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Most Reliable Standing Desk Converters - Work As You Walk

20 July 2022

What is a Standing Desk Converter?

Also known as a desk riser, a standing desk converter is a piece of equipment that sits on top of your desk to raise your workstation up and down. Since the converter is capable of going high and low, it follows that you'll be able to sit or stand while working.

While standing in front of your PC or whatever you place on the desk, you can also walk as you work. Now, let's explore the various types of standing desk converters out there.

Standing Desk Converters

Types of Standing Desk Converters

There's been an incredible upsurge of standing desk converters over the last few years in the ergonomic office marketplace. This means that users have a mountain of options to explore and chances are that they might not which one is real and which one is not.

To make this easier for you, we've designed a boat that'll help us navigate the waters by dividing these desk risers into the following categories:

Z-lift Standing Desk Converters

Z-lift is the most popular variety of standing desk converters. Many workplaces subscribe to this piece because of its stability and sturdy construction. In a recent survey released by the Office Fitness Ninjas, it was reported that more than 55% of standing desk converters used by firms and offices in the US are Z-lift.

Therefore, we can agree that the product offers some of the most comfortable support to its users while standing. It also offers maximum prop through the easy process of raising or lowering the workstation. And it seems the affordable price tag makes it a dear friend of every office worker.

Meanwhile, it's pretty obvious where the label - "Z-lift" - originated from, it was named after the Z-shaped concept. If you want to raise the converter, you'll have to hold the main work surface on any of the sides, apply enough pressure on the brake release paddles, raise the platform, and release it.

Once it's released, the transition occurs with immediate effect.

X-lift Standing Desk Converters

Let's make this discourse a bit more interesting, so let's call the X-lift converter a sister to the Z-lift converter family. After all, the major difference between them is their architecture.

But do you know why many ergonomic lovers prefer X-lift converters to any other one? They give you the ease of lifting straight up and down. In other words, you don't have to go through the stress of curving them out into your cubicle area.

So if you're interested in getting a more stable and strong desk riser, X-lift converters should work perfectly for you. Another advantage it offers is that you can use it if you don't have much space in your office area and they're not as expensive as their Z-lift counterparts.

However, there's a downside you should also put into consideration. The converter has some "pinch points" incorporated into the frames, so you have to be extra careful with your fingers while lifting straight it. Other than this, it's a nice addition to make your home office or workplace look more modern and posh.

Electric Standing Desk Converters

From the name, we can easily deduce that it only works with electricity. And that is a bonus for anyone that chooses this type. It has an electric lift system that does the whole job for you.

Anytime you want to switch from standing to sitting, go for the button, and in the next second, you're working on your seat. And if you want to stand, the process doesn't change.

While building these converters, the engineers got inspiration from the post and base desk converters in terms of structure. So that's the more reason why you need to pay attention to avoid mixing them up.

Like height-adjustable standing desks, electric converters have some programmable height presets which allow you to select your preferred standing height. This feature also makes it easier to the point that you can automatically move to these heights every time you stand.

But it's a very classy and reliable option if you have the budget.

Corner Standing Desk Converters

Technically speaking, we shouldn't have given corner converters a separate category because they feature architectural concepts of all the three types we've discussed above. Anyway, if you have a corner desk or an L-shaped desk in your home office or workplace, this is your best shot.

As it gives your office a new look, you can also trust the product to give your body maximum comfort whether you're standing or sitting.

Hover Standing Desk Converters

Essentially, these converters are protruding monitor arms with spacious work surfaces. And if you're curious about how we arrived at the name, these converters "hover" over your office desk, moving backward and forward across a wide 3-dimensional surface.

Due to their compact design, they can help you save more desk space than any other type of desk converter. Although the stability of their work surface is not built to hold heavyweight, they offer the best and most reliable fine-tuning and adjustability. Also, hover converters make collaboration with your team members and screen-sharing easy.

Post and Base Standing Desk Converters

This type of converter gives your monitor and keyboard platform very significant support. Like X-lifts and Z-lifts, point and base converters also rest fully on your desk and it does not need any desk clamps for support. But the line of distinction between this type and Z-lifts or X-lifts is that the former occupies less space on your desk than the latter.

Another remarkable feature here is that many of these converters offer exceptional inbuilt monitor adjustability. Of what purpose is that? It positions your monitor(s) at optimal angles and heights.

Top Standing Desk Converters By Flexispot

Our top spot on the list of the best ergonomic office furniture manufacturers is unrivaled over the years. And this is largely connected to the high-quality products we give every office or remote worker. With the same mindset, we have some standing desk converters that you can always rely on to give you excellent support while working on them.

Let's check them out:

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W-47"

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W-47"

The ClassicRiser desk converter is built to give you so much ease and comfortability as you transition from sitting to standing. All that is required if you is to exert slight pressure. Let's show you how to do it.

If you want to raise it, you're to mildly squeeze the single hand bar and lift it with 13 lbs of force. And if you want to lower it, 3 lbs of force. Can you see it's a seamless transition?

Another advantage of going for this converter is that it was designed to accommodate most people's heights. Even if you're the tallest at your workplace, the ClassicRiser Desk Converter is enough for you.

If you place it on a 28" high desk, the converter will fit users up to 6'1" tall and if you place it on a 31" high desk, it'll cover heights up to 6'5" tall. Meanwhile, you'll also have access to an extra-wide removable keyboard tray. This feature will give you enough room to position your wrist healthily.

It also provides you with space for your mousepad, mouse, and full-sized keyboard. Talking about installation, there's nothing technical or hectic. All you have to do is place the converter on your desk to give your workstation some flavor.

The ClassicRiser is also designed to help you save space and improve your body posture while working.

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters - 28"/35"

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters - 28"/35"

Would you like to have a sustainable and strong bamboo desktop in your home office? You can make that dream come to reality by getting our AlcoveRiser Desk Converter. It was designed in an eco-friendly environment with profound stability, so you've got no cause to worry about the durability.

It has a flexible height adjustment feature that allows you to adjust the height to the best level that suits your needs. We understand that unsupported lifting mechanisms may suddenly crash while in motion and our team of engineers has gone a mile further to prevent this.

They introduced a specially-engineered supporting system that makes sure there's a hitch-free operation with all the heights. Even when you're under full load, the AlcoveRiser Desk Converter boosts your safety. It is very durable and it has a detachable keyboard tray.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter M2B - 35"

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter M2B - 35"

Very similar to the ClassicRiser Converter earlier discussed, ClassicRiser Converter M2B - 35" easily switches your position from sitting to standing. Without leaving anyone behind, the desk converter covers most people's heights.

If you place it on a 28" high desk, the converter will accommodate users up to 6'1" tall and if you position the converter on a 31" high desk, it'll cover heights up to 6'5" tall. Meanwhile, you'll also have an extra-wide removable keyboard tray to yourself. With this feature, you will have enough space to position your wrist healthily.

It also provides you with room for your mousepad, mouse, and full-sized keyboard. The ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter also saves a lot of space in your workstation while providing you with enough stability to lift and lower.

Irrespective of your position, you'll notice that ClassicRiser is built to avoid slouching and help you work out a comfy and ergonomically-sound posture.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7L - 42"

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7L - 42"

Are you in need of a standing desk converter with a spacious work area? You don't have to look elsewhere, AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter is here for you. You can spread out your paperwork, computer monitor, and desk accessories over the desk.

There's also a protruding U-shaped keyboard tray that allows flexible setup options like a full-sized keyboard and mouse or a 17-inch laptop. If you're not comfortable with the factory settings, you can adjust the heights to your favorite height settings.

Due to the portable structure of the converter, it makes working very easy and the quick-release feature allows you to use the converter with or without the keyboard tray. No doubt, you'll love this ergonomic office piece.

Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 - 36"/40"

Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 - 36"/40"

With the Motorized AlcoveRiser, you can change the desk's height to any angle that fits you most. It is also built with an oversized keyboard tray which allows you to put up your 17" laptop, mouse, and a full-sized keyboard.

Getting this desk converter means that you can also maximize the limited space in your work area. Even when the converter gets to the maximum height with a full load, you can always stay guaranteed that the stability remains intact. There's also an extra-large desktop where you can put your desk accessories, paperwork, and computer monitor.

You can get your Motorized AlcoveRiser EM7 here.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7C - 36"

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7C - 36"

This is a perfect example of the corner standing desk converter we talked about the other time. Hence, we can submit that AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7C - 36" is all you need if you have a corner desk or an L-shaped desk in your office. It fits into most cubicle corners and you will have a very spacious surface to work in.

For example, you don't have to litter your workspace with papers and files due to a shortage of space. The converter's movement is also vertical, so there's an assurance of better stabilization as the converter goes upward or downward.

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6 30"

Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation M6 30"

The Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation is ingeniously crafted by the most qualified US engineers. Like a magnet, the sleek desk converter draws eyes to itself and you'll be excited to get one for yourself and your employees.

The workstation was designed to fit into any workspace and it has integrated attachable accessories which allow you to neatly organize your pencils, pens, and other office desk essentials. The standing desk converter has a very spacious keyboard tray of 11.2" and the idea is to give you an avenue to put up your laptop.

It has a vertical mode of movement and it favors most people's heights. If you place the desk riser on a 28" high desk, users up to 5"11" talk can use it and when you place it on a 31" high desk, users up to 6'3" tall are also covered. The icing on the cake here's that you'll enjoy the latest and most convenient viewing angles.

Let's Conclude

Investing in the most reliable standing desk based on your budget, office decor, and performance demands is only the beginning of completing an ergonomic workstation. You'll have to add other suitable office accessories to give your body the correct posture, and an organized setup.

And we're glad that you've ticked the box for standing desk converters. The next line of action is to check our online store for your anti-fatigue mats, ergonomic office chairs, office lighting, and other ergonomic products.