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Simple and Magical Ways to Charge Your Laptop Without Using Charger

05 January 2023

You could go on a mini vacation with your family members, travel down to see your old granny, or leave town for a week-long conference. And as expected, you would decide to take your laptop along with you.

After all, it would keep you far from boredom probably when you play video games, listen to your favorite songs, or wrap up some of the pending jobs from your workplace. But what if you eventually get to know that you've left the charger back home? Or got lost during transit? What's the way out?

That's where the dilemma sets in. You might be forced to put it off throughout the journey in a bid to conserve the remaining power to send important emails to your supervisor or manager.

However, we are here with some good news. You don't have to do without the PC just because the charger isn't with you. In the real sense, you don't even need the regular laptop charger to maintain the power on your PC.

Hence, this article will take you by hand as we explore diverse simple and effective ways to defeat this annoying situation. Follow attentively!

Is it Safe to Charge Laptop Without Its Charger?

You should note that laptop chargers are specially built according to the specifications of each system to convey accurate voltages and outsmart possible damage to the battery cells and other parts of the power supply component.

And in most cases, it is often suggested that you should abstain from using alternative chargers to charge your PC except the charger from the factory. But the question is there any other solution if we observe this line of thought strictly? There's none!

Therefore, you can use substitute power sources for your laptop, especially during an emergency. All you have to do is ensure that you are following the process as you ought to.

Here is the Final Crack to the Puzzle of How to Charge Your Laptop Without Its Charger

Are you worried about bringing a dead laptop back to life? No worries. These methods are here to show you how to recharge your PC without the usual power supply.

And if your charger cord or adapter is not an alternative, you can switch on your laptop with any of these techniques. Let's delve right into it.

Go for a Replacement Battery

Of course, it sounds easy and simple but the reality is that not every laptop user understands this secret. And since you're here on this page, it's your lucky day!

And this doesn't put your laptop in any bad shape because all the various brands that are into laptop manufacturing are also producing batteries as substitutes for the default ones.

By investing in another wireless and, of course, a rechargeable charger that works with different devices, you should never experience the plight of traveling without using your laptop just because you misplaced or lost its default charger.

You should go for an external spare battery to serve as your substitute power source to save you from regrets in the future. And if you don't know how to recharge your PC without a recharging connector, an external spare battery should be your best solution.

The gadget comes with absolute ease because all you have to do is plug the appliance into its outlet. Meanwhile, using a recharging connector offers double benefits.

Through it, you can recharge the primary battery with an adapter while also charging the spare battery with an extra rechargeable one. After all, you can't, for sure, tell what your journey holds. So this will brace you up for unforeseen delays.

However, we will suggest that you get an additional charging system like a portable wireless charger that works perfectly with your laptop make and model. This is because most wireless chargers are designed according to brand and model.

Utilize a Type-C Cable

It's no longer news that a high-power connection is offered when you use USB-C ports. They transmit power at heavier and faster currents when compared to their USB-A counterparts. So why not maximize this whopping leverage?

You can go for a USB-C cable to bring your laptop back to life. However, you need to ensure that the USB-C cable you intend to use has a plug adaptor. This will help it regulate the voltage of the current being transmitted to your device.

And the process is quite simple - connect one end to your PC while the other goes to the electrical socket.

Based on our analysis, we'll recommend that you use an Anker 60W converter or a magnetic wireless charger. Either of these two is a reliable USB-C adapter that can simultaneously transmit up to 30W of power to 5 different external devices using USB-C, all at high speed.

The bonus here is that your smartphone can also use the USB connector on your laptop to pump up its battery.

Use a Power Bank to Fire Up the Laptop

As we've earlier hinted, another easy way to recharge your laptop without searching for a charger is with a magnetic wireless charger or a portable battery bank.

Fortunately enough, all that's expected of you is to fix the battery bank to either the USB-A or USB-C connection on the laptop. And if you have to use the PC while charging it, we'll suggest that you go for a strong USB-C power bank.

Such devices have a minimum of 8 volts while the USB-A power cords are not that strong. Another reason why you should embrace the USB-C power bank is that most conventional power banks use a 5-volt output. Whereas, most PCs need between 8 and 12 volts to effectively recharge.

As an addendum to the power bank, a UPS electricity source can also be used to charge your device. Yes, the battery of a UPS can conveniently power a laptop.

Employ a Smartphone to Charge the Laptop

You've ever been in an emergency where all you wanted was any means of survival? We can relate to that. And your smartphone is another dependable power supply source.

All you need to do is connect one end of the USB-C cable to your phone while the other goes straight to your computer. However, you need to follow this step-by-step guide below:

-Scroll to the setting of your connector's power options and hit the checkbox for "Power another device".

As the laptop comes up, it's possible that the PC's battery life radically reduces. But you should remember that this technique has several deficiencies since your smartphone can't save as much juice as the rechargeable battery itself. Hence:

-You might not have the chance to use the PC power for more than 30 to 45 minutes.

-In certain instances, a smartphone with a dead battery might not work.

As long as this method is not the long-term solution when a dead battery is involved, it remains one of the ways to save you from tight corners that the absence of a charger would push you into.

Why Not Invest in a Universal Power Supply (UPS)?

Oh, have you been wondering how to power your laptop just because its chargers are no longer manufactured by the maker? That doesn't mean that the system is no longer useful. On that note, we have a way out for you.

You can get a universal power adapter or supply to recharge its battery. And the several replaceable pins on the AC/DC gadget make the device more compatible with numerous ranges of laptop types.

The beautiful part of a universal power adapter is that it works the same way your default charger does. That is, you can use the system even while charging it.

However, we will advise that you pay full attention to the current and voltages being transmitted to avoid overheating on your batteries or any other device.

Adopt Your Car's Power Connection as the Power Supply Source to Charge the Laptop

To all the travelers out there, we have brought the ideal technique you can use to recharge your laptop battery. Yes, while traveling!

To do this, you'll have to get a USB vehicle charger or AC adaptor. Meanwhile, using your car to recharge via USB is highly compatible with and supported by USB-A to USB-C connectors.

Here is the step-by-step guide below:

-Turn on the ignition switch and start the engine.

-Fix the vehicle charger.

-Fix the USB-C to your device.

Almost every car uses a USB connector. So you won't have to get a USB battery case for the process to be successful.

Final Words

It doesn't matter the kind of jam you find yourself in, all the methods that we have discussed above are readymade to bring your system back to life. However, this shouldn't be construed as a disregard for the advice that using a charger cord or charging means not manufactured by the official designer is not ideal.

Therefore, if you are going on a long trip and you need to charge your PC, you need to take your time to go through all the techniques before determining which one works for your device best.

Most importantly, you need to get a new laptop and office accessories to make office life easier for you, right? Then you should hop onto the Flexispot website here and now!