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How to Position a Gaming Chair to Suit You

03 October 2023

Buying a high-quality gaming chair with various features is an excellent investment, but you must know how to set it up correctly. It's important to understand that you will need to make specific adjustments to your chair to make it the most comfortable for you. If you share your chair with someone else, don't stick to their ideal setting. Subtle differences in body size and weight can affect your ideal position. So, this article is a guide on how to position a gaming chair to suit you. Learn more about how to improve your performance and comfort through minor adjustments.

How to Position A Gaming Chair to Suit You – Simple But Crucial Adjustments

You don't need to invest in the most expensive and extravagant ergonomic gaming chair available. Instead, buy one with some essential features listed below that allow you to make necessary adjustments.

Backrest reclining

Height adjustment

Armrest adjustment

Wheels/casters for easy movement

Once you get a suitable chair, here's how to position a gaming chair to suit you.

Adjust the Height of Your Gaming Chair

The height of your ergonomic chair for gaming is arguably the most critical adjustment. You should set it to meet the following conditions.

Lower the seat to the point where your feet are flat on the floor. You are sitting too high if only your toes are touching the ground . Your lower back will be under high strain if your feet are not supported by the floor.

Raise the seat to ensure that your hips are slightly above your knees. Your thighs will be parallel or slightly tilted downward when you're sitting in that position. This way, you'll reduce the strain on your knees when you get off your seat. Moreover, it will also help reduce strain on your hips and lower back.

Adjust the Backrest Recline of Your Gaming Chair

The reclining position can vary to some degree based on the type of gaming you're doing. We've explained those positions through examples below.

Sitting in a Highly Reclined Position

For example, if you're playing a narrative-focused game that does not require you to be mentally alert at all times, you can recline your seat significantly. So, you'll be able to play in a laid-back position. This position is great for when you're playing a game using your controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. You most likely won't be able to reach your mouse and keyboard when you sit with your seat reclined all the way back.

This position is usable when playing games on your PC and your consoles. You can also use an ottoman and rest your feet on that when in this position. You don't have to keep your feet flat on the ground when sitting in a highly-reclined position.

Sitting in a Relatively Upright Position

If your ergonomic chair has a reclining backrest that moves between a range of 90 to 150 degrees, set it between 100 to 110 degrees when sitting in an upright position. Avoid keeping your backrest at 90 degrees because that can be an awkward position for your lower back. You may also increase the chances of leaning forward and rounding your shoulders when you keep it at 90.

Your backrest set between 100 to 110 degrees is perfect when gaming on a mouse and keyboard. It will help you sit upright while still sitting comfortably. You are more likely to maintain your ideal position for longer periods when you are comfortable than when you are not.

Adjust the Armrests on Your Gaming Chair

Every ergonomic gaming chair will not have adjustable armrests. This feature is typically present in high-quality and relatively expensive chairs with a range of adjustable parts. The Standard Gaming Chair (GC2) is an excellent option that's relatively affordable and comes with adjustable armrests. It has 2D armrests that raise upward and downward. Some chairs can also move in other dimensions, but that's usually in chairs that are extremely expensive. Moreover, any further adjustment other than upward and downward may be unnecessary and not worth the additional cost.

With that said, the ideal position for your armrests with your wrists and shoulders positions is discussed below.

You should aim to adjust the height of your armrests so that your elbows are at the same level or slightly higher than your wrists. This way, you will keep your forearms parallel to the floor or slightly bent downward. This position should help reduce strain on your wrist joints, reducing the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist conditions. (Also, make sure you rest your palms on your keyboard and mouse pad instead of your wrists to prevent injury and developing such wrist conditions)

Make sure that your armrests are not set too high, at which your shoulders are in a shrugged position even when resting. Sitting in that position for prolonged periods can cause neck strain and discomfort.

You may also have to adjust the height of your desk. However, if you do not have a height-adjustable ergonomic desk, then you can try to find the ideal position by tweaking the armrest position and your chair height.

Adjust Your Chair's Distance from the Desk

This is one position adjustment that may get overlooked when you're finding the ideal position when sitting and gaming. You should place your chair close enough to your desk so that your elbows are at about 90 degrees in your resting position. This way, you'll have enough room able to move your mouse around.

This adjustment can also affect your back position. For example, if you sit too far away from your desk, you may lean forward to see better and reach your mouse and keyboard. As a result, you'll push your chin forward and round your upper back and shoulders. On the other hand, if you sit too close with your elbows at less than 90 degrees, you won't have much mobility.

Some Additional Ergonomics Tips

Now that you know know how to position a gaming chair to suit you, follow these additional ergonomic tips. They can help you squeeze even more comfort and performance during your gaming sessions.

Additional Ergonomic Tips Related to Sitting in Your Gaming Chair

Sit fully into your seat. Make sure that your lower back and upper back are touching the backrest. Leaving a gap will prevent you from sitting in the ideal position, and you won't get support for your lumbar spine. An ergonomic gaming chair like the GC02 also has a removable lumbar and headrest pillow to provide additional support.

Keep your mouse and keyboard about shoulder-width apart. So, move your seat so that you are in the middle of your keyboard (measuring the extreme end from the keys 'WASD') and your mouse.

General Additional Ergonomic Tips

1. Take two types of breaks during each hour of gaming.

2. The first is to get off your seat after half an hour of sitting. When you stand, place your hand's on your glutes and push forward so that you stretch your back. Breathe out when you push. Your head will be behind your back if you do it correctly. Doing this helps reduce tension in your spine, allowing you to reduce the risk of long-term damage to your body through excessive sitting. It can also help reduce the risk of lower back pain.

3. The second is to get off your seat after an hour of gaming for about a break of at least 5 minutes. Walk around your room to help your body feel revitalized.

4. Keep yourself well hydrated. It can help to keep a reusable bottle of water beside you so that you don't have to move to drink water.

5. Look away from your screen after 20 minutes. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Thus, after 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away from you for about 20 seconds.

6. Adjust the height of your screen so that the upper half of it is at your eye level when you're seated in your ideal position. If it's higher or lower than that, you'll need to tilt your head and/or move your eyes upward or downward. You can increase neck and eye strain in the process.

7. Keep your screen at about an arm’s length away from your eyes. Sitting too close to your screen can result in eye strain.

8. Play in a well-lit room to avoid putting too much strain on your eyes.

Final Thoughts

This guide on how to position a gaming chair to suit you shows how crucial it is to adjust your furniture to fit your needs. In addition to following the tips mentioned above, make sure to invest only in high-quality furniture that will last you a long time. Durable furniture can save you a lot of money in the long term with minimal repairs and maintenance.