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How to Make Wedding Planning a Breeze

08 September 2022

You'll be wearing a Vera Wang bridal creation and listening to "Stand by Me" as you make your entrance down the aisle. You will be the center of attention as you clench your hands on your bouquet. Even before you get to the altar, your eyes will start to become teary. When you finally get to put your arm across your soon-to-be husband, you'll smile and maybe even chuckle a little. That's it. You are about to get married.

You've been preparing for this wedding ever since you fell in love with your third-grade teacher when you were eight years old. You're grinning and feeling good, but you're also looking everywhere to see if there's anything you might have forgotten. You secretly go back to the day 11 months ago when you made the choice not to hire a wedding planner. You persuaded yourself that you didn't need one because of how organized you are. You are now concerned that you could have overlooked something or that one tiny, seemingly insignificant detail will make you and your husband's day miserable. Your future spouse notices how upset you are and pulls you close to him while giving your hand a gentle squeeze and saying, "Calm down. I am beside you.”

Yes, organizing and carrying out a wedding by yourself might be difficult, but there are ways to calm your anxiety on the big day. Planning is the key to everything. The following six steps will help you start organizing your wedding.

Make a budget.

Make a budget.

There is a spending cap that you and your fiancé must adhere to. Decide in advance how much you're willing to spend above your means, and then be firm about it. Everything else will happen when you've established your budget. Your working budget f will serve as your yardstick for any significant decisions that you and your fiance will make about your wedding.

Have a list of your non-negotiables.

The priority list must be created separately by you and your fiancé after the budget is finished. Make a list of the three to five necessities for your ideal wedding. There are no rules. You decide what your non-negotiables are, whether it's a certain designer for your wedding dress or a band you've always fantasized to play at your wedding. You must then arrange your budget so that it allows you to complete the priority list after deciding this.

Pick a color scheme.

Pick a color scheme.

The color scheme you choose for your wedding will have a big impact on how the entire ceremony will appear in person and on camera. To make the following important decisions easier, you must choose a color scheme early on. Do you want a classier or more edgy aesthetic for your wedding? Do you prefer your bridesmaids to appear stylish or feminine? What hues will complement the flowers and plants at your wedding? Though it may not seem difficult, picking a color scheme ultimately comes down to how you want your wedding ceremony to be remembered.

Choose a date.

You can even have a date from the day you say yes to the proposal. Make sure this important decision is sealed in from the beginning. It's important to consider your friends and family's availability on the occasion. It shouldn't take place during the week or at a time that is inconvenient for everyone at the party. Is there a noteworthy event that month that will fit the theme? What time of year have you chosen for your ideal wedding in the nation? How long do you still have to be ready for the wedding? Decide on a date, and then make a lot of important decisions.

Book your venue as soon as possible.

Book your venue as soon as possible.

It is crucial that you decide where you will get married early on because the location will consume 50% of your expenditure. The location will be influenced by your theme and play a significant role in determining how many wedding guests you can entertain. Will it be small-scale or lavish? Will you get married abroad or host it at home so that more guests can attend? Are there any pre-wedding events, and if so, can the location handle them?

Assign tasks.

You are not required to organize your wedding by yourself. Get a few more hands on the deck because a wedding is no joke and you're going to need them. You must accept your limitations if you truly want to avoid forgetting anything during your wedding. Since you also work a 9 to 5 job, you cannot take care of every small thing. Develop the ability to trust others and assign duties to each of them. Making sure your ideal wedding takes place is one of the duties of your bridal party. Ask for their assistance, including your mom, sister, and even your fiance's parents. A second set of eyes and a helping hand will make sure you don't forget anything.

As you go along your wedding planning adventure, you’ll be crossing out the following items as well:

Pre-Wedding Activities

The Ideal Home Station for Wedding Planning

The Ideal Home Station for Wedding Planning

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