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Main Problems of Standing Desk Converters and Solutions to Each Problem

06 January 2023

If you want to invest in a standing desk converter, whether for your home office or regular workplace, we'll advise that you are in the know with all the common challenges office workers face while using them. Also, you need to take time off to learn how to solve these problems.

That's because the mere fact that you want to purchase the best standing desk converter in the market doesn't make the product problem-free. Anyway, we will discuss all the weak points and show you how to improve its usability.

First, awareness of these hiccups will help you go for the appropriate desk converter for your office needs and prevent any possible downsides.

In this piece, all the main problems will be discussed and solutions will be proferred to each. Keep reading as we crack these puzzles open!

5 Most Common Problems Associated with Using a Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Going for a Desk Converter with Adjustable Features

A common challenge that office workers face while using stand-up desk converters is that they can be too high or too low. This means that it's not every desk converter you lay your hands on that is adjustable.

Now, the simple way out is to pay core attention to the specifications before you place the order. By checking the adjustable features, you'll easily find a converter that will give the ideal height for all your needs. For instance, some folks prefer their converters set at the elbow level because it affords them the chance to type without any discomfort.

And since different strokes apply to different people, you need to keep experimenting until you discover the one that provides the comfy and perfect working position. If you could get the perfect height, we assure you that you're on the right track to living a healthier life even while working.

Way Out:

Using a standing desk converter with diverse adjustable features will help you discover the best work surface that aligns with your needs. Meanwhile, once it's time to transition from standing to sitting or the other way around, an adjustable converter will make it easier and quicker.

All it requires is a couple of adjustments for you to include an adjustable keyboard platform. And this will further support your standing and sitting positions.

And if you're thinking of how to integrate an adjustable keyboard platform into your office, a standing desk converter is your best option.

As a bonus, it is quite easier to find a reliable desk converter that works perfectly with your needs and financial capacities. So are you ready to invest in an adjustable keyboard platform? No worries, a standing desk converter is the best spot to start.

Lack of Stability

Another challenge often encountered by desk converter users is the unstable nature of some of the products. While typing or operating the mouse, the setup can wobble.

And as frustrating as it is, this deficiency can lead to back pain because you have to endlessly keep adjusting your sitting or standing posture as a sacrifice for the instability of the platform.

Way Out:

The most important technique you can apply to get rid of this problem is when you ensure that the converter is properly installed and fully tightened. After all, you won't want the platform to fall apart while working on it.

You should also make sure it is positioned on a reliable, flat, and firm surface. When you place it on a firm plane, there'll be no cause for alarm and you'll also enjoy a working surface that doesn't fidget, move around, or wobble as you type or work.

To folks using a converter with adjustable feet, you need to ensure that they are properly calibrated. It might seem like no big deal but failure to observe this measure might negatively affect the performance of the desk converter.

Improper calibration of the feet can also lead to an exertion of irrelevant strain and pressure in the converter and this might push it down the path of premature wear and tear.

Therefore, we'll strongly advise that you need to pay attention to the converter's feet if you want it to serve you for more years to come. That way, you'll also get the best use of the ergonomic product.

Meanwhile, the perfect way to lay the problem of imbalance or instability to rest permanently is when you go for a gas spring standing desk converter. It'll help you chase off shakiness, assist with height adjustments, and make it more fun-filled as you raise or lower it all through the day.

The gas spring will also offer extra stability and shield the desk converter from tipping or falling over. As you observe these measures, you'll end up going for an adjustable standing desk converter with full stability and security.

Insufficient Space for Your Office Essentials

Especially when you fill it up with an array of office accessories and supplies, a standing desk converter can get cramped and cluttered such that there'll be no space to house the important ones.

Therefore, all you have to do is go for a stand-up desk converter that has the perfect size for your desk. That way, you'll be able to easily access all the essential supplies that need to be within your reach.

Way Out:

The first step as you plan to get a converter is to do a proper measurement of your desk and rest assured that the converter will properly fit it. Here, you also have to consider the volume of space you'll need to hold your items and whether you have to migrate them from one position to another as you switch from standing to sitting and vice versa.

Or you are not sure of the size of a converter you should go for yet? Then it might be better to consider the converters with larger models. After all, these ones will help you make a better and more informed decision.

However, you shouldn't forget that bigger converters can be way more expensive than portable and smaller ones. And they may also need special techniques while assembling them.

That shouldn't worry you. Just compare and contrast all these options before determining your final decision. And as you begin the hunt for a desk converter with enough space, you can also look at the product with a dual monitor stand.

Pricing Problem

No doubt, ergonomic products are generally pricey and this is also applicable to standing desk converters. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't get other options with affordable prices in the market.

That's the icing on the cake for every office worker - you'll always find a sit-stand desk converter that fits your budget and needs.

Way Out:

A converter is another practical and miraculous way of enjoying the advantages of a height-adjustable standing desk with minimal costs. Sure, we agree that there are various types of converters but the best ones you should have in your office are designed by Flexispot.

These converters can help you raise the screen of your PC to eye level. The most interesting part of these stands is that they're quite affordable and easy to use.

They are a sure way to step up your productivity and healthy living, even beyond the workplace. You can also check the blogs section on our official website to learn how to make a DIY standing desk converter for yourself.

All you need is to step up your dexterity with a saw and drill, you can easily build a desk converter instead of going for a ready-made and expensive one.

Finally, you'll also enjoy the fun and thrills that come with using a product wholly built by you! Isn't that amazing?

Difficult to Install

Furthermore, people using standing desk converters sometimes get frustrated with the difficulty that accompanies the assembling process of these ergonomic solutions. And this makes them not always easy to use.

This can be connected to the fact that the instructions given are somewhat confusing or some of the spare parts don't fit as expected. And even if you could manage to pull the installation process through, it might be inconvenient to use or even wobbly.

That's a cause for concern and you'll agree with us if you've ever installed a standing desk converter. So what's the solution to this problem?

Way Out:

No problem is unsolvable, you should bear that in mind. The first step is that you take your time and read the instructions in the manual thoroughly before starting. Read between the lines!

And if you're not sure about pulling it through yet, we will suggest that you consider watching a couple of tutorials online, probably via YouTube. That way, installation should be easier for you.

But what if every option fails? Well, you can always reach out to customer service. You can be assured that they'll be glad to offer assistance. The tips shared by the team will help you assemble the piece in a way that you'll enjoy its optimal performance.

Another simple antidote to this challenge is by going for a standing desk converter that requires almost little or no technicalities while installing.

Final Words

Now that you have been fortified with the solutions you can follow when you encounter any of the above-discussed problems, we believe that it is time to get your standing desk converter!

Yes, they are a medium through which back pain will be reduced to the barest minimum and your sitting and standing posture can be improved. So why not give it a shot today?!