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Monitor Arms - 9 Things You Need to Know to Choose the Right One

04 May 2023

A monitor arm makes a space-saving solution for your workstation; however, searching for a monitor arm can be challenging. Before you decide on which monitor arm is best for your workstation, there are so many things that you need to consider. Depending upon your workstation needs, how many monitors you need to mount, monitor configuration, and adjustment features, you can decide on which monitor arm is best suited for your need.

In what follows, we look at nine things you need to know so you can decide which monitor arm is better for your fit. We look at all the essential things you need to look at before buying a monitor arm so you'll be able to find the perfect monitor arm mount for your workstation.

9 Things You Need to Know to Choose the Right Monitor Arm for Your Workstation

1. Check Your Monitor's VESA Compliance

Before you choose a monitor arm mount for your workstation, you need to know whether or not your computer monitor is VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compliant.

VESA offers basic guidelines for the hole patterns at the back of the monitor, which makes it easy to attach a monitor mount. The most common VESA-compliant dimensions are 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm (for monitors weighing less than 30 lbs.)

To check whether your monitor is VESA compatible or not, you simply have to look at the back of your monitor and look for the hole pattern. Most monitor screens available on the market are VESA compliant; however, iMacs are typically not VESA compliant.

For a VESA-compliant monitor, you can find several monitor arm options; however, if your monitor is not VESA-compliant, you'll have to invest in a VESA mount adapter or go for a new monitor that is VESA-compliant.

2. The Number of Monitors You Want to Support Using Your Monitor Arm?

Before you choose a monitor mount for your workstation, you need to determine how many monitors you need to support using the monitor arm. You can find monitor arms that can support up to four or more monitors; however, single monitor mounts and dual monitor mounts can be found more commonly.

For users looking forward to supporting one or two monitors, there are countless options available to choose from. And if you're looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality monitor mounts, Flexispot must be your best bet. Flexispot is home to reliable, ergonomic office furniture and accessories that can enhance the utility of your workstation while improving your comfort at work.

For desk employees looking for a single monitor mount to support their monitors, Flexispot offers a great product which is the Single Monitor Mount D7L. The extendable monitor arm is ergonomically designed so you can sit more comfortably at your desk and reduce eye, neck, and back strain.

Moreover, the monitor mount fully rotates, allowing you to convert the screen's orientation from landscape to portrait and vice versa. The easy-to-install monitor mount with a C-clamp allows you to mount your screen in less than 5 minutes, so you can enjoy the flexibility without wasting time.

If you are looking for a dual monitor mount, Flexispot also offers an amazing product that's designed to support dual monitors.

3. The Weight and Size of the Monitor

Apart from the number of monitors, you also need to know the weight of the monitor that you want to support through the monitor arm.

Every monitor arm has a specific weight capacity. Therefore, it's critical to make sure your monitor's weight meets the weight requirement before you choose one for your workstation.

Moreover, you should also consider the size of the screen. Just like the monitor arm and mount have a certain weight capacity, they are also specifically designed according to the screen sizes. Choosing appropriate monitor arms depending on the screen size ensures that your monitors don't overlap

side by side so you can view the screen easily and conveniently.

If you're unsure what your monitor's size is, you can measure it in inches from left to right in a straight, horizontal line. Your measurement should include more than just the screen; but must also cover any material that borders the screen.

4. The Configuration of Your Monitor Arm

You should also know about the configuration of your monitor arm before you choose one, as there are several ways you can arrange your computer monitors. Decide on the specific configuration you need for your monitor setup. Depending on your comfort level, you can set up your monitors in a landscape or portrait layout.

5. The Size of Your Desk

One thing that many computer users may easily overlook is the width of the monitor setup compared to the width of your actual desk. This comparison is critical for computer users who have either of these two desk layouts.

A cubicle, wall, or any other barrier is right up against the left and right side of the desk,

The user is working on a standing desk and have stationary objects on any side of the desk that would get in touch with an overhanging monitor.

If you fall into either of the two categories, make sure the width of your monitor arm system is equal to or less than the width of your work surface. If that's not the case, you may want to consider changing your monitor's configuration or the number of screens you have to mount.

6. Adjustability Features of the Monitor Mount

Before you can decide which monitor mount is perfect for your workstation, you need to decide why you need a monitor arm in the first place.

Do you need one to get your monitor screens off your desk, or do you need a mount that offers you the flexibility to adjust the position and orientation of the screen as per your needs?

If you're just looking for a monitor arm that can help you get your monitors off the screen, a simple monitor arm may be suitable for you; however, if you need more flexibility, you'll have to look for monitor mounts that offer adjustment features and flexibility.

Some of the types of adjustment features that you can look for in a monitor mount arm include

Adjustment of height and depth,

Rotation, and


Monitor arms that offer height adjustability typically fall into one of the following four categories.

Gas monitor arm,

Spring monitor arm,

Electric monitor arm and

Post with adjustable bracket.

Along with the type of adjustment you need, it's also critical for you to know how often will you be adjusting your screen. This simple piece of information will help you decide on which adjustment features are most critical for you so you can decide on a monitor arm accordingly.

7. The Placement of Your Monitor Arm

Decide on where you want to place your monitor arm before you choose one for your workstation. Do you want to place your monitor arm in the corner of a U-shaped or L-shaped desk? If yes, then you should know that such placement of your monitor arm would mean you'll have lesser space pushing your monitors back.

8. Mounting Your Monitor Arm

When you are looking monitor arm for your workstation, you must look at the type of mount that the monitor arm has. Simply look at the back of the monitor mount, and you'll see whether the monitor arm has a grommet mount or a clamp mount.

Grommet mounts are typically the preferred option as it allows you to create a hole in your work surface, and the mount goes through it. On the other hand, a clamp mount allows you to clamp the monitor arm at the edge of your workstation. It offers a stable but detachable option that offers greater flexibility to the users compared to the other attachment option.

9. Your Budget for a Monitor Arm

When it comes to monitor arms, the cost is also a significant consideration for the buyers. However, you shouldn't only consider the immediate cost only but must also keep the following things in mind before you make the final call.

The more features you'll look for, the higher will be the cost of the monitor arm,

Low-cost monitor arms may turn out to be a poor investment as they offer lesser stability and flexibility,

You often get what you pay for.

Keeping these three things in mind, you can decide on how much you are willing to spend on your monitor arm.

Final Verdict

We hope that with all the information shared in this post, you'll now have no problem deciding on the right type of monitor arm for your workstation.

To find out more about ergonomic office furniture and accessories, get in touch with Flexispot today.