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Mobile Phone Stands For Meetings on The Go

12 March 2024

How many of you can relate to the image above? Is your day packed with virtual meetings that you often have to take on the go due to the nature of your job? While the virtual world offers great flexibility and saves on commute time, it also fills your schedule with more work and meetings than you were used to. Ever since covid struck, working remotely has become the norm, and zoom meeting applications and such were developed to make life more convenient.

How Do Virtual Meetings Work?

There are many different virtual meeting applications that have been developed to help with scheduling meetings with local as well as overseas clients. This allows the two parties to be sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices and take video calls with ease. It does, however, become difficult at times when you are traveling or attending physical meetings as well. While earlier people would carry their laptops everywhere they went, it can sometimes be inconvenient to carry them around everywhere. It is easier, however, to take mobile phones with you.

Phones Vs. Laptops For Work

If your work requires you to communicate with clients constantly and take virtual meetings or take audio calls often, it is much easier to do that on the phone. This is due to the following reasons:

Phones are smaller and more portable

Phones go with us everywhere, as we need them to survive

Smartphones allow you to check emails and communicate with clients with ease

You can walk around while using a phone

You can multitask while using a phone, such as an exercise, with ease

Of course, the applications of a phone are limited and cannot match a desktop computer or laptop due to its size, resolution, and power, but depending on the nature and requirement of your work, you can easily take meetings on the go on the phone rather than having to sit in front of a screen at all times.

The Benefits Of A Mobile Phone Stand

There are multiple benefits of using a phone stand. Since we have become extremely dependent on the internet in the last decade for pretty much everything, we are constantly in need of our phones. There are many applications of a mobile phone stand in our daily lives, and it can significantly simplify and improve our lives. People use their phones in the following situations where it really helps to go hands-free and not have to hold a phone. Here are the following situations where a phone stand is extremely beneficial:

While Taking A Meeting

Those who have many virtual meetings every day and cannot be seated in their office in front of a laptop or a desktop computer can benefit from using a mobile phone stand. It can be placed on a desk, table, car, park bench, or anywhere you are at the moment. You can stop, prop your phone onto its stand and begin taking your meeting. You don't have to hold the phone In your hand as that can get tiring and looks unprofessional when the phone is too zoomed up on your face and keeps moving. A stand can hold the frame in one place, not be too zoomed in, and does not cause arm or wrist fatigue. If you need to make notes, drink a cup of coffee or move your hands during the meeting, you are free to do that as well.

While Driving

Often people use google maps while driving to get to a location, or they may have to take a call. Using a phone stand while driving can help navigate you without having to hold the phone and allow you to take urgent calls.

While Sitting At A Café

Whether you are meeting with a client at a café or taking a break and suddenly have a work emergency, you can easily take your phone out, prop it up on your phone stand, and attend to your work. Even if you have to work while you are sitting at a café, you can connect your laptop to your phone device and work with ease if two devices are required.

While Cooking

The internet is filled with fantastic recipes present in written form as well as step-by-step videos that can be so helpful for new cooks who struggle in the kitchen. Holding the phone while chopping vegetables and handling meat can be difficult. Hence, a phone stand is a huge help. You can search for your favorite recipe video on your phone and prop it up on a phone stand so that you can keep watching the recipe and preparing the meal. This can prevent accidents, including minor ones, such as spilling or dropping something on your phone, and major ones, such as getting a cut or a burn.

In The Bathroom

A majority of people enjoy bathroom time with their phones. While this might sound gross to some, it is more common than you might think. If there is an important game going on, a piece of news you want to listen to, or anything that you prefer to watch when you are relaxing can be put on the phone, and the phone can easily be placed on a stand and kept in the bathroom. You can watch or hear while on the toilet or in the shower and operate the phone using audio commands without needing to touch or hold the phone. It also protects your phone from getting wet and keeps it at a safe distance.

While Shopping For Groceries

People who like to multitask or catch up with friends or family while running errands, such as doing groceries or shopping, can do so with ease with the help of a phone stand. It can be placed on the shopping cart while you shop and take video or audio calls using earphones.

It Keeps Everything Organized

If your workstation tends to get cluttered with too many documents, files, books, and other items, you may misplace your phone often or get hidden under all the items on your desk. This can be extremely annoying; therefore, it helps to have a designated spot for your phone where you can place it for ease.

Additional Screen In The Office Setting

Sometimes having one screen isn’t enough, and you need an additional screen on your work desk along with your primary main screen. A phone stand can be placed to provide an additional phone screen that does not even take up too much desk space. You can easily tilt your phone at any angle that you require, and it helps you improve your work performance and productivity.

A Smart Device For Mobile Phones

FlexiSpot has a fantastic smartphone stand that has an innovative and efficient design that can enhance and improve its use. Here are the following features of this smart device:

It has a magnetic snap-on feature

It has enough space to include up to three cards so it can serve as a convenient wallet

It has a flexible design that can be folded to allow it to fit in your pocket or bag when not in use

It comes with sticky pads that can be used to attach the stand on walls and places where they need to be held up.

It can be placed in three different angles for ease of use and three different viewing modes

It is made out of soft premium leather, which is environmentally sustainable and has a sleek and luxurious look and feel

When you have the option to simplify your life, why not take it? Smartphone stands are an ideal accessory for everyone as it has many applications for office goers, businesspeople, homemakers, and students.

The Final Word

There are many advantages to using a phone stand. It provides rest and comfort to your hands while also maintaining better hygiene and safety while multitasking. In today's day and age, smartphones are our most essential accessory, and it is impossible to imagine our days without it. Using cell phone stands can be of great help and should definitely be incorporated into our lives as they can make our lives simpler, easier, and more productive. Once you become familiar with using a mobile phone stand, you would not be able to do without it. FlexiSpot has a fantastic mobile phone stand option you can order online and begin using immediately.