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Step into Spring with FlexiSpot Most Popular Products

11 March 2022

There has never been a winter that can resist the arrival of spring, and hope and greenness will come as scheduled. Sweep away last year's epidemic and welcome a new spring and a new life. FlexiSpot joins hands with the 5 most popular products of customers in 2022 to bring you and your family a unique surprise in this spring season.

FlexiSpot E3/E5 Standing Desk

1. E3/E5 - Work Smarter, Live Healthier

Problem: Like most people, sitting and working for long periods of time can cause back pain.

Solution: FlexiSpot E3/E5 Standing Desk

The E3/E5 is an adjustable standing desk that comes with an amazing dual motor frame that gives the whole structure faster and more stable adjustment operations as well as a huge loading capacity.

The sit-stand desk also has an Advanced Control Panel, an inbuilt reminder with height-preset options. You can also make use of the sleep mode to conserve power.

On top of all this, the desk comes in various styles ranging from Eco-Friendly Bamboo, Solid Wood, Laminated styles, and many other options to choose from.

E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk

2. E7 - Designed for the Top-Notch Workstation

The E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk is among the most advanced in the market. It is a designer product meant for a top-notch workstation. It has stability with a wide range of adjustments to cater to activities like complex crafting, streaming, or child learning. It has quick and quiet adjustments.

It has the Advanced Control Panel, a sleep mode power saver, sit-stand reminder, and height-preset options.

This DIY standing desk comes in a variety of colors and sizes that you can choose from and this includes sustainable/solid wood bamboo, among many other exciting and good-looking materials.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

3. Comhar - No One can say No to such an Elegant Glass Desk

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk is a marvel on its own. It is an Eco-friendly desktop that is designed for home office needs for those who may be working from the comfort of their houses. It is small-place friendly and it comes with a drawer and goes through a 3-step assembly. At the same time, it has a thoughtful design that incorporates anti-collision functions for extra safety. This highly valuable desk is sleek, modern, and minimal. It has a nice wood grain top that goes well with the white frame to fit into any home.

EB011 Adjustable Bed Frame

4. EB011 - For Better Sleep, For Better Life

If you’re looking for comfortable nights then the EB011 Adjustable Bed Frame is exactly what you need. It comes with head adjustment ranges of between 0 t0 60 degrees. Finding the perfect angle is also very easy and you can comfortably read, watch TV and sleep on the bed without developing any issues. It has a motorized base that quietly delivers a maximum thrust of 6000N of power at a sound level of less than 50db. This means no one can be disturbed when they are sleeping soundly already. The bed is highly durable and has passed over 10,000 standard tests.

FC211 fitness chair

5. FC211 - A Chair to Boost Your Energy

The FC211 fitness chair is one of the best purchases you can ever make today. It is a healthy exercising chair that comes with breathable mesh brackets, height-adjustable seats that make it a good option for the home office. Furthermore, it has a calories tracker and has durable caster wheels that promote a healthy lifestyle.

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