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Office Exercises To Do At Work

16 March 2023

Are you often stuck in the office working overtime to finish your deadlines? Do you miss having time to yourself to take a break, exercise, and feel energized? Did you know that you could potentially exercise while in your office? It is not that difficult. While it is ideally best to have a balanced work-life schedule where you should be able to take time out for physical activity during the day, sometimes there are hectic days at work. If you have always been physically active, you can easily exercise easily while in the office to get through the day.

The Benefits Of Being Physically Active

Being physically active is extremely important, and we must all try to incorporate some form of exercise into our daily routine. Not only does it keep you physically fit, but it is also essential for your mental and emotional well-being. Physical activity has the following benefits:

It Keeps Your Weight In Check

Exercising helps to increase your metabolic rate, which helps you burn more calories. This is how regular exercise and watching our diet can help us maintain a healthy weight and live a healthier and clean lifestyle. Most people with busy schedules at work cannot make time for exercise. There are many exercises discussed below that you can do while in the office. You can also bring in some lifestyle changes, such as riding a bike to work, waking up a little early, and walking to work instead of driving if it isn't too far away. If this is not possible, then in-office exercises or investing in an under-desk bike or treadmill are great options to get in a workout during office hours.

It Helps Flush Out Toxins Faster

Physical activity increases your heart rate, elevates your body temperature, and removes the heat from your system via sweat. During this process, the body expels toxins from the body as well. Rapid respiratory action results in the expulsion of carbon dioxide and the intake of oxygen and helps oxygenate blood faster. The body undergoes a quick cleanse that is fantastic for the body and raises the metabolic system. Blood circulation increases and flows through all parts of the body, and muscle tone and bone health improve. Our joints and bones are made to help us move; therefore, we must exercise regularly to improve and maintain healthy bones and muscles.

It Boosts Your Energy

Physical activity triggers the brain to release adrenaline, also known as a fight or flight response. Adrenaline causes your blood vessels to dilate and pupils to enlarge, alerting the body. It wakes you up and improves your focus and concentration making you feel more energized and refreshed. it also triggers the release of 'happy hormones such as dopamine and cortisol, which make you feel happier and more positive about yourself. This daily dose of adrenaline and dopamine that you can get with physical exercise is fantastic to get through the everyday stresses of your day.

It Helps You Sleep Better

Being physically active tires your bones, muscles, joints, and tendons, and they need rest to reenergize for the next day. Your body will ache and send you signals that it needs to lie down and rest. For people who struggle with sleep and have insomnia can benefit from indulging in some form of physical exercise. Not only does exercise help clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts but it also helps you sleep better and recuperate your body for the next day.

Exercising Makes Your Skin Look Better

Exercising every day can help delay aging and make your skin look more youthful and radiant. It helps release antioxidants and reduces oxidative stress in your body. Exercising makes you sweat from the pores of your skin and gets rid of toxins and harmful chemicals, making your skin look cleaner, more toned, and healthier and promoting a natural glow.

It Boosts Immunity

Research suggests that regular exercise helps stimulate cellular immunity by increasing the circulation of immune cells in your blood. This helps to detect infections in your body early and fight them off. The first line of defense of your immune system is strengthened to prevent a person from getting too sick. Exercise helps improve sleep and elevates your body temperature temporarily to reduce the growth of bacteria and helps fight off infection and disease.

It Is Great For Mental Health

Exercise uplifts your mood, improves your energy levels, and releases endorphins into your blood which are happy hormones. Nothing like a dose of positive energy every morning when you begin your day. Feeling tired and drowsy will only affect your work quality negatively and disturb your entire day's schedule. Exercise helps to keep a great balance and improves your overall quality of life. It helps improve your mood, prevents you from feeling burned out, and helps prevent the risk of depression. Keeping physically active improves your mental health and reduces anxiety and negative thoughts. The happier you feel, the better you can perform in the workplace and the better you will be with your social interactions.

Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

Exercising has been shown to influence insulin sensitivity in the body. This plays a significant role in helping reduce the risk of diabetes and an overall decrease in the risk of other chronic conditions that can decrease the quality of life.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Regular exercise helps to decrease fat mass in the body and decrease LDL levels. This is extremely important to reduce the risk of heart disease, decrease cholesterol and improve overall health. It also helps reduce the risk of chronic conditions and improve quality of life and longevity.

Office Work Out

The best thing about getting an office workout is that you don't have to waste time leaving the office for a workout. No extra money and effort are spent on going for a workout. The desk bike is easy to use in the office without missing meetings or essential deadlines. Here are some easy stretches and exercises that you can do while sitting at your work desk:

Overhead Reach

While you are seated in your chair:

Extend one arm overhead

Reach towards the opposite side

Hold for about 30 seconds

Repeat on the opposite side

Forward Stretch

While seated in your position:

Extend both arms in front

Clasp your hands together

Bend forward and lower your head

Reach for your hands

Hold for 30 seconds

Shoulder Stretch

While you are seated in your chair:

Sit up straight

Clasp both hands behind your back

Push your chest outward and raise your chin

Hold this pose for 30 seconds

V9 Desk Bike

The V9 desk bike is an ideal office workout machine that you can use while you continue to work in an office. When taking work calls or working on something lighter, you can keep cycling under your desk bike and continue to work as you burn calories. It is ideal for people who cannot leave the office to go to the gym and need to get in a workout. It is super convenient and can easily be placed in the office. Flexispot has fantastic under-desk bike options and in-office treadmill options that you can invest in. you may also place these in your home office.

The Advantages Of Working From The Office

There are many advantages of working from the office. These include:

Easy Access

Working out in the office means you do not have to leave the vicinity to go anywhere else to work out. you can get in a workout within the comfort of your office with easy access.

Saves Time

You save time commuting to a fitness center, gym, or park where you choose to run. You save time and can continue working while getting in a workout as well

Saves Money

You don't have to pay extra money for commuting or a gym membership. You can use a desk bike or do stretches in the office without spending a dime.

Saves Extra Effort

Leaving the office and going to another place to exercise requires extra effort. You can exercise in the office without trying to do everything during the day, which can end up stressing you out even more.

Builds Relationships In The Office

Exercising and taking a break with other colleagues in the office helps make conversation with colleagues outside of the work setting and helps you get to know each other better. It makes the air lighter, and you might end up making great friendships in the process.

The Final Word

If you are worried that you aren't getting any physical movement in the day nor getting the time to leave the office and get work done, invest in the V9 desk bike by Flexispot. It is convenient, easy to use, and an ideal addition to every office. it motivates you to be physically fit and helps keep your energy levels up on those days when work is intense, and you have to pull long hours at the office. Not only does exercising help benefit your physical and mental health, but it also improves your performance in the workplace.