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Secret Ingredient for a Super-Duper Night Rest: Flexispot Adjustable Bed Base

22 June 2022

No medication beats a good night's rest. We know advocates for laughter being the best medicine think otherwise. But-- who cares? Even SCL Health agrees.

You need two main ingredients for a restful night's sleep: A perfect bed base and a comfy mattress. As simple as these two may seem, they are quite a rarity when you don’t know where to look.

We’ve identified this as a problem that needs an urgent solution. No customer of ours deserves to wake up with puffy eyes! Officially, let’s introduce you to the Adjustable bed EB011.

Our team sure made magic-- again. And we are excited about this!

Do you suffer from back discomfort each night you go to bed? Have you been struggling to have a good night's rest? We have the antidote for all your worries!

What’s the fuss about? And how does this bed base work?

We have all your answers. Let’s sail this ship immediately!

Adjustable Bed Frame

What Can You Do with An Adjustable Bed Base?

One thing we love about the adjustable bed base is its versatility. How do you feel when you instruct Alexa or Siri and get an instant result? Pleasant, Hun?

Well, that’s how reactive an adjustable bed could be when needed. In this case, you instruct it by tapping a button.

An adjustable bed base is an interesting home furniture! It’s fun to know you can tailor your bed to suit any particular need. Do you prop yourself up with pillows while watching your favorite shows? Or struggle to find a cozy posture while reading?

Here’s a unified solution: An adjustable bed base.

At this point, the question should be: what can’t you do with an adjustable bed base? You can’t get uncomfortable!

Let’s take a look at the benefits and how you can have fun with it

Work, sleep, eat, repeat

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with an adjustable bed base. You can read, eat, sleep, and do anything you want. All you need is your remote control. Recline and model your sleeping stance to your needs.

Some adjustable bases include massage features for a top-notch experience.

Ergonomic Pre-bedtime Relaxation

Picture this: You decide to unwind with the latest episodes of Euphoria on a cool Saturday evening. Propping yourself up with pillows would be a fluid way to mar the almost perfect evening.

Here’s a better picture. With the remote control, you raise the upper side of your bed slightly. Hence, your back is healthy, and you’re snug enough to enjoy your movie night without straining your neck or shoulders!

That’s what an adjustable bed base can do for you. It’s all comfort and fun.

Fall Asleep Faster

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise, they say.

Not having to fidget with your pillows to find a pleasurable posture will aid your sleep quality. A modern adjustable bed base improves your chances of sleeping without discomfort.

For instance, sleeping with your legs raised alleviates leg pain. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling relaxed and ready to take on any task.

Circulation inducer

Poor blood circulation (peripheral artery disease) is a health condition that could cause sundry health issues. How about you do something to improve your blood circulation? You don’t have to do much.

Owning an adjustable bed base is potent prevention for peripheral artery disease. Raising your head and legs is a position that encourages your heart to pump hard for the blood to cover all extremities.

Your vein even gets more prone to contraction to ease discomfort when you get active during the day. It’s officially a harbinger of a good night's rest.

Adjustable Bed Base

Can Adjustable Bed Base Resolve My Snoring Problem?

The sharp wheezing sounds that pierce the atmosphere at night aren’t anyone’s favorite sound. People sentenced to enduring this often experience sleepless nights. And if the snore happens to come from you, you probably feel guilty daily.

Besides the nuisance, it isn’t the best way to get quality sleep.

An adjustable bed base is a solid solution that can ease you from this dilemma. But we must confess, it also depends on the root cause of the snore.

This product allows you to tailor your sleeping posture in a couple of ergonomically inclined ways. Bearing ergonomics in mind, you can adjust your bed to eliminate the causes of snoring.

Positions that can help eliminate snoring:

Elevate your head to take pressure off your nasal passage and airway. And the absence of obstruction and compression knocks snoring out.

Forget about piping your body with pillows to find a position that reduces your snore. The adjustable bed frame takes over this task-- and executes it flawlessly.

And if your partner doesn’t support the elevation, a split king-size bed frame is your solution. Adjust your side of the bed and leave your partner’s. Everyone gets their own comfort.

Can you Use any Mattresses on an Adjustable Bed Frame?

Not really. Your mattress choice should be crucial. A latex, memory foam, or any mattress without an innerspring are excellent choices for an adjustable bed frame. Any mattress with an innerspring isn’t completely unsuitable. It’s also compatible with an adjustable bed base with individually wrapped coils so long as it isn’t extremely firm. Inner-spring mattresses with firm springs put immense strain on an adjustable bed’s motor.

Do Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses

Using a compatible mattress aids the lifespan of your mattress when paired with an adjustable base. Nevertheless, if you use the appropriate mattress, you will enjoy it.

Adjustable Bed Base

Is An Adjustable Bed Base Right for You?

Before you spend a dime on any product, it’s reasonable to pop this question: Is it for me?

You’ll certainly benefit from owning an adjustable bed if you find relief from back pain while in a reclined position,

You particularly need this bed frame If you suffer from conditions like:

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: You experience relief whenever you lean forward if you have this condition. So, an adjustable bed frame is for you.

Osteoarthritis: Lying in a reclined position reduces joint compression, which may ease your osteoarthritis pain in the spine.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis: This condition causes lower back pain. Luckily, elevating your back and supporting your knees while sleeping could limit the lower back pain considerably.

And if you have back surgery looming, you should consider investing in this bed frame. Most people find it more comfortable to sleep in a reclining position while recovering from back surgery.

However, symptoms of some conditions may worsen if you sleep in a certain position. For instance, ankylosing spondylitis symptoms worsen with the reclining position.

The Positions on an Adjustable Bed Frame

This is a tricky question to answer. Each adjustable bed base varies depending on the model. However, the FlexiSpot Adjustable bed frame head incline ranges from 0 to 60 degrees.

Being able to support your upper body offers versatility. From this position, you can read a book, sleep, watch tv, have a chit-chat with your partner, etc. The list is endless. Adjustable bed frames come in different sizes-- like mattresses. Nevertheless, the queen size is still the commonest.

How Do You Control an Adjustable Bed Base?

How does an adjustable bed base work? Do you need a crank, or is there a button you tap? It depends on the kind of adjustable bed base you buy. Most modern bases have wireless remote control for any changes. While some are corded and connected to the bed. Either way, one tap on the right button will get you the position you need.

The bed bases have motorized joints. Hence, the remote control works for every adjustment you need to make. You may find symbols of images of different positions on the remote control to indicate which button is which.

Adjustable Bed Base

Who Needs Adjustable Bed Frame?

For Gym Freaks

Gym and good sleep are interwoven. Without sleeping well, your gym session might as well be a punishment. But with this bed frame, you can sleep without worries and provide relief for swollen feet or any swollen part of your body after any gym session.

An adjustable bed frame allows gym enthusiasts to rest their muscles appropriately.

For Elders

If you have an old mother or father, you’ve probably heard the back pain and stiffness complaint severally. It’s a thing that comes with old age. But who says they have to experience that always? Arthritis, back pain, and edema are all relievable with an adjustable bed base. Growing old doesn’t have to be plagued with discomfort-- make your old folks as comfy as possible!

Pregnant Women

What’s the correct sleeping posture for a pregnant woman? From the third trimester, pregnant folks must stop sleeping on their backs. The best way to sleep without any complications is on their sides elevating the upper body and legs to improve circulation and reduce pain. How else can they achieve this without an adjustable bed frame?

Pillows? Not the best.

For Anyone that Craves a Good Night Sleep

If you always leave your night rest to chance, you need an adjustable bed base. Research shows that 50-70 million American adults suffer from sleep disorders. Unfortunately, low sleep quality is a norm for most adults.

This bed base can help resolve snoring issues, insomnia, and other conditions that attract sleeplessness.

Obese people

Fat or obese people may develop breathing complications whenever they try to sleep. While it’s not a strange occurrence, tilting their upper and lower body slightly may improve their breathing sporadically.

Bottom Line

The adjustable bed frame is an ergonomic solution to most sleep problems. Your bed can be as comfortable as you permit. With FlexiSpot Adjustable bed base, comfort would always be an assurance.

Do you happen to struggle with any of the sleeping conditions above? We’ve handed you a solution. The question is: what are you going to do with it?