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The Best Gaming Chairs in 2022

28 April 2022

The advent of the internet completely redefined gaming as scores of avid gamers took to digital platforms like Twitch to partake in the communal gaming experiences as millions became hooked to their screens. The recent covid-19 pandemic only aggravated the situation as widespread lockdowns and travel restrictions saw people all over the world constricted to their homes. People's isolation during the period caused them to use gaming to remain connected with others as they played together.

The pandemic, however, had a corresponding sinister effect on gamers as their gaming “circadian rhythms” became interrupted. While people used to mostly play video games during their free time or on weekends, the pandemic saw this increase exponentially, and as any avid gamer will attest to, spending extended periods sitting can and will cause you several health problems.

Gaming chairs refer to specially designed seats explicitly developed to aid the gamer in maintaining correct posture and sitting habits while playing their favorite titles. In this regard, ergonomic gaming chairs offer the best sitting experience due to their advanced level of customizability. Finding and having the perfect gaming chair is necessary for most gamers as online gaming, content creation, and YouTube videos continue to surge in popularity. Viewers watch famous industry personalities sitting in jazzy chairs that appear more comfortable than typical seats or even office chairs. Long nights of gaming while seated in the wrong kind of chair can seriously affect your overall well-being, as research reveals many developed health problems. Some of these health issues include:

Injuries are caused by sitting for extended periods.

Injuries are caused by sitting for extended periods.

Most of these injuries are caused by incorrect posture and intervertebral discs under excess pressure. It can lead to damaged blood vessels and nerves connected to your spine. In addition, the muscles of the shoulder and hip can be degenerated and cause the inability to walk normally. These injuries cause pain in the lower back during gaming or the upper back because of hunching the shoulders to the front.

Injuries are caused by repetitively straining the hands, elbows, and wrists.

Using accessories like mice, keyboards, and gaming controllers can develop injuries such as tenosynovitis. These injuries manifest as minimal or sometimes acute pain in the wrists during gaming, especially when playing the game involves small repeated controller movements.

Impingement of the nerves when excess pressure is applied to them.

It can also be caused by applying too much pressure on tissue surrounding bones such as cartilage or tendons. The most commonly affected nerves include the ulnar in the elbow and the brachial plexus underneath the clavicle.

You must purchase a gaming chair that is specifically suited to your needs. It is essential to know what to look for before hunting for a gaming chair, and several things are fundamental in this endeavor. Some of them include:



It is the most important feature of a modern gaming chair. It is called ergonomics and involves the seat's ability to be customized per various requirements. As mentioned above, ergonomics lets you have the best experience during gaming as they can change the various settings of the chair, such as height and inclination. The chair that most sufficiently aligns with your body's needs will enable you to focus on the game and have a better experience completely.

The weight and height specifications.

Gaming chairs are very different, so there is no size fits all. For this, you need to focus on the chair’s specifications because a chair that is too small or too large will give you the worst gaming experience. It is especially true in the age of online shopping, where you don’t get to test the chair before purchasing it. You need to know the exact specifications before confirming your purchase.


Gaming chairs in 2022 vary wildly regarding their respective prices, and it is crucial to be careful not to place a high-end chair that is way out of your budget in your shopping cart. The more customizations and technology are incorporated into the chair, the more expensive it becomes, and they can go for about 50 to 500 dollars. Some of the most expensive gaming chairs have features such as surround sound that is high quality, inbuilt support for the upper back and lumbar region made of foam, and fabrics that are incredibly soft and breathable. When shopping for a gaming chair, other crucial factors include supporting the back, which is vital for proper posture and preventing spine, back, and blood circulation issues. You might also want to consider the firmness and durability of the chair, its compatibility with your electronic components like USB ports to charge your controllers, and finally, the type of upholstery if you are planning to change the color and look of the chair. What then are some of the chairs that I should in 2022? Technological advancements have resulted in new chairs having some cutting-edge features that go out of their way to ensure your gaming experience is memorable. The list of the best chairs contains some chairs that are almost perfectly suited for gaming comfort.

The best gaming chairs in 2022 are:

The FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC02

The FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC02

It is among the very best chairs available because it combines most of the elements of a good gaming chair at a relatively affordable price. It is designed to be very wide with a back that is high to meet the requirements of British consumers. The chair has a detachable headrest and a cushion supporting the lumbar region. You can adjust the headrest that also shields the spine to your liking and play video games comfortably because the pillow supports your lumbar region. Its waist pad is also detachable, enabling you to game from the angle you find best.

It also has a backrest with an adjustable function. Its two modes, namely rest and game, will give you sufficient support. The backrest can be fine-tuned to between 90 and 135 degrees for your comfort using only a single hand. The chair also has a footstool that is telescopic. Footstools are among the rarest features of gaming chairs, and the Flexispot offers you just that.

Are you relaxed playing an interesting game? Pull the pedal from the chair, then raise your feet. The extendable footrest will match your height needs and give you added comfort. The chair also has a silent and smooth pulley when in use. It enables free movement even with your feet raised. The increase in the popularity of gaming chairs means that a fashionable one is preferred most; the FlexiSpot gaming chair comes with leather seats, making your gaming setup incredibly attractive and comfortable. At 249.99 dollars, the chair represents the best combination of comfort, adjustability, and price.

Secretlab Titan Evo

Image Source: Secretlab

Secretlab Titan Evo

The chair is one of the best that you can buy for your gaming setup. It comprises a very comfortable design, various adjustability options that let you personalize the height and tilt of your chair, and various color options that spice up your setup. The chair has a state-of-the-art self-adjusting system for supporting your back and lumbar to ensure good posture. In addition, it has a head pillow that is magnetic for easy adjustment. What’s more, whether gaming, working, or streaming, the Secretlab Titan Evo gives you one the best experiences that you can have sitting down for extended periods. The chair is among the most technologically advanced, but you will have to part with a hefty amount to have it in your setup.

AndaSeat T-Pro 2

Image Source: Anda Seat

Anda Seat T-Pro 2

The chair is unique because it can cater to taller people than 6'2". It is the average person's maximum height, and if you are taller than that, this is the gaming chair for you. It can also support people of up to 400 pounds, boasting an impressive weight support capacity. In addition, the chair can be adjusted accordingly to match your specific height requirements, providing ample space for the biggest of us. It contains support for your back and costs a healthy amount, making it one of the best gaming chairs in the market, particularly for considering the gentle giants among us.

Razer Iskur

Image Source: Razer

Razer Iskur

The chair is relatively unique because its manufacturer is traditionally involved in electronics such as gaming laptops, mice, headsets, and keyboards instead of a manufacturer of furniture. Nonetheless, it is a good gaming chair, particularly because of its unique pneumatic lumbar support system. The system is so good that it works better than typical pillows to support your lumbar while focusing on gaming. It is also very adjustable and offers you great comfort. It comes in various attractive colors while going for almost 500 dollars for its cutting-edge technology.

Cougar Explore S

Image Source: IGN

Cougar Explore S

The chair is renowned for providing most features seen in high-end seats, such as ergonomic elements like 3D armrests, a padded headrest, and a dedicated pillow for supporting your lumbar. The chair supports a large load while retaining durability. In addition, the Cougar has high-density foam designed to offer you support and additional padding and a neck pillow that lets you sit comfortably for hours. The 3D armrests can be adjusted to your current sitting position and take the pressure of the elbows. It also has a stylish leather finish that spices up your gaming setup. Its price is midrange, meaning that if you can afford to spend but not necessarily splurge on a gaming chair, this is for you.

In conclusion, buying a gaming chair depends on your specific requirements, as multiple examples offer a wide range of features designed for your comfort during gaming. Choose the FlexiSpot gaming chair GC01 because you won’t regret it. Enjoy its features of it as you play your favorite games without worrying about developing health problems.