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The Best 2022 Black Friday Standing Desk Deal

11 November 2022

Black Friday deals are always worth the wait. Each year we look forward to the many deals and benefits of saving money on something you may have been wanting for a while but have just been waiting for that great deal to come. Thankfully has its annual Black Friday deal happening by offering 50% off sitewide on many different ergonomic standing desks for your home or office.

You may be new to ergonomic desks or standing desks. You may also be wondering why you should jump on this deal when you don't know much about them. Well, I am here not only to point you in the right direction for deals but also to give you some info on ergonomic standing desks. Ergonomic standing desks are not only beneficial for your back but also improve posture, reduce stress on your arms and wrists, and relieve strain on your neck. Unfortunately, many people spend the majority of their day in front of a desk.

Whether it's at school or at work, most people sit hunched over desks for at least eight hours a day. That's why an ergonomic standing desk is so important. An ergonomic standing desk will help you avoid feeling aches and pains after a long day sitting in front of a desk.

The first step in buying an ergonomic standing desk is to identify your specific needs. There are a few things you can do to start this process:

- Ask yourself why you want an ergonomic desk. Do you sit at a desk all day at work?

- Are you experiencing back pain from sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time?

Once you know why you want to buy an ergonomic desk, you can start to look for the features that will best meet your needs. In order to do this, you need to know your lifestyle. Do you have young kids who will regularly be climbing all over you? Are you a college student with a small dorm room? Are you someone who travels frequently? Knowing your lifestyle will help you determine what features you need from an ergonomic desk.

Be sure to identify your desk needs. Do you need an extra-large desk to fit a computer and multiple papers? Or do you just need a simple desk to hold a laptop? You should consider the size and style of desk that will fit your needs and work best in your space.

An ergonomic standing desk offers many benefits, including improved posture, less back pain, reduced neck pain, and better blood circulation. A standing desk that is designed ergonomically has features built in to help support your body, including chair height and distance from the desk surface. By investing in an ergonomic standing desk, you can reduce the risk of developing repetitive stress injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. An ergonomic standing desk can help improve your overall health and productivity while at work or in school.

There are many different types of ergonomic standing desks, each with its own set of benefits. You can choose between stationary and adjustable desks, as well as sit-to-stand and standing desks. Below are some of the great ergonomic standing desks that Flexispot is offering with their Black Friday deal. They include:

Pro Standing Desk E5:

· The desk is sturdy both when lifted high or during the movement, enabling you to have a wobble-free working (or even gaming) experience. Due to the desktop's super stable build, the coins placed on the surface can stay upright during the lifting process.

· Sit-stand Reminder: The reminder allows you to set a timer from 0-99 minutes and will remind you to switch working postures in time.

· Natural surface with twice the suppleness and durability of regular wood. Carbonized technology coats the tabletop with a water-resistant 2H lacquer, making it moisture-proof, insect-proof, and scratch-proof.

E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk:

· The E7's height adjustable range is easily adaptable for every member of the family, allowing for a more user-friendly experience for multiple users ranging from 4'2" to 6'4". It includes a keyboard tray that can be used for a more ergonomic experience. This ergonomic standing desk works best for users taller than 6'4", a monitor stand is recommended.

· USB Charging ports: An embedded USB charging port makes it more convenient for you to charge your devices.

· Multiple materials, sizes, and colors of desktops are available for you to choose from. All of our desktops are made with harm-free material, ranging from 100% natural bamboo, and solid wood to E0-Graded chipboard.

Oval-Shaped Standing Desk E8:

· A uniquely designed standing desk that brings an extra aesthetic appeal to your working space. The enhanced structure ensures stability even when at maximum capacity and at the highest setting.

· This ergonomic standing desk allows any of your preferences in terms of material, size, shape, and color of the desktop, trying to make more and better choices for the DIY process.

· With LED touch screen, the advanced keypad offers you a premium operation experience. Also, the groove hides the cables below the desk to keep the workstation organized and safe.

Standard Standing Desk E1:

· Flexispot Bamboo desktop is 40% harder than the ones made by Cherry Wood. The durability of bamboo prevents you from the annoying scratches and dents on wood desktops more than any other materials. Flexispot retains the beautiful natural look of bamboo. Nothing beats the elegance of bamboo.

· Save your favorite seated, standing, and under-desk cycling heights by using the energy-efficient LED display.

· If you are looking for an upgraded version of this ergonomic standing desk, be sure to check out the E1 Pro.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top:

· It comes with customized with 4 programmable height presets, the Comhar is perfect for multiple users to save their preferred height setting in a family or work-share environment. The transition between sitting and standing easily and smoothly with just a single touch of a button.

· The Comhar takes up minimal floor space while offering one of the most spacious desktops available. A nook, corner, or empty wall is all that's needed to fit Comhar for building your little corner office in the comfort of your home.

· Work in style on a modern tempered glass desktop finished with rounded edges for superior safety, comfort, durability, and elegance. The control panel function can be locked up by pressing this button, so you will not be bothered by accidental touch from your kids or your fluffy pet friends!

Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8:

· This ergonomic standing desk has an enhanced frame for super stability. The enhanced structure and dual-motor lifting system ensure stability even when at maximum capacity and at the highest setting, which guarantees the security of your belongings.

· Programmable Height Presets: the desk is perfect for multiple users to easily reach their preferred height setting with a single click.

· USB Charging ports: embedded USB charging ports (1 x USB Type-A, 1x Type-C) are in the desk for a wide variety of electronic device compatibility, saving you from the mess & hassle of those entangled cords below your desk space.

L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L:

· The large L-shaped work surface with splice boards is environmentally sourced and provides ample space for your ongoing projects and office supplies. The reversible panel configures easily for both left-hand and right-hand users.

· The dual-motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments, ranging from 28.9" to 48.2", and is super quiet (under 50 dB) when lifting and lowering the desk.

· The built-in LED control pad allows you to customize and program the desk height with 3 different memory height settings that let you easily switch between your preferred standing and sitting positions.

There is also the E7 model that offers a bit more than the E1L. Some of those features include:

· The industrial-grade steel frame and solid desktop combine to support a maximum weight capacity of up to 330 lbs so it can handle your ideal work setup with ease. Independently powers each leg of the desk frame to provide maximum stability and smoother adjustments.

· It also has a premium keyboard that has 3 programmable height presets, a sit/stand reminder system, and impeccable protection software including automatic height adjustments.

· An advanced anti-collision safety feature will automatically stop and reverse the desktop if it detects unexpected obstacles while in motion, enhancing safety and preventing damage.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk:

· With the carbonized 2H lacquer coating, our desktop resists scratches, water, and insects. Also, it has an enhanced structure, and the advanced dual-motor lifting system boosts the loading capacity and ensures maximum stability even at the highest setting.

· The whole production of the KANA standing desk is chemical-free- involved. Kana only uses aldehyde-free glue, making it greener and healthier in daily use. Every bamboo used to make the FlexiSpot bamboo desk is carefully selected by bamboo farmers and harvested by hand.

· Also, Flexispot will donate to the to plant one tree upon your purchase of any *ONE TREE PLANTED* labeled item.

Ergonomic standing desks are beneficial for everyone. Whether you have a desk job or you do lots of computer work in your home office, an ergonomic desk can help reduce your risk of developing injuries and promote better posture. Sit-to-stand desks and standing desks are both great options for people who want to change up their workstations.

All these desks are well worth it, even before the savings. If you're thinking about buying an ergonomic desk, the best thing you can do is start by asking yourself why you need one and why you can't miss out on Flexispot's Black Friday deals. Once you know what you're looking for, finding the perfect desk will be easier.