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Is a Standing Desk Better for Your Back?

17 October 2022

It is very easy to slip into a sedentary lifestyle but getting out of it is harder than most people think, not to mention the health risks associated with it. For much of our lives, the sedentary lifestyle has been a huge part of our day-to-day, from spending up to 10 hours seated at work and later extending it into our home lives.

Poor posture is a leading cause of back pain, neck pain, carpal syndrome, and many other lifestyle diseases. The introduction of ergonomics in daily life, especially in the workplace, came when the world needed a reset.

The use of standing desks, ergonomic chairs, desk bikes, and standing desk converters has helped many people beat the sedentary lifestyle and lean into an active one.

Used correctly, standing desks have the potential to help you beat common posture issues. However, people who are already experiencing back pain would also benefit from other accessories like anti-fatigue mats.

According to Flexispot, an ergonomic furniture manufacturer, investing in a standing desk is the first step toward changing your life. It can help you avert aching muscles and prompt you to be more active in your daily life.

Even with a standing desk, it is still important to observe posture and good to-do's like sitting up and avoiding standing on high heels on concrete floors for long hours.

Extensive research into ergonomics has revealed that the traditional desk setup is designed in a way that causes strain and pressure on the back, neck, hips, and bottom muscles. People who use a standing desk have recorded an improved quality of life with less back pain, more energy, and productivity throughout their work day.

Why is standing better for you?

Sitting for long periods, even upright puts pressure on the body. The human body is built for movement, which is why it is important to switch between sitting and standing from time to time. Sitting too low or too high can also cause back pain, especially if you are slouching to reach your computer.

A standing desk will help you alleviate pressure on your spine. And while the switch to standing desks is ongoing, it is important for people to remember that standing for long hours could also be detrimental.

The sweet spot is striking a balance between sitting and standing.

When using a standing desk, you must ensure it is properly set up. You should work at a comfortable height to ensure that you are not straining your neck, back, and hips. Standing at your desk also has benefits like regulating blood sugar levels after a meal and reducing the risk of diseases like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature death.

Standing doesn't necessarily mean that you are stationary at your desk; you can also move around, walk or pace while working, which improves focus and productivity.

If you are looking for your first standing desk, desk bike, chair, or desk converter, Flexispot has organized an incredible day of unbeatable deals where select products will be available at huge discounts.

1. Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

The E7 is BIFMA-certified, built with thicker leg columns to enhance super stability.

2. Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

This is a robust and powerful standing desk with an advanced dual-motor lifting system that boosts the loading capability and ensures maximum stability even at the highest setting. The Kana standing desk features a chemical-free bamboo desktop that only uses aldehyde-free glue, a green and healthy alternative.

3. Standard Standing Desk E1

The E1 standing desk combines the strength and beauty of bamboo. Flexispot uses bamboo on desks since it is the fastest-growing plant on earth and sequesters carbon faster than trees. It is a sturdy desk with excellent height adjustment capabilities for sit-to-stand.

If you are going to stand at your desk

You need to go through a transition period before you spend hours standing. Comfort when standing is crucial, which is why it can be dangerous to suddenly go from sitting all day to standing all day. Sit-stand desks, like the desks provided by Flexispot, help you seamlessly transition into an active lifestyle. In the beginning, it is important for you to experiment with different time intervals to find what best works for you.

Just because standing has proved to have benefits, people should not completely abandon sitting, especially for tasks that are more accurately performed when seated. As dramatic changes continue to take shape in the work environment, ergonomic furniture manufacturers are leaning toward innovation to provide smart products.