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Kinetic Furniture - Kinetic Desks Constantly Adjusting Levels to Boost Productivity

03 January 2023

It's no longer news that sitting at your office desk all day is not healthy for your body. Well, this led to the introduction of height-adjustable standing desks into the workplace and there is a load of improvements already.

However, technology is here with another stunning way to ensure that your body remains in movement as you're working in the office. This is all possible by investing in kinetic furniture, especially kinetic desks.

Sitting in front of your device screen for 5 to 8 hours daily can also give birth to some very serious health complications for your body. And not everyone can easily integrate walking around the room it engaging in exercise into their daily work life, so kinetic desks are also here to help!

Whether you perform secretarial duties or not, these desks are built with a unique structure that'll regulate the height settings as you work. Also, the height-adjustable furniture will put your body in proper shape and ensure that you are fit and productive for the day's tasks.

What Are Kinetic Desks and How Do They Work?

A kinetic desk is a convertible desk designed to act as both a regular desk (traditional) and a height-adjustable standing desk. And as a result of the motor tech, the desk can increase or lower its height automatically.

The most wonderful perk you get to enjoy here's that the desk has also been programmed to lower or raise itself at a very slow pace - at the same speed as a relaxed human heartbeat. Therefore, changing your position from standing to sitting and vice versa comes with pure bliss and fun.

Generally, kinetic furniture is a posh piece of the workplace that calmly brings you to a standing position after you've been seated for a long while.

With the aid of the in-built sensor, this work-life furniture can easily receive the signals that you're present any moment you're about to stand up, sit down, raise the desk, and lower it. Summarily, you can trust this elegant and luxurious piece to keep full track of how long you have been on each activity.

Most importantly, you also get to know the number of calories you are burning while you are standing and sitting. Through this, you'll able to watch your weight without any fear of side effects and stay free from obesity.

How Kinetic Desks Work

For your health and improved workplace performance, most kinetic desks have an in-built touchscreen where you can monitor and control your movements. You can also easily determine the calories burnt on the seat or while standing.

The motor is the primary device that makes a transition from standing to sitting and vice versa possible within seconds. There are also different compartments that have USB ports and power points where you can charge your devices. It also helps sustain a clutter-free workspace.

Now, once you want to switch to a standing or sitting position, all you have to do is tap the screen twice and the magic occurs. Voila!

You can also learn your preferences over time. Through this, you'll arrive at a favorite position that you can easily save as your perfect seating position.

As it has also been confirmed by many ergonomic brands that are producing kinetic desks, height-adjustable furniture is capable of improving your productivity and boosting the sound well-being of your employees.

According to the CEO of Stir Kinetics, JP Labrosse, the simple objective of kinetic furniture is to make you feel more inspired, more productive, healthier, and fit at work. And all these considerations are possible with some state-of-the-art health tracking devices and software.

Flowing from above, it is no gainsaying to submit that the essence of this height-adjustable furniture is to integrate proper movement into your daily work schedules and boost your concentration level and overall health.

Kinetic Furniture in the Modern Workplace - A Myth or Truth?

In recent years, many employers had to struggle with the raging wave of increases in health premiums. At the same time, they need office workers to exhibit a higher level of productivity. This led to the hot trend of a term coined as "multitasking".

Now, what's the best way out here? The answer remains kinetic office furniture - standing desks plus treadmill desks. So if your line of work is sedentary, whether completely or partially, all you need to get is a kinetic office desk to churn out the calories in your body.

The kinetic furniture campaign is also fast gaining momentum as the evidence that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for the health of workers becomes clearer and clearer by the day. Even in some firms at the Silicon Valley, kinetic furniture remains their first go-to choice. What an iconic status for the height-adjustable furniture!

According to history, the origin of kinetic desks is traceable to time immemorial. The likes of Napoleon Bonaparte, Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, and Charles Dickens were famous for their preference for height-adjustable furniture.

Even Thomas Jefferson built one for himself. Not only that, he took it upon himself to convince people how and why standing while working makes him more productive than sitting.

For the ergonomic experts, the conclusion isn't much different. A recent study shows that increased activities at the workplace doesn't necessarily translate to increased productivity.

Therefore, kinetic furniture that helps you stay relaxed and focused at work should help you stay productive since we've proven that productivity isn't about performing different tasks at a time.

However, the only cog in the wheel here might be the exorbitant pricing attached to these luxurious pieces. Even the most ordinary models cost $1,500 or even more, so you need to have up to $2,000 or above to consider investing in a piece of kinetic furniture.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Office Desk with a Kinetic Office Furniture

Has your home office or workplace furniture seen better days? Or do you easily find your workspace cluttered with a boatload of papers? That's probably time to switch your office desk and give our work-life furniture a trial.

Other than employee efficiency, having the right kinetic desk or kinetic furniture will improve your level of organization, tidiness, and comfort. Thus, here is a pack of signs you need to identify to know that it's time to spice up your office desk.

Always Battling with Insufficient Space

You should know that a very small desk floor space will do you no good. That's the basic rule. So if you often find yourself struggling for space or searching for an office accessory buried under the mounds of paperwork, you're not working as productive as you should.

Therefore, a bigger desk (especially with a wide desktop) will come in handy here. With a kinetic desk, you'll also enjoy sufficient storage, table space, and cable holes to make your floor space free of cables and wires.

As you do this, your mood and work output are bound to go higher.

No Alignment With the Space

You'll be amazed at the level at which a perfect office desk can give your home office or workplace a brand new look. So if you're lucky to have a home office to yourself, you need a standard ergonomic desk to beautify the room.

In other words, going for a piece of kinetic furniture will complement the existing decor of your room.

A Wrong Height

Do you have to stoop over, bend, or stretch while working on your desk? Then it's time you give the height-adjustable furniture a chance to prove itself.

If you could be 100% comfy while working, you'll be able to stay free of common injuries, pain, and aches often linked to working with an office desk with the wrong height. That is, it's not just about your productivity.

Meanwhile, we will suggest that you also go all in for an ergonomic office chair as you make the right choice to subscribe to kinetic furniture today.

Unable to Stretch Your Legs

While sitting, it is ideal that your office desk had sufficient space underneath where you can stretch out your legs and change position, if you want to. This way, you'll experience a painless and comfortable working lifestyle.

Meanwhile, kinetic desks are known to support proper spacing between the two legs on each side. You should also consider if you want extra under-desk space for your PC tower. This will also help you amass more space on your office desk.

Out of Storage Facilities or Apartments

You should also bear in mind that it's time for a new desk if your current office desk doesn't have sufficient storage units. Failure to subscribe to this idea might lead to office cluttering and all your papers might start piling up.