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Quick and Effective Ways to Avoid Foot Pain from Standing All Day at Work

22 July 2022

Foot pain can be very frustrating for people at work. If you work in an industry where you spend most of your hours on your feet, foot pain can interrupt your mood and affect your productivity for the rest of your day. After work, you may have wanted to go for a walk or a run, but your tiresome day on your foot might encourage you to do nothing and let the foot pain subside.
Standing all day at work might cause aching feet for several people, even those working from home. It is most common if you wear heeled shoes, which end up causing spinal problems, backaches, and sore feet. You must understand that foot injury and overuse can stem from wearing uncomfortable shoes and standing for long hours, whether standing idle or working. You can also have foot pain at work, whether standing or sitting, because your feet usually bear the brunt of your body strain and weight. Our focus, however, is on ways of avoiding foot pain from standing all day at work.
Here are some of the ways you can avoid foot pain after spending most of your working hours standing:

1. Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing appropriate shoes, especially in the workplace, can be time-consuming. In a workplace where women and men often wear heeled or firm shoes, forcing your feet to stand in uncomfortable footwear will most likely cause foot pain or even cause long-term complications. If this is the reason for the pain in your feet, you should consider bringing comfortable sneakers and wear them whenever you feel tired from your heeled footwear. A good comfortable, fitting sneaker is an excellent approach to eliminating or alleviating foot pain by standing for long hours. If you suffer from heel pain, you should consider looking into products to support the heel. If you suffer from high arches or foot pain, you should consider wearing shoes with supportive innersoles.

2. Wear compression stockings

In the past years, health organizations almost gave up recommending compression stockings to people suffering from foot pain. They were challenging to find and highly unfashionable, not forgetting that several men would not be caught dead in a "glorified pantyhose.” But those days are over as compression stockings have been advanced to various comfortable styles for everyday wear. Advances in the technology of its material mean that compression stockings are now offering the same effectiveness as thinner and lighter stockings which are fabricated in every design and color you can think of. If you spend most hours standing due to your occupation, then finding compression stockings is among the best things you can do since they help in circulation and relieve your foot pain.

3. Use a remedy mat

Has it ever struck you that you might need an anti-fatigue mat to help release pain in your feet? As we have said before, you can also tire your feet by staying in the same position for long periods, and this means you can get sore feet even while working from home not just standing all day at work. The good news is you can avoid foot pain by using an anti-fatigue mat made by Flexispot. This Flexispot ergonomic anti-fatigue mat DM1 is the best choice to help you solve your foot pain problems or avoid them. The DM1 anti-fatigue mat contains massage spots and mounds, allowing your natural body movements to encourage regular foot massages. Standing on this mat helps wake tired feet, calm your mind and body and improve circulation.
The Flexispot DM1 anti-fatigue mat is 32.3” by 20.5” in size, giving you plenty of room to move around or even change positions throughout your day. You can do all these while wearing your shoes or socks, and it doesn't matter. The mat is made from an anti-slip abrasion-resistant material, so you don't have a chance of slipping while using it. While standing on the mat, its deep padding distributes gravity power leading to a decrease in your foot pressure and improved comfort. The DM1 protects your insoles and feet all day as you stand. Putting your feet on the anti-fatigue mat would be best, which will then recline two inches from the bottom. The foot pain relief mat resists rips due to its high tensile PU and vegan leather construction.
With a thickness of 0.98”, this Flexispot anti-fatigue mat is your best chance for comfort and foot pain relief.

4. Incorporate foot stretching into your routine

Foot stretches that target plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, toe pain, top of the foot pain, and other types of foot soreness that have been bothering someone can be life savers. They are usually effortless to learn and take less than 5 minutes each. If you stand all day at work, you should take some time to do foot stretches at the start and end of your day. Doing foot stretches is helpful because after a while of getting used to it, you will alleviate the foot pain caused by your work experience, and in time, you will prevent it from happening altogether.
Proper blood flow can be accomplished with light and stretching workouts. You can also stand next to your desk and do some exercises which can be very effective. Among the more straightforward foot exercises, you can make circles with your toes pointed forward, your feet hanging in the air as you stand straight, and your hands on your hips. Depending on your comfort level, you should turn around after five or ten rounds.
If not, you can avoid foot pain by continuously doing exercises while at work. Thank goodness, Flexispot always has you covered. The all-in-one desk bike /bike workstation V9 helps you balance work and workouts. You can work as your exercise, making it easier for you to burn calories and stay active and healthy. Its Pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to adjust the height as you desire. Using this desk bike, you can go from light activities to robust workouts with a wrist flick. The V9 is good for you when you stand all day at work and have so much work to do with more minor breaks. You can take a break and use this desk bike as you keep on working to beat your deadline. The best part is that the desk bike allows you to cycle smoothly and quietly; you don't have to worry about being a nuisance.

5. Take sitting breaks

If you spend most hours working on your feet, you should consider taking sitting breaks. If you are in-between shoes and still need to wear ill-fitting pairs, you should consider sitting down and taking off your shoes during your break. At this time, you can try to get your foot stretching in to reduce the pain. Also, if you have been standing all day, you should avoid standing more during your break than the seat. A break from standing will get you through the rest of your shift and remove a lot of pressure from the weight-bearing areas on your feet.
It is why Flexispot has spent its years with researchers and scientists to come up with better ways of shifting between standing and sitting. It has manufactured various height adjustable standing desks that offer the ability to stand and sit to ensure you can easily change positions throughout your day. If you spend most hours standing at work, you should consider getting a height-adjustable standing desk from Flexispot. They have all been designed differently to fit the daily needs of their users. Most workers use standing-only desks, which cause pain and affect your health because standing for long hours forces your feet t carry your weight and places tension on your back.

6. Enjoy a foot bath

You can avoid foot pain from standing for long working hours by taking afoot at the end of the day. Foot baths can soothe your painful feet and prevent progressing pain from worsening. Before retiring to bed, soak your feet in hot water as this reduces inflammation and sets you up for a better morning. Using hot water stimulates the circulation of blood. Foot baths are not known for just their foot pain relief. They also soften your skin, fight fatigue and alleviate stress. You can incorporate essential oils and Epsom salt into your foot baths for better results.
Finally, people that are vigorously immersed in their job routines are usually said to be “on their feet.” Resting your feet is advisable and beneficial because of the numerous advantages you will experience when you do. You should take it easy and keep walking whenever you get the chance because by doing this, you will have prevented foot pain from affecting you or from getting worse than it already is. You can also look into the Flexispot website to purchase the products that have been mentioned in this article for very affordable prices. Now is the time to look into the Flexispot website and get the cure and prevention for your foot pain issues.