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Outdoor Office Pods and Sheds for Workers at Home

30 September 2022

It's quite logical if the idea of an outdoor office pod sounds strange to you. Or you don't even know how to set one up or buy one. Many office pod users were once in your shoes.

Meanwhile, you need to focus your attention on this type of workstation because, among all the office trends taking shape in recent years, an outdoor office pod is one of the less celebrated.

In other words, many workers are wallowing in the pool of misplaced priorities and they don't even know. But your wait is finally over. This article is here to show you why you need one in your home, the good sides of working in an office pod, and all the factors you need to check out while searching for the setup.

Let's hit the road!

Outdoor Home Office Pods

Photo Credit: Harwyn

Why Outdoor Home Office Pods are Popular?

Like most office designs, the fame trailing outdoor office pods can be traced to the burning urge to create a warm environment. For example, take a look at your living room, we're pretty sure you wouldn't want to work in such a clumsy distracting spot.

The disturbance from the TV alone might sap you out of the productivity you could be getting from yourself and that's how home office pods come into play. It offers you the feeling that you're very much within the comfort zone of your home. Not just that, it also pushes you out of the overly relaxed vibes that your house may give.

Even so, you're allowed to bask in the ecstasy and psychology pump that comes with seeing your home situated right beside your office. Isn't that an exciting offer? So the popularity can be connected to the fact that it pitches you far away from concerns and the result there is a double work-life balance. This goes triple if you could invest in a soundproof office pod.

Advantages of Having a Pod or Shed for Remote Workers

Photo Credit: Harwyn

Advantages of Having a Pod or Shed for Remote Workers

With the increasing popularity of WFH and remote working style, it's no longer surprising that office pods are enjoying a warm welcome. Of course, many folks are ready to enjoy the goodies of having this office shed while some don't even know the good sides of having one.

So if you're in any of these categories, let's take you by hand as we run through the perks of working in a garden office pod or she'd.

Easier Hybrid Work-life

This means that you'll be given the chance to improve your daily projects better and balance them. Again, it'll work more perfect for you if you're a member of a hybrid workforce. Every time you need to get some tasks done, you can do that comfortably without harboring the fear of getting distracted.

Why's that? The office pod will transit you far from the usual hustlings and bustlings surrounding your home into a serene and relaxed ambiance. If you're still wondering about what hybrid style means, that's when some members of your group have to go on-site, while others can work from home.

So if you're lucky enough to be part of the second team all you need to do is quickly build an office that satisfies all your needs. And nothing makes it easier than getting an office pod.

You Can Create Your Personal Office

An important part of working from home is when you have an office to yourself. That's when the flow gets more interesting. Well, many people don't know this. While still in their pajamas, many people tend to execute their tasks right in bed.

That's unethical and unhealthy. So you need to eliminate that habit if you're practicing it. Instead, you should get a personal office. As you're curled up in various unhealthy positions, you expose yourself to pain in n the legs, back, shoulders, and neck. Also, you might find yourself struggling to complete tasks.

That's because you don't have an office space that gives you the needed comfort. With an outdoor office pod, however, you will enjoy unhindered access to all the accessories and supplies you'll need to do your job with ease.

You'll have the chance to declutter the desktop and arrange every item in its rightful place (paperwork, stationeries, etc). Most importantly, you will also live a robust life along the line.

Enhances Work-life Balance

A major problem many home workers experience is that they don't know how to draw a clearcut boundary between their work and homely surroundings.

However, an office pod does it for you seamlessly since you have to plan the exact spot where jobs need to be done. So any other space apart from the delimitated one can be a signal that it's time to relish your leisure time.

Most often than not, setting up a pod in your garden or anywhere close to home means there'll be a special corner to relax and enjoy the bliss of nature. You can even structure the area to accommodate a portable lounge area. That'll be your haven whenever you want to take a nap or break.

Sit there, relieve yourself of anything work-related, and get refreshed before hopping into your desk.

Very Affordable to Every Class of Workers

Unlike when you have to build an office right from 0°, an outdoor office pod or shed is very easy to assemble and it's not pricey. While many workers flow with the idea of using luxurious items, we're leaving you to determine what you want based on your budget.

So if you want to opt for an affordable alternative that'll help you cut costs, you don't have to think twice. Your answer is an office pod! When you look at the offer at surface level, you might have to wonder if a pod is truly a low-budget alternative.

Don't fret. When you compare the costs to what other alternatives offer, you'll be glad that you're pitching your tent with this finance-friendly option.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Office Pod

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Office Pod

Investing in an outside office shed is not a decision you must have arrived at overnight or on the spur of the moment. It doesn't work that way. There are several considerations you need to pay attention to before you even place your order or leave for the market.

So if you don't want to end up regretting your decision, we'll implore you to keep the following factors in mind.

Determine the Available Space and Plan with It

Setting up a garden office on a tiny land area makes the whole idea look clumsy and unattractive. So it'll help if you could make some measurements before you consider getting one.

Through that, the office will give the current landscape a complementary effect. You should also think of a style that will befit the shed and items you want to store in it. Lastly, you should also avoid going for an extremely large size. Apart from the possibility of consuming the available space, the area might look claustrophobic.

Develop a Budget

After measuring the area, you need to consider how deep your pockets are. Having done that, you need to go a step further and ask yourself how much you are willing and capable to pour into the outside office dream.

This way, you will have a mental picture of your ideal and buyable structures. Depending on how keenly you prepare the budget, it'll also help you determine the items in the new workstation.

Decide How You Want to Access the Garden

Depending on your taste and preference, the office pod can be delivered to your home in components or fully assembled. So as you determine which one works best for you, don't forget to include your accessibility. For instance, would you like to have a huge gate at the entrance?

Oh, you will prefer it set up with no barricade? Now, if it has a small entrance, we mean the main door into the pod, you might have to have it delivered in parts. And if the door is wide enough and the landscape spacious, you can go for a one-time assembly.

Consider Your Daily Demands

Have you ever paused for a second and asked yourself why you need this office pod? Yes, it's very important. You need to have a broad and wide assurance of what you want and what you tend to achieve from owning it.

If you need the office for work probably once or twice during a week, we will suggest that you save your money by not going for the largest one accessible. On the other hand, if you're pretty sure that you're going to spend time working there, a larger size should work well for you.

How about the items you want to put in the workstation? You need to consider them and know if your proposed size will easily accommodate them. After all, what's the advantage of setting up the shed and you feel stuck within? So you need to dot your I's and cross your T's as we progress.

Ideal Type of Desks and Proper Seating

The size of each office desk should be based on how you want to position them. Let's say you want to construct an office shed with four workspaces, corner desks will work perfectly there. If you want to enjoy different displays or space for additional equipment, we will advise that you go for a little bigger desk.

You can go for the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk if you've always wanted an ergonomic office desk with various adjustability options. You should also invest in an ergonomic office chair that'll help you live a pain-free life. Don't forget that a comfortable chair like Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14) will help you live a healthy life both at home and at work.

Key Takeaways

Sourcing for the best outdoor office pod is a bit challenging. You need to evaluate different options and select one that works for your garden or backyard. However, we know that there are diverse alternatives in the market, so all you need to do is study these tips above and follow them as religiously as possible.

Like a compass, they'll direct you as you find your ideal home office shed.