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The Benefits Of Using A Monitor Mount

11 October 2023

In today's day and age, there is rarely any individual who is not using a screen. Whether it is for work or pleasure, a screen is a must and our day isn't complete without looking at a screen. Due to this reason, we must stop and think about how we can make it safe and comfortable for ourselves. In this article, we will discuss why we should consider investing in a monitor mount and how it can improve our experience of using the screen In our daily lives.

What Is A Monitor Mount?

A monitor mount is a stand that holds up your monitor or screen at eye level so that you don't have to bend your back or lower your head to look at the screen. A monitor mount also has the added feature of being flexible so that the screen can be tilted or rotated to allow different screen views. It is a fantastic accessory for the workstation as there is a growing awareness for implementing ergonomics in the workplace. Whether you work at home or from the office, it is essential to be aware of all ways to reduce fatigue and increase comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Who Should Get A Monitor Mount?

Monitor mounts can be used by anyone who uses a screen. Since monitor mounts are meant to elevate the monitor's level and rotate or tilt them in any direction, they are ideal for use by anyone who spends a long time every day looking at a screen. The following people would benefit from investing in a monitor mount:

People who sit at an office desk and use monitor screens

People who primarily work on their laptops

People working from home

Gamers who spend long hours everyday gaming for pleasure or even for money

People working in the administration of schools, libraries, hospitals, and other organizations where need to enter data on screens

All those who work on screens often overlook the importance of maintaining the screen's height at eye level. Individuals working from home, especially, get laid back and use their laptops on their beds or couch, which is not recommended at all. Those working from home must find a designated spot in the house, even if it is a corner, and build a proper workstation so that they do not damage their body and suffer from pain and discomfort by working in incorrect postures

Screen Too Low

if the screen is too low, such as when using a laptop, users tend to bend their backs, slouch, or bend their heads to get a better view of the screens. Doing this for long hours every day can put a lot of strain on the shoulder, neck, and back and can damage the users. It can even result in neck spasms, injuries, and headaches.

Slouching and hunching is a terrible posture, and it can cause problems with the spine resulting in pain and discomfort in the back, shoulder, neck, and arms.

Screen Too High

If the screen is placed above eye level and too high, the user would have to extend their neck and look upwards to view the screen. This can strain the neck, shoulders and arms as well as the upper back and cause spasms, nerve problems, and chronic pain in the upper body. It can also result in injuries, headaches, and back pain.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Monitor Mount?

As discussed above, the most important reason for using a monitor mount is to maintain the monitor screen at eye level. This maintains the posture of the human body at a neutral position. Our posture is the way that our body holds itself. Our spine runs from the base of our head to the tip of our hip bone, and it is what connects our head to the rest of our body. Our spinal cord consists of nerves that allow us to control our voluntary and involuntary movements. Any damage to our spinal nerves can be disastrous and painful for our bodies and can leave us in tremendous pain and, in some cases, disabled. This is why it is very important to maintain our posture in its ideal and most neutral position.

Our necks should always be straight, holding our heads in a neutral position and looking straight ahead. This is the best position for the head and the neck as it puts the least amount of strain on the head, neck, and spine. Here are the benefits of using a monitor mount:

It Maintains The Correct Position Of The Head

As discussed above, the position of the head must be straight to prevent any strain on the neck. When looking at a screen at eye level, there is no extra strain on the neck, shoulders, and arms, allowing the head to be in a comfortable position to view the screen. Less fatigue and more comfort is the ultimate goal for all screen users.

It Prevents Headaches, Eye Strain, And Neck Strain

Looking at a too-high or low screen can result in headaches and neck and eye strain due to incorrect postures and twisting and turning the body to get a better view. Maintaining the screen at eye level reduces all these problems and enhances the overall experience of using the screen. Eye strain is the most common problem of looking at a screen that is placed at the incorrect height and can make it extremely uncomfortable to continue working. the following are symptoms of eye strain:

Watery eyes

Painful eyes

Itchy eyes

Red eyes

Tired eyes

It Keeps The Workstation Tidy And Uncluttered

Monitor mounts come in many types. Some come with c shaped clamps that can be attached to the desk on one end and have an arm that holds the screen. Others come with a base that has an arm attached to them. Regardless of which type you choose, monitor mounts are much more space-saving than big monitors or laptops resting on your desk. Since the screen is lifted from the desk, there is lots of space available on the desk, making it look tidy and clutter-free. You can keep all your essentials on the desk without overcrowding them and making them messy.

It Enhances Your Gaming Experience

For gamers who spend many hours of their day sitting in front of screens, the gaming experience can be enhanced even more. With screens placed at eye level, their postures are improved and there is decreased fatigue, headaches and eye strain. Increased comfort allows gamers to have better gaming experiences, enhanced pleasure, and improved performance in their game. They tire less easily and are able to play longer hours.

It Boosts Productivity At Work

Decreased fatigue, reduced discomfort, and improved posture have a significant impact on mental health as well as performance in the workplace. Physical pain and fatigue are directly related to mental health and can make a person feel lazy, drowsy, low on energy, and depressed. This can impact their performance at work negatively. On the other hand, when you are feeling good physically, you feel happier and more energized due to happy hormones released into the bloodstream. Happiness and positive energy boost your mood and enhance your performance at work. This results in an improved quality of work and better results in an overall work environment.

It prevents indigestion and respiratory problems

Sitting in a slouched and hunched position due to using a laptop with a screen that is too low can result in crowding of the abdominal organs resulting in acidity and indigestion. Sitting in this position while eating a meal or just after a meal can cause acidity and indigestion, which can be very discomforting. Therefore it is important to maintain the correct posture and invest in aids that help maintain the correct posture.

Sitting in slouched positions for extended hours can also result in tightening and stiffening of the chest muscles, making it difficult for the person to breathe. This is why it is important to maintain the correct posture, take frequent breaks from sitting, and allow your muscles to relax and loosen up.

The Final Word

Monitor mounts are a fantastic investment for anyone who uses a monitor screen for more than four hours every day. It has many benefits and can decrease the risks of many problems related to working in incorrect postures as well as suffering from eye strain. FlexiSpot has some of the best options for Monitor Mounts to choose from. You can select the ideal one for your work or gaming station and begin using it immediately. You will immediately feel the difference and will not want to go back to using your screen without a Monitor Mount.