, it can accidentally shatter into pieces.

4. Price- the desk with more premium tags is usually the best in terms of features, construction, and stability. It can be, but it can apply to some situations. If you need a stable desk with a weight capacity of 300 lbs, you don't need one that can handle 500 lbs because that extra weight can burden your wallet. However, at the same time, you can be economical while being safe. It pays to read legit reviews and research what these units entail.

With these in mind, below is a list of the best L-shaped standing desks that students can use in their home office or wherever they see fit.

Fezibo Triple Motor 63" L-shaped Standing Desk

This desk offers a spacious rustic worktop with a solid structure, an extended warranty, and plenty of functionalities. The desk model has an ample work surface of 47.3 by 63 inches, making it suitable for dual and triple monitor setups and additional space left over. If you as a student need this much extra space, you can mount your monitors and have more room for your books without clutter. The desk has been finished in a more rustic style and is made from scratch and water-resistant particle board. The desk's triple motor lifting system has three motor systems which are smooth, quiet, and reliable, and even if one motor fails with time, you can still use the desk.

You can also regulate the height of your desktop from 27.5 to 47.2 inches with the touch of a button, and you can save your favorite heights to one of the three memory height setups. The good thing about this L-shaped desk is the robust steel frame with a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs. finally, it comes with additional features like cable management trays, lockable casters, and desk hooks for hanging clothing equipment.

L-shaped Standing Desk E1L

This l-shaped desk from Flexispot has an ample work surface with splice boards that give you enough space for your class project, study time, and extra supplies. The desk has a reversible panel that can easily configure for left- and right-handed users; hence, you don't have to worry about getting the wrong product. The dual motor lifting mechanism offers a smooth height adjustment ranging from 28.9 to 48.2 inches, meaning different family members can use it for studying. The desk is also quiet while lowering and lifting, so you don't have to worry about making noise for students around you who are also trying to concentrate on their projects.

As mentioned previously, an anti-collision feature is essential, especially when children are involved, and this desk has taken care of the safety of its users. The feature automatically stops and reverses the desktop when it detects unexpected obstacles while in motion. Finally, a built-in LED control pad allows you to program your desk height.

Pro L-Shaped Standing Desk E7L

The desk's industrial-grade steel frame and desktop combine to support a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs, meaning you don't have to worry about destroying your desk with too much equipment. Also, it contains a premium keypad with 3 programmable height presets, a good protection software system such as automatic height adjustments, and a reminder system that reminds you to sit and stand. It is good because a sedentary lifestyle, especially for students, isn't what a parent would want for their child.

You can also choose a configuration; the desktop width is 47.2"-78.7", and the side or return desktop width is 51.1"-70.1". Finally, the desk's triple motor system independently powers each leg to give maximum stability and adjustability. You can't go wrong with this Flexispot model since it has all the space you need, style, a good warranty, a heavy-duty structure, and is relatively affordable compared to other L-shaped desks.

Jarvis Standing L Desk

The desk can extend the great outdoors to your study area. Its tabletop has earth tones like oak, bamboo, walnut, and maple. However, the desk has one of the most competitive prices in the market, which can be discouraging for some people. Still, with a lifting capacity of 535lbs., it is easy to assemble as the instructions are clear and things are arranged in order so that you will get it. The desk also contains pads between the leg frames to kill any sound that may occur while adjusting the height. The desk comes with a programmable handset that helps you to adjust the height, and for more convenience, there is a one-touch feature that allows you to do this.

Unique Hand Crank L-Shaped Standing desk

For the ones that prefer a non-powered standing desk, this affordable desk is the right choice, although it needs manual cranking to adjust the height. It has a spacious work surface and is finished in a modern light oak style. This industrially built grade steel is stable and can carry up to 175 lbs, which is high for a manual desk. The desk is affordable, reliable, and has everything a student needs except an electric lifting system.

You should look for essential factors when choosing the best l-shaped desk and focus on the benefits such desks can bring to the health of the people using them. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and take a break from your study projects by using l-shaped desks, which will remind you to take breaks. Lastly, check out the Flexispot website for more L-shaped and other standing desks.