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Navigating My Flexible Work-life with Flexispot

22 April 2022

The pandemic made the global workforce understand that it can't return to that outdated pre-pandemic corporate life. Offices need to be rebranded by paying attention to safety plans, adjustment measures, and flexibility to boost the employees' morale and work culture. A business owner, a manager, or an employee? This matter concerns us all; we need to reconcile all these factors to give our workers a better work-life. To achieve that, the sure key here is flexibility. It would help if you were flexible and open-minded to the latest trends you can adopt.

Don't forget; that you need to follow the trend to remain relevant in the industry. We're simply saying you should relax, don't be rigid. With over 20 years of experience in the ergonomics industry, Flexispot never stopped making waves as it dominates almost every ergonomic brand. If you've been following Flexispot products, you'll know they're all built to give you a better and more flexible work-life. Now that workstations are evolving, there's an increase in folks working from home. If you check the number of workers telecommuting, particularly during the first wave of the pandemic, it'll convince you that companies are truly gearing up. They now take the bull by the horn - striving to change their structure and flow with the dynamics of a post-pandemic era where almost every sector has gone digital. For every ergonomic office product, it's evident that Flexispot is a brand you can always rely on to make your dream come true.

Meanwhile, there are different ways you can explore to develop a flexible workstation for your employees. Check the following tips.

Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules

We recommend you give your employees more time to spend with their families and loved ones by shortening their work schedules. You can probably extend their work hours to 12 hours for four days. That idea gives so much flexibility since they'll decide the four days that work best with any other personal commitments they might be into.

Once you introduce this adjustment, you'll be surprised at how your employees will improve at work. They'll naturally want to appreciate you for giving them free time by making sure the agreed days count.

Mixed working pattern

Mixed working pattern

You can also give your employees a flexible work-life by probably telling them they can fully work from home. After all, it also saves you from costs. Many top-rated companies like Google and Twitter use this approach. And who knows, their employees might not even come back to the office.

You can make them hybrid workers for other employees by collectively agreeing on days for physical and virtual work. This will help your workforce grow in no time. You also need to show your telecommuters you wholeheartedly care about them by checking if they have ergonomic products for their home offices.

If there's nothing, you can offer them incentives to help them have a personal home office with an under-desk bike, a height-adjustable desk, an ergonomic office chair, and other relevant office accessories. That is a perfect way to show you're interested in their physical and mental wellness. What incentive to work harder can be greater than this?

Flexible Workstation

Why I Needed a Flexible Workstation

Remember, earlier said building a flexible workstation means rebranding it to allow your employees to stretch their wings anytime they want. They'll no longer have restricted access. That's beautiful. In other words, there'll be almost little or no use for separate desks, and that's also a bonus for you as an employer.

So the idea behind this is to have free space where employees can relax and rub minds with other folks.You can be further assured that a flexible workstation helps you to:

1. Improves Employees' Productivity and Inter-Personal Rapport

You must have heard the saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand. So why don't you build a plan that'll bring all your workers closer to each other? Since sharing an open space is part of what a flexible workstation offers, that'll serve as an avenue for your employees to know themselves better.

Furthermore, best ideas are birthed during casual conversations in the office break room or hallways. So we recommend you create a spot at your workplace where employees can come to talk in chairs and vibe. No doubt. All these plans trigger innovative and thoughtful ideas. They won't even have to force the flow if you could make the environment positive for them. You know a man is naturally wired to perform higher in an environment that gives him the good energy he wants. Work on your company's flexible plan and see the magic at work.

2. Savings

A flexible running of the workspace often helps have enough free surface area. As an employer, you don't have to be worried about getting more funds to run the company. You can imagine having lower power supply consumption, lower rent, lower logistics cost, fewer separate desks, and fewer office accessories. Thanks to telecommuting, you're also saving your employees from transportation costs. So why won't you go with this trend if you've not done so?

3. Employees' Convenience

Have you ever noticed this soft feeling when working without any monitoring? That's exactly what working in a flexible workstation offers - the environment gives you a deeper sense of freedom and satisfaction. Even if you want to change a spot before performing a task, you can effortlessly do that.

My Favourite Flexispot Workstations

Whether you're a full-time remote worker or shuffle with your office, you should have noticed how valuable Flexispot ergonomic products are. You can't afford to keep working with traditional desks and chairs that'll leave you wriggling in pain after the day's work. Sitting is fast becoming the new smoking, and if you know your work demands sitting for long hours, you need ergonomic chairs and desks that'll make you feel comfy. For your convenience, we've already done the job halfway. Check out our top Flexispot ergonomics chairs and desks.

Kana Bamboo Office Standing Desk

Kana Bamboo Office Standing Desk

Kana Bamboo Office Standing Desk is made from original bamboo to give you a warm work experience. Thanks to the dual-motor lifting system that powers it, the desk is designed to give your body excellent support and stability as you work.

It's a beautiful sight to behold, and having it in your space will make your workstation talk of the office. Due to the tensile strength of the bamboo used in designing it, the standing desk is not only flexible but also very strong. Do you even know it comes with a control panel with a reminder feature and three-step adjustable height settings? That's innovative.

You can barely think of any other ergo desk that beats this Flexispot product when it comes to sophistication.

FlexiSpot Pro Standing Desk (E3/E5)

FlexiSpot Pro Standing Desk (E3/E5)

Built to last, Flexispot Pro Standing Desk has a high-powered dual-motor system that gives your working posture maximum support, and it doesn't even matter if it's on high speeds. A special feature that sets it apart from other ergo desks in the market is the loading capacity - it can withstand any weight.

Of course, that doesn't mean you should negligently place heavy office equipment on it. It would help if you were modest about it. With our Pro Standing Desk, you have various options to explore - Laminated, Bamboo, or Solid Wood Desk. Lastly, this desk will be the perfect fit for your home office since it has a broad adjustable surface that can house your extra items that need to be on the desk.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

If you need an affordable and durable ergo office chair, Ergonomic Office Chair OC7 is all you need. This Flexispot product is designed to fit your specs - you can adjust the height positioning to the angle that works well for you. You can set it to 3.1" for the lifting height and then make it be in total alignment with your height. Very comfortable.

The S-shaped feature of the chair's rear part will give you the best back support needed, such that you won't feel fatigued even if you're stated for hours. Our priority at Flexispot remains your comfort and wellness, and that's a fact that resonates with all our products.

Standing Desk Improve Work Productivity

Through My Lens: Does Standing Desk Improve Work Productivity?

A question that sets many tongues wagging is if standing desks are truly beneficial. Are they worth the hype? You'll probably argue if someone tells you your productivity can improve with a single change to your workstation. Well, that's a fact if the person's referring to standing desks.

Improves Concentration

Many workplaces now understand the importance of standing desks, which explains why you'll probably see a couple of them in four out of every ten companies you walk into. We recommend you opt for our standing desks at Flexispot - they'll give you the best work experience you need as you bid farewell to fatigue and body pain caused by sitting for too long.

Only when you're not distracted will your level of productivity increase, and standing desks are there to do the job for you. Hop onto Flexispot standing desks and see for yourself.

Enhances Brain Power

Do you know that standing sends more oxygen to the brain while working? Yeah, it arouses better blood circulation when compared to sitting. Again, working with standing desks will help your body stimulate neurogenesis - when new brain cells are formed, which will, in turn, boost your thinking faculty.

Flexispot Shipping Speed

To make life easier for our customers, we offer toll-free shipping on most of our products to the 48 contiguous states in the US. That includes Hawaii, Alaska, and the District of Columbia. Although shipping time varies, almost 90% of our bulk orders are shipped out within one or two business days.

Whether or not you're within the US, you can expect delivery between 3 to 6 days. Most importantly, we implore you to check our selections before placing your order constantly. This is because we regularly update our shipping time frames, and some orders are shipped in different packages, which come with a different estimated time of arrival.

There are a lot of mouth-watering offers here. Follow Flexispot official as we satisfy you better with our products.