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Office Desk Arrangement Ideas to Plan Your Workplace

15 July 2022

The impacts of the office layout and desk arrangement on our productivity while working are much. But it's quite unfortunate that many employees are yet to understand this. And that's why many folks slump into fatigue anytime they're about to work. For some, they can endure working for a couple of hours but their mental and physical health bear the brunt.

This means that the easiest way out is to adopt a modern office setup. But before that, you need to understand the do's and don't's, determine the best desk and its height, and perfect layout. Now that you've got an inkling of what this article is all about, let's run through the best practices and tricks that'll give you a beautiful office experience.

Choose the Right Office Desk

Choose the Right Office Desk

Until you're able to get the best desk that fits your stature and office space, there's no amount of accessories, decors, space planning, and layout utilization that will make your work productive.

Meanwhile, you should keep in mind that we have various types of desks on the market. So you'll have to consider your height, how tall the desk is, and other qualities that'll suit your needs. For example, we'll advise that you get our Pro L-shaped Standing Desk (E4L) if you're planning to position the desk right in the corner of the room or office.

These desks are available both in manual and electric height adjustability. Even if you want the fixed ones, we've got you covered. If you want to make judicious use of the table surface without using extra floor print, an L-shaped desk is also your best shot.

We also have rectangular desks and they're the most popular in today's workplaces. If you want to settle for this, we'll implore you to go for the ergonomic type.

Choose the Right Chair

Choose the Right Chair

Now that the corporate world is fast embracing remote working and the WFH lifestyle, the most common problems faced by workers are eye strain, neck, back, and shoulder pain. These health conditions become too complicated when you're always working on your computer all day.

But with the right ergonomic office chair, you can live a robust life both at work and at home. You can also have your productivity level increased to 20%. Even when you're out of your workstation, this chair keeps you active. Like a loyal friend, the right chair will revive your muscles, keep your bones hearty, and improve your work performance.

At this juncture, you'll have to change that old uncomfortable chair in your office. Switch it with any of our ergonomic chairs.

Observe the Right Principles

When you hear the old saying that little things matter, it's probably referring to the office interior. Because it's quite amazing that "trivial" things like our desk height, desk color, air, desk angle, and view determine how efficient we can be.

But thanks to some diligent researchers and scientists, we've discovered some ways to fight fatigue and laziness in the workplace. A perfect example is when you use the feng shui concept to design your office layout. You can also use it to level up your performance.

There are also the trends of ergonomics and minimalism to keep you agile while working. It'll also help you stay fully concentrated. In a nutshell, there are various principles that you can follow to achieve a balance between work and your personal life.



Where do you plan setting up your work desk? That's an important question you need to answer. If you don't have much space and you consider switching one of your rooms to a workstation, you need to be careful of some things.

It's not advisable to set up the office in your bedroom where the bed is likely to distract or tempt you into taking a nap. So also is the living room where chitchats and all sorts of fun take place is out of the equation.

Hence, it's better to build a private and secluded office space. That way, you'll be able to free your mind from every distraction. Even your brain will be fully ready to work and receptive. Building an office pod is a good idea here but you have to consider your finances. Anyway, the location should have sufficient lighting and a steady supply of fresh air.

Give it Cozy Decors

Here is one of the most fantastic office desk arrangement practices. A drab office will always produce dull performance. Even if you force yourself into work mode in that kind of atmosphere, it might have some damaging effects on your mental sanity.

A dull office also saps your energy and makes you feel bored and worn out. It might even push you into detesting your workplace and that's where chronic fatigue sets in. To avoid this, you should select warm and attractive colors for the office. You can also use posters, pictures, and other wall Decors to give you a cool working environment.

You can also surround yourself with items that breathe positivity in you. Your family photos, favorite motivational quotes, and pictures from your recent vacations or team trips should work here.

Smart Buying

Smart Buying

Now, if you've made up your mind to build your home office right from the scratch, you need to pay attention to the type of office furniture you bring in. That's because a piece of furniture is capable of breaking or making your workspace. So instead of concentrating on the style alone, you should also consider your comfort.

On that note, you should invest in furniture items that you can use for different purposes. Apart from this, the pieces of furniture should provide more surface area when compared to the amount of space consumed. To save money, you can get an adjustable standing desk for the regular office tasks while standing. It can also serve as a study table.

Another smart buy you should check out is an ergonomic office chair that can help you build and maintain a comfy posture. The chair can also keep your back in good shape while playing games.

Lay Out Your Plan

Working out a modern office setup requires that you design a plan and follow it. And the best and most productive way to do this is to make sure that the home office is in sync with the whole home theme.

You can introduce natural themes, wooden designs, middle age inspirations, and other themes to set up a traditional office. And if you want to go contemporary, you can use comfortable seats, the latest metal furniture, and artistic elements.

Although everything boils down to your preference, taste, and the landscape of your home, we will recommend that you adopt a Scandinavian or industrial theme.

Avoid Clutter

Avoid Clutter

According to research and surveys, messy folks tend to be less productive while a cluttered workspace demoralizes employees' productivity and energy. However, this doesn't mean that your desk has to look like it's arranged by a robot. No, the point is that it should be neat and free enough for you to easily find what you need.

So you have to organize your paperclips together, notepads in a particular compartment, pens and pencils in a cup, and other office supplies in their respective containers. If the nature of your work requires surfing through a heap of paperwork, you can design a file system.

And to avoid dealing with an excessive amount of paper and other items, we'll advise that you embrace digitalization.

Don't Overstretch Yourself - Only Buy What You Need

Of course, that tall metal cabinet will look good in your office. It'll even beautify the interior but the question you should ask yourself is: do I need it? Will its absence be easily noticed? If you could practice this idea, you'll free yourself from the shackles of investing in office supplies that you think their needs will arise in the future.

In other words, clutter is not limited to all the paperwork and items on your desktop. It also includes what surrounds you in the office. Therefore, your priority while purchasing furniture should be about your immediate needs. After that, designs and posh items can follow.

Storage Space and Vertical Space

Storage Space and Vertical Space

As you build your home office, you should not expect much storage space. Instead of that, you should cast all your attention on vertical storage. Instead of getting a filing cabinet, you should put your shelves right above your desk to accommodate your books, papers, pens, and other office necessities.

And if you want to fix anything on the wall, you can get a ladder desk built with vertical shelves. As compact and space-saving as all these items are, they play a huge role in decorating your office interior.

Client-focused Approach

This tip is useful if you're trying to attract clients and that explains why many workspaces have this approach in their setups. Since clients are often influenced by the level of professionalism a workplace exhibits, adopting this idea will help you foster a deeper customer service relationship.

If you want to follow the pattern, the office desk must be positioned in a way that you'll sit facing the client. You can also use this tip to introduce a 2-person office setup. It'll afford you the privilege of working all day without getting tired since you have your counterpart working right beside you.

On that note, you'll have to set up a desk with chairs at the two ends.



Lighting determines how petite your office space looks. So you need to make sure that your office space is well lit. Proper lighting has some psychological impacts on our productivity. It sends signals to your brain informing it that it's time to work. But that's if the space is properly lit.

Therefore, never forget to immerse your space in a ton of regular light. Not just because it's ideal, but it'll also make the workstation more open.


Whether you want to rebrand your space or you want to build it all over, following these principles to heart should make the task easier and less daunting. They'll also help you maximize the square footage and achieve a hitch-free yet productive workstation.

For more office accessories and supplies that'll give you the best modern office, check Flexispot online store here and now.