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Life was Beautiful this 2022

27 December 2022

The world has finally opened up this year. Lockdowns and face masks are a thing of the past. Concerts, marathons, and any sort of live events are back. Traveling around the world is alive again with people catching flights every time they get to. The malls and restaurants are brimming with people. School is open and some employees are returning to the office.

Long story short, things are back to normal or as the media has coined it, "the new normal." Thanks to vaccines that were administered last year, governments became looser with rules and are opening up their economies. If any news of new COVID-19 variants are coming up, hospitals aren't alarmed and the situation is pretty much under control or at least, not that serious to be all over the news again. Health professionals would tell you that it's now being treated as the common flu.

Since the past is now in the past, all that is left for us to do is concentrate on the present and prepare for the future.

On a subjective level, however, it varies for each individual. This year has been one of the hardest for me. It has been difficult for me to deal with feelings of abandonment and solitude. The year also saw a lot of firsts and thrills, though. It was during this year that I realized I was capable of achieving my goals and that I could finally risk experiencing pain in order to experience an intense delight. You grow the greatest and reach your fullest potential when you choose to go out of your comfort zone.

I'm thankful for a lot this year, despite the fact that I'm still adjusting and developing, so I thought I'd mention it here. The list is intended to inspire you to be grateful and to list your own blessings.

I am appreciative of love and affection.

The year when I believed I couldn't be loved also happened to be the year that I felt the most loved. People still embraced and loved me for who I really am despite the ugly pieces of myself that I shared. I didn't hesitate to express my true feelings and to be myself. I'm in my most relaxed condition while also being the most challenged. I will always be grateful for the affection, and I am still discovering how to develop and love myself so that I can give it my all.

I'm grateful to have met new folks.

People come and go into our lives. Even though there were some people I had to let go of this year, there have also been fresh people that arrived and are providing me with the happiness I have been seeking. They may come and go, but what matters right now is the present, and for that, I am glad. Even though I'm still struggling with the effects of my past mistakes, I'm looking forward to tons of development and memories, from the littlest of things to big milestones.

I am appreciative of my job.

Even though work is challenging and often a challenge to complete, I am thankful that it is moving me one step closer to achieving my objectives. I'm thankful that my job enables me to lead the life I've always imagined—one filled with amazing adventures and calm moments spent with loved ones over dinners and other social gatherings.

I am appreciative of fresh experiences.

I've always believed that in order to experience new things, I need to get away. I am completely on the wrong side of the spectrum.

I didn't realize I could still pick up a bike at the age of 27 or get over my fear of deep water. This year, I mastered self-balance techniques for riding a bike and diving to great depths despite my dread of death. Even though I'm still a huge work in progress, I'm happy that this past year, I decided to take the chance and finally face my worries. I've shown myself this year that I can accomplish any task at any age and, hopefully, be great at it in the years to come.

I am appreciative of my parents' help.

We don't always agree since our guiding ideas and moral standards are different. But I've come to realize this past year that my dad and mom are the kindest, most compassionate individuals I know. My parents both demonstrate their love and concern for me through deeds of service, even though we don't always say it in words.

When they notice that I am having trouble at work, they relieve me of some of my responsibilities and lend a hand. I had no idea that as I get older, I'll value my parents all the more.

Why Being Thankful Is Important

It pays to dwell on your feelings sometimes and list your blessings, even for the day, when you're feeling low.

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Final Word

Despite this year's highs and lows, there are still plenty of things for which to be thankful. One of them is the fact that you are still alive and have another day to spend with your family. Have a happy Christmas party and cherish these precious moments that will only happen once in your lifetime.