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Paying it Forward this Christmas through Ergonomic Gifts

22 December 2022

What makes Christmas meaningful?

Aside from buying clothes to wear for the dinners that we'll go to and flying to an international destination for the first time, what gives purpose to the Christmas festivities? Yes, you have a blast with friends and family, and even people you just meet for the first time this holiday season. Yes, you're going to take a break from work and finally get to relax without impending work stressing you out. But have you ever sat down and asked yourself, aside from the fun of it all, why is Christmas worth celebrating?

You earn performance bonuses, extra month pays, or even raffle draw wins, but all these material things, do they really amount to something at the end of the day? Since it's the holiday season, people spend mindlessly and before they know it, the extra money they had towards the end of November is poof, all gone. If it's just used for us to spend more on the season, why would we want to let go of our hard-earned money? Why can't we just keep it to ourselves and save the money for the future instead?

Let us answer this relatively. How you spend your holidays is entirely up to you. Do an activity that will make you feel the holiday spirit, whatever it is. For us, it's paying forward. It's feeling grateful for life so we want to share those blessings with others, especially if in a position to help other people.

Christmas becomes meaningful when we do not only look inward but at others too. It has a purpose when you are able to help others just as much as how destiny played good cards for you. It's an opportunity to make the money we earn or the job that we work hard to fulfill. And it's so special to do it at this very season because for non-believers, it's the end of the year that invites us to look at what happened the past 12 months, what are we grateful about, what change have we started that impacted other people's lives. Of course, the smart thing to do is set aside money for savings and then when that is already cared for and done, don't feel guilty for wanting to splurge. It's money that you worked hard for so you're entitled to do anything and everything you want to do it with it. Just use this freedom "responsibly." And also, why wouldn't you want to score Christmas deals? They are usually the best every year so if you're going to wait for another year to buy these particular sneakers or luxury bags that you like, then they might not be at an affordable cost anymore.

So how do you give back? First off, we believe that you shouldn't forget about yourself. Maybe your way of giving back to yourself after so many sleepless and tiring nights at work is to buy something you've always wanted to have. Second, you can give back by giving them something they will draw so much function from. Their lives can become a lot more convenient and they might be able to handle their time more properly which is something they think they don't have.

So here we are. If you want to tell someone how special they are or you just simply want to give back to others, then consider ergonomic furniture as gifts:

A laptop, keyboard, mouse, documents, desk supplies, and two monitors fit comfortably on this desk. The control panel has USB ports and lets you configure four-height memory presets. It contains an anti-collision feature that makes sure your gadgets or things are safe when the desktop moves.

EP4 Seiffen Laminated 4-Spliced Standing Desk

The EP4 is the ideal synthesis of style and utility. It has a dual-motor lifting system with a maximum capacity of 220 pounds. Its height ranges from 25" to 50.6" and it rises and lowers at a rate of around 1.4" per second without creating noises that exceed 50 dB. It has an anti-collision mechanism that causes it to halt instantly when it encounters a barrier. It includes a pair of two desk hooks, one on each side, where you may hang things like your purse, jacket, headphones, and chargers. It also includes a cable management tray to keep the appearance tidy. Additionally, it features an easy USB charging port for your devices. The desktop is made of environmentally friendly materials and is big enough to fit all your desk essentials including your desktop, documents, laptop, and other accessories.

S3 Adjustable Bed Base 3

Most people don't realize how much sleep can revitalize them for the day at work or in general. FlexiSpot has expanded the selection of bed bases it provides to customers during the previous few months. One of the more recent models, the S3, claims to be long-lasting and of excellent quality. Given that it passed rigorous SGS testing with more than 10,000 adjustments at a load of 600 pounds, we are convinced you can use this for ten years. Furthermore, all of the minor pieces of this bed base have gained certification from the FCC, CE, and UL. Even its primary frame, which is constructed of construction-grade carbon steel, passed 25,000 wobbling tests, as did its six legs.

Operation is very important when a product is adjustable and this one operates with noise less than 55 decibels. You don't have to worry about getting stuck when adjusting the height of your bed.

KQi2 Pro NIU Kick Scooter

This electric scooter will help you solve your difficulties if you've ever had trouble getting from one place to another because of traffic, you don't have a car, or you're running late. It has a 300W motor that can produce up to 600W of power, reaching top speeds of 17.4 mph and having a 15% hill climbing capacity. With regenerative braking capabilities and a high-capacity 365Wh lithium battery, it boasts a patented NIU BMS that tracks more than 14 different battery operations. With a dual braking system, its tubeless tires provide exceptional shock absorption. It has a powerful Halo headlight, braking lights, and a mechanical bell for safety. Since the wires are integrated, it prevents it from aging, leakage, and damage.

This can be used with the NIU app via BlueTooth and also comes with an LED display. While on the go, you can check your riding statistics, and adjust speed and cruise control.