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Is Working from Home Better than Working for Corporate?

10 November 2022

You might have always wanted to work from home because you envision that it's quiet and peaceful. You won't be monitored by your scary boss for the whole day and you don't need to make small talk with people you happen to eat within the pantry. You can relax at any point of the day when you already feel tired from working nonstop or you can have a quick social media break when your mind is already filled with everything work-related. You don't have to take the daily commute in the morning and afternoon and you save up money because you don't buy clothes for the office and there are no takeout food and transportation expenses to cover. For you, working at home is the dream. But not until you tried it.

Yes, you get your peace and quiet. Yes, you have more freedom. Yes, there's more flexibility with regard to time and what you do in a day. If you're an introvert, you absolutely love that you get to work alone and away from others. But you did not take into account that you'll be working with family. What do we mean by that?

If the scenario is that you don't live alone, there is a high probability that your presence at home would equate to availability to the others that you share it with. They will expect you to do errands even if you have work outputs to finish. They would think that you can leave work at any time and they would have complete disregard for your deadlines for work. They'll instruct you to do this and that and may even expect that you make the meals for everyone at home. They would make noises, watch television or play around, even if you're in a video conference. It's especially hard to establish a barrier if your space is small and there's no room for all of you to co-exist without bothering one another every day.

This is a typical work-from-home scenario but it doesn't mean it's unavoidable. There are many ways that you can do to make the arrangement work for you, even for the better. It will be hard to adjust at first but the longer you do it, the more you get the hang of it. Some things will change or your mindset towards something that used to irritate you may take a turn for the better.

For example, since you have double tasks to do, you might get more driven to finish early at work. You learn how to manage your time to fulfill your duties and responsibilities. You learn how to delegate tasks or break them down into small, actionable steps so that they don't overwhelm you.

But of course, you are not superhuman. You can't do everything and there must be compromises done for the work-from-home setup to work. First of all, you have to communicate. Make it clear to your family or housemates that you're not available during this time or day because you have work to do or meetings to attend. Why not post your daily to-do list and schedule in your workstation or refrigerator? This is so that they are aware of the time blocks that you are and are not available. If you have your own room, lock it when you're busy and hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign outside. Wear earphones when you're not available to chat and show them that you are strict with your time so that they don't see opportunities to throw out commands to you. This will help pacify the situation or get rid of fights that happen because of schedule conflicts.

Once the daily schedule is communicated, follow-through is important. Work to the top of your game so that efficiently and productively. Once you do so, you'll be able to do the household work expected from you.

How can you work more efficiently? One of the tried and tested solutions is investing in ergonomic furniture. Here are two items you may add to your work-from-home setup.

Comhar Pro Q8

A standing desk will keep you on your toes throughout the day, all while ensuring your health is not endangered by prolonged sitting. With wireless charging, a storage drawer, and an improved design, this new FlexiSpot product seals the bargain. The design was refined by the clever brains at FlexiSpot HQ, who also incorporated a dual-motor lifting mechanism to ensure that the desk is stable even when it is at its highest point. Since the desk's height range is wider than that of comparable FlexiSpot products (24.0" to 49.2"), customers with heights ranging from 4'3" to 6'5" can make use of it.

You can wirelessly charge your smartphone on the desktop without connecting it in because it has an integrated wireless charger. Don't worry; the majority of wireless charging devices are compatible with it. The Q8 also features an under-desk cable management tray to prevent tangled cords.

Of course, who wouldn't like the fact that a drawer is already integrated into it? The desktop is composed of bamboo, has a working space of 55" x 28", can hold 220 pounds of weight, and measures 28.3" x 12.8" x 1.97". Additionally, a smart control panel with adjustable height presets and two USB charging connections is provided.

Last but not the least, this desk includes an anti-collision mechanism, just like other high-end FlexiSpot products, to help protect both the item and the things on top of it during the desktop's descent.

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

Durable and versatile, this amazing product can be used for physical exercise, reading, having your morning cup of coffee, watching online videos or video chatting with your colleagues from work. Doing these activities while being able to exercise is shooting two birds at the same time for fitness buffs.

Another great feature of this product is its adjustable desktop which can be moved forward or backward, up and down—whatever configuration is comfortable.

It could also be easily moved to another location in my home because of its four caster wheels. It also has an adjustable seat that could accommodate heights ranging from 5'1" to 6'2". The resistance levels can be played around with too, from 1 to 6, according to your fitness goals or your energy to deliver at a specific moment.