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Leading the Workplace with Flexibility and Innovation – Ergonomic Standing Desks and More

26 March 2024

Using the correct furniture in any office, be it at home or a workplace, is integral to offering an ergonomic setup. Two primary elements of that setup include the desk and the chair. Now, while many professionals still use seated desks, many are considering standing desks as an alternative. What are standing desks used for? Well, they are exactly like regular desks, except they are taller, allowing you to use them while standing.

This article, therefore, discusses what standing desks are in detail, what benefits they can provide to professionals and students, and a few other products that you can use to create an ergonomic setup. Here's what you should know.

Is Ergonomics Important?

Yes, ergonomics is critical to creating an efficient working environment. It also helps reduce strain on your body. Ergonomics is the practice of optimizing your working space in a way that allows you to be as efficient as possible when you're working.

Therefore, it involves appropriate furniture, setting up that furniture in correct positions, and following some best practices that help you stay focused on your work and reduce the risk of pains and other discomforts to your body.

Of course, you as a worker have a lot to gain from this. You can help reduce work stress, keep back and neck pains to a minimum, and improve overall focus to be able to finish more work in less time. That said, employers also have to gain from providing their employees with ergonomic workspaces.

That is precisely why employers invest in their workplace design and get a high-quality ergonomic office chair and more for every employee. Productive and efficient employees can help improve the workflow at an enterprise, which could increase profits in the long term. Ergonomic setups, therefore, offer comfort to users without compromising their focus by making their seating or standing positions too relaxing.

Ergonomic Products That Incorporate Flexibility and Innovation

Below you can learn more about various products that incorporate flexibility and innovation in their designs. Such products can do wonders in improving the ergonomics of your setup. So, here are important details about them.

Ergonomic Standing Desks

Ergonomic standing desks are growing in popularity among professionals. One of the major reasons for that is that they offer an exceptional level of focus for users. Sitting down in one position can eventually make you lose focus on your work. You may feel too relaxed, and you may struggle to keep a consistent level of productivity for long at work.

Standing desks, and their flexible and innovative designs, offer a brilliant alternative. When you're standing just to complete your work, you will try to stay focused so that you can take a break to rest your feet and legs. Standing requires more effort from your body, so you'll be looking forward to periods when you can sit again.

However, you can make it a point only to do so after you complete a set amount of work. This way, you can try to stay focused on your work. Also, standing offers better blood circulation. Therefore, your body will be getting everything it needs to maintain focus.

Standing desks also come with height adjustments so that you set up yours based on your height and comfort levels. You don't want to be slouching over your computer simply because your desk does not get raised enough.

Should You Work at a Standing Desk Exclusively?

It's usually a good idea to use a hybrid between a standing desk and a regular, seated desk. This way, you can switch to a seated position when your legs tire. If you don't have an option to sit, you may have to take a break from standing. So, you may lose out on some working time, which can be tough when you have strict deadlines at work.

A height-adjustable standing desk can offer you a hybrid setup. You can quickly use it to move your desk up or down to fit the correct position when you're sitting or standing. High-quality ones also have electronic controls for height adjustment, so you have to make no effort to move the desk. They also save certain height settings in their memory, so you can switch between two setups in a matter of seconds.

Is a Fully Standing Desk Worth It?

Is a fully standing desk worth it? It certainly can be if you have a work schedule that is not too hectic. By that, we mean that you are not spending more than five to six hours working straight. Standing for such long periods can negatively affect your focus as your body will begin to tire. There are some things you can do to keep the fatigue to a minimum in that case.

The first is to get an anti-fatigue mat for standing desks. These mats are designed to help prevent your feet from experiencing any pain when you stand in front of your desk for several hours a day. The one linked above is thick and includes mounds and massaging areas for your feet. So, moving your feet around can help improve comfort and increase blood circulation. This way, you can prevent injury and still stay focused.

Another thing you must do is take frequent breaks. Try to move away from your desk at least twice an hour. You can take a short walk around your office or home (if you work from home). You could also sit down for a short while. It's not good for your health to stay in one position for very long. So, moving around can increase blood circulation and ensure you're staying healthy.

Standing Desk Bike Chair

Another product that is both innovative and exceptional at improving ergonomics is a standing desk bike chair. It can be used as a regular chair, except it is designed like an exercise bike. Therefore, it has pedals and a resistant band. So, when you want to take a break from using your standing desk, you can simply shift onto this chair.

Pedaling and working will allow you to get in some physical activity while you're seated at your desk. Of course, it is no replacement for a full-fledged gym workout, but it offers enough activity to keep your mind alert and your body healthy.

The ergonomic bike chair from FlexiSpot also has a height adjustment feature. So, you can move it up and down to fit your ideal working position. It's also whisper-quiet, so you won't disturb colleagues that share the same workspace with you. It requires no installation, and it's easy to move around.

So, you can use it in your workplace and take it home for your home office as well. In addition to that, it has different resistance levels so that you can work your body out to your exact needs.

Consider Using Accessories to Enhance Your Workspace Ergonomics

You can also use other ergonomic accessories, such as an intelligent monitor arm for your workspace. A monitor arm, for example, offers great flexibility in adjusting the position of your screen so that it reduces strain on your neck, back, and eyes. You can also use an adjustable keyboard tray if you don't have enough space on your desk to type in a comfortable position.

Ergonomic Best Practices You Must Follow

As mentioned above, buying and using the right furniture is only one aspect of excellent ergonomics. Setting up your office essentials in the correct positions and following some other best practices are also essential to making your setup prioritize efficiency and keep your physical and mental health in good condition. Take a look at some quick tips below regarding ergonomics.

1. Position your keyboard in a way that your wrist is straight when it meets the keyboard or mouse (your arms should be parallel to the floor, and your elbow should be at about 90 degrees)

2. Make sure that your monitor is about arm's length away from your body to reduce strain on your eyes

3. Position your monitor, so the top of your screen is at your eye level

4. Make sure that you do not hunch over your computer or laptop, and you keep your back straight at all times (use a chair with lumbar support or a laptop stand to prevent such issues

5. Ensure that your feet are flat on the ground and your thighs are only slightly bent and are nearly parallel to the floor

Last Few Words

When it comes to ergonomics with an office setup, it is integral that you invest only in high-quality products. Your products will make sure that you are seated or standing in the correct position and that you have enough adjustment features to allow you to set up your furniture in ways that are ideal for you. Every person is different, and something that works for someone else may not work for you.