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Importance of Ergonomics in Professional Gaming

31 January 2023

If you are a professional gamer and spend hours playing Minecraft, Warcraft, or really any other game, it is important to take ergonomics into account. The type of equipment, such as a desk or chair, you use while playing is a crucial factor and can make a huge difference in your gaming productivity.

No matter what professional level you're at, the importance of ergonomics in professional gaming should never be taken lightly. Maintaining proper posture and using ergonomic equipment can help avoid various musculoskeletal disorders and injuries (MSDs).

Ergonomics: What Is It?

The term "ergonomics" describes how a person's body should be positioned in their environment for safety and comfort. This can apply to any activity, but it most frequently relates to employment. Ergonomics in gaming looks at how users interact with their tools and technology and how the present standards might not be sufficient.

Your overall gaming performance is based on how comfortable you are at your work or gaming station and how easy it is to get the resources you require. Additionally, you should be aware of what you must achieve, maintain calm while breathing, and minimize outside distractions.

Ergonomics are important for anyone who spends a lot of time in one position, whether they are working a desk job, playing esports, or doing anything else.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk – Ergonomic Desk

One of the most crucial things when it comes to gaming is having a practical and comfortable desk. The Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk guarantees your comfort while simultaneously preserving proper body alignment, preventing you from slouching over or sitting in a poor posture.

Important Features

The desk is super easy and quick to install and comes with a carbon fiber textured top and one-touch control that will allow you to lift up your battle station to boost circulation and energy as you take your game to the next level.

Moreover, the desk also supports your wrists and elbows, thanks to its curved desktop that matches the body more naturally for support, unlike traditional rectangular desks. The Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk features a c-leg style, allowing you to have plenty of space for accessories, drawers, and your computer. Height-adjustable foot pads provide stability and aid in maintaining workplace levelness even on crooked surfaces.

Importance of Ergonomics in Professional Gaming

Trust us, gamer posture is important! Having the right desk and chair can make or break your career as a professional gamer. Nobody likes having frequent neck or back aches, but you're likely to have either if you don't invest in the right type of equipment for your work (especially something that requires hours of sitting). Long-term back, neck, and wrist pain can prevent you from playing in the future.

Sitting Up Straight

Sitting up straight in an ergonomic gaming chair should be a piece of cake if you have done everything else correctly. It is the final piece of the puzzle. Your chair and monitor should be adjusted so that you can play with an absolutely straight posture. When you sit properly, your wrists and neck are no longer under stress. Most significantly, though, maintaining a straight lower spine will help you avoid the obvious and irreversible damage that is frequently associated with bad posture.

Three of the quickest ergonomics suggestions for your prolonged gaming sessions are selecting the correct desk, and a comfy chair, setting your screen and sitting up straight. Ergonomics will elevate your gaming experience, whether you're competing for top rankings or exploring single-player content.

How to Maintain the Right Posture for Professional Gaming?

The ideal posture for a pro gamer is the same as the ideal posture for a 9-5 worker. But since you'll be focused entirely on the game, it's more difficult to put into practice. It will obviously be very hard to focus on how you've placed your thighs and how straightened your back is while you're in the middle of an intense game.

The best course of action is to practice sitting properly in the following order:

Before you start playing, take a few seconds to practice sitting properly by aligning your back to the back of the chair.

You must also practice sitting properly while playing. This will allow you to be more aware of yourself and maintain good posture without disrupting the game.

See how you're gradually developing the ideal position for gaming? Instead of just trying to "sit up straight" and forgetting the minute you get to destroying buildings or killing the aliens, this is how you do it so that it sticks with you. Once you get acclimated to it, you'll soon be sitting better, having the proper posture when gaming, and performing better.

Benefits of Ergonomics in Professional Gaming

Less physical strain implies

Less aches and pains

Clearer thinking and reduced fatigue

Improved breathing

Better blood flow and circulation

Repetitive strain injuries, text neck, rounded back, tight hips, dyspepsia, and shoulder and neck pain are less likely to occur

Quick response due to increased awareness

The Essentials of Ergonomic Gaming

These are much the same as a standard desk arrangement:

Ensure that the top of your monitor is at or just below eye level. Many monitor stands are overly short, requiring you to lean inward to achieve the proper view. The top third of the monitor should be in your line of sight.

Put the monitor in front of you at around arm's length.

Keep your keyboard in front of you and your mouse as close to your body as you can.

Your knees should be bent about 90 degrees and possibly a little lower than the height of your hips to help keep you from falling.

Keep your feet flat firmly on the ground. Avoid wrapping them around the chair legs or crossing them over.

Forearms should remain horizontal (level with the desk) and not slope up or down. Let your elbows also be at a 90-degree angle. Don't let your wrists rest at the edge of the desk.

Maintain a calm, straight spine. Avoid being rigid or tense. Your spine is trying to be flexible. Let it!

Everyone is aware of how simple it is to lose countless hours to their favorite video games. Many gamers spend a lot of time on the competitive ladder climbing in the era of esports and leader boards.

Unfortunately, a lot of gamers fail to consider how ergonomics might improve their gaming and well-being. Inefficient workstation use over time can cause wrist and spinal problems that interfere with your life outside of the game. You can maintain top performance both in and outside of the game by following our ergonomics suggestions.

What Ergonomic Problems Do Players Encounter?

Since the term "Nintendinitis" was originally used in the middle of the 1980s, repetitive strain wrist injuries have remained one of the most prevalent problems among gamers. Regular players sometimes experience hand and wrist problems initially because of repetitive motions including constant button pushing, strange finger alignment, and quick mouse movements/clicks.

Continuous joint tension has been linked to circulation issues, tenosynovitis, and possibly spine injury, according to medical professionals. The basic loss of performance owing to unpleasant postures is less grave but maybe more common. Of course, even the most leisurely video games can be difficult to play while wearing a wrist brace. Wins in games are also negatively impacted by poor ergonomics, in addition to health.

While eye strain from prolonged close-up looking at a screen is more common in action and shooter games, it affects players in all genres. These problems have been known at least since the early 1990s, when Japanese research recommended playing for no more than 60 minutes per day to prevent injuries and using ergonomic desks, such as the Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk.

For many players, especially in esports, an hour of gaming each day is hardly enough. These professional players practice between five and ten hours a day on average, and injuries are becoming more common. Esports players should be treated similarly to other college athletes for wrist, neck, and back problems, according to doctors.

Most esports competitors give up playing by the time they are in their mid-20s because of their posture. However, ergonomics must still be taken into account whether you play video games for an hour, a week, or three hours a day to prevent injury.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that spending the entire day crouched over a keyboard, whether for work or gaming, is bad for your health. Repetitive activities like clicking the mouse, pressing buttons, curling the fingers, and pressing buttons, as well as spinal damage and circulation problems, can cause serious concerns, ranging from back and neck pain to wrist injuries and what has come to be known as "Nintendinitis." Poor ergonomics can affect you mentally and physically as well as cost you games or workdays.