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Join FlexiSpot in Celebrating the Cat Day Event

08 August 2022

It is a day to love, celebrate and care for our feline friends' well-being. However, we believe every day needs to be a cat-urday, and here in Flexispot, we are excited to share and find new ways to connect with our cats and kitties. Let's talk about the Cat Day event and how we can celebrate it with Flexispot.

More and more people are adopting cats

When you think about getting yourself a pet, you usually have two main options; to adopt one or more from a shelter home or to buy from a breeder. While buying your pet from a breeder is the best way to find the exact one you are looking for, millions of animals in shelters worldwide and the country need a loving home. If you are unsure of the kind of pet you need or want to give an animal a second chance to have a good life, then you should consider visiting a local animal shelter and adopting one. However, you can't only take our word for it; you should instead check out these facts and statistics that show how more people are adopting pets, cats to be specific, and how much of a significant impact they are making.

According to ASPCA statistics, more than half of the 6.3 million animals taken to animal shelter homes every year are cats. It is also worth noting that almost 50% of adopted cats are kittens. A 2020 statistic showed that 48% of the adopted cats were kittens, 19% were young adults, and 20% were adult cats. Senior cats, however, are the least adopted as they accounted for only 3% of that same year. There are many uncared-for stray cats in the United States, and the number continues to increase. Finally, statistics from ASPCA, PetPedia, and the Humane Society show that people adopt stray cats more than they adopt other pets. More and more people are adopting cats because of the benefits and comfort of these families of pets.

Why you should have a cat

Why you should have a cat

Although a cat is an independent animal that likes to explore and scavenge on its terms, they are still very affectionate with its owners or the people they trust. Many cats curl up in your lap at the end of a weary day while you rest. The simplicity of these acts can release the right kind of chemicals into your brain. Any cat owner can tell you how much their furry friends help them to relax, and as said, a cat is more of an acquired taste, and their charm will have a firm grip on you afterward.

The benefits of owning a cat include;

1. Cats are low maintenance- they are easy to maintain and cost less than other pets like dogs which need walking, frequent grooming, training, and attention. Also, cats are perfect for city living and apartments. They do not need large spaces to play or explore, as nosing their way through the crannies and nooks of your kitchen can keep them occupied for hours.

2. Keeps your house pest free- you already know cats like to hunt rodents. But what most people don’t know is that they are natural insect killers also, giving the kind of household protection that Venus flytraps promise and hardly deliver. Several cats enjoy exterminating bugs like spiders and houseflies; it is almost as if they are paid for it.

3. Long life span- the most challenging part of owning a pet is parting with it due to death. While you are likely to outlive your cat, its longer lifespan means you will get to spend more time with them for up to 20 years.

4. Reduce feelings of loneliness- as we have said before, they are great companion animals. Cats offer unconditional love, which can equal or even surpass human confidants and friends.

5. Lowers the risk of heart diseases- they can lower your stress level and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart diseases or stroke. Research over the years has shown that people with cats are less likely to die from a heart attack compared to those without one.

Creating a comfortable and safe cat environment in your home

Creating a comfortable and safe cat environment in your home

Every cat needs a comfortable and safe environment to rest undisturbed. The cats like farm cats that live outdoors require access to a safe shelter as living in a cold, wet place can give the cat unnecessary suffering. A cat should be able to avoid things that scare it, even if it means other cats. They all need a place to hide and play where they feel safe. Your cat's happiness is primarily influenced by the kind of lifestyle you offer and how you behave. Since the cat is territorial, its environment is everything. For these reasons, you need to get cat-related equipment right, especially if you keep your cat indoors or offer restricted access outside.

A safe and comfortable environment for cats means;

A cat-friendly home

It is about making compromises that suit both you and your cat. If you love contemporary minimalistic interiors, you probably need to adjust more than most people to provide what your cat needs. Open plan living spaces with clean lines and a lack of clutter can be the basis of the modern style, but they can't be removed further from the cat's natural habitat. Although domestic cats are highly adaptable to many landscapes, they still need a degree of camouflage to enable roaming. You should look at your living space, furniture, or ergonomics if you want a cat-friendly environment.

Keeping safe

While it is necessary to challenge cats and stimulate them in your home, you also have the duty of keeping them safe. Several house appliances, products, and features are potentially dangerous to your cats. Some dangers could be cables all over your workstation at home. It is critical to assess your house regularly to reduce the risks.


Some essential provisions that are usually taken for granted include food that can also be offered cat-friendly. You should choose a suitable bowl such as glass food bowls or ceramics. You must avoid plastic bowls because they scratch easily and can bring a slight odor that your cat might not like. You must also feed your cat according to its likes and avoid starving it. It creates a cat-friendly and comfortable environment.

Finally, ensure your ca is not tied up, provide a toilet area that is easily accessible and quiet, and ensure it has constant access to excellent and safe hiding places.

Flexispot E8 Oval-shaped Standing Desk

Flexispot E8 Oval-shaped Standing Desk

Flexispot is known to take care of the needs of its customers, but the most exciting part is that it has taken a step further to take care of your cat's needs. In this year's Cat Day event, Flexispot will hold a special three-day sale where you will get your favorite desks for excellent prices. The Flexispot E8 oval-shaped standing desk will be our desk of the day because it has cat-friendly features, something you might want to consider if you have a cat or planning on getting one.

The desk has enhanced safety features such as an anti-collision and child lock. The anti-collision enables the desk to detect and prevent collisions before they happen. It can be suitable for protecting your cat from bumping into desk surfaces and hurting. The child lock allows you to lock the position of the height, and you can deactivate it when you want. It also contains a sound cable management system with a cable tray that hides cables blow the desk to keep your workstation safe and organized. If you have children and pets, you understand the dangers of tripping when your cables are all over the place. The Flexispot E8 oval-shaped standing desk has fixed this problem for your cat as it can now walk around the house and your workstation safely without the fear of playing with the cables and causing a mess or tripping and causing harm to itself.

The E8 has soft edges which have been designed to prevent potential injuries, at the same time, create a safe playground or environment for your cat and kids as well. Also, the E8 has a dual motor lifting system that allows for a higher weight capacity of up to 125kg. Its frame design provides a height adjustment system f your choice from 60 to 125cm and extra flexibility. With this desk, you are sure of stability even at maximum capacity and the highest setting, which is excellent and safe for you or your cat. Finally, the oval leg design brings extra aesthetic appeal to your workstation.

Top plate DIY is possible!

YouTube product URL: DIY: use an E8 standing desk to build a cat house. Focus on your cat's health and well-being during this cat day event by going straight to the Flexispot website and getting yourself the flex spot E8 Oval-shaped standing desk.