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How To Keep Your Office Chair Looking Clean And Brand New

09 March 2023

Office chairs are one of the most roughly used pieces of furniture as they are used for up to eight hours daily. Users work, eat, and drink coffee while seated on their chairs daily. They are also used as mini vehicles to get around different areas in the office space due to their wheels. This is why investing in a good quality office chair is important to last a long time. A good office chair is made of good quality and easy to clean so that it lasts a long time without looking worn out and old.

How To Clean Your Office Chair?

Here are some tips for cleaning your office chair and keeping it looking fresh and new so that it lasts you a long time:

Check Care Tag On The Chair

Most office chairs come with a care tag. It may be present on the back of the chair or the undersurface of the chair. it is best to check the tag before you begin cleaning as it might have important information regarding certain solvents or alcohol cleaners that cannot be used on the chair.

Blot Up Any Spills

If a spill or liquid stain on the chair has just occurred, use paper towels to clean and blot the spill up. Get rid of as much liquid as you can using the paper towel.

Pick Up Any Loose Trash Or Debris That You Can See

If there is loose debris that you can remove with your hand, try to remove as much as you can from the chair.

Use An Upholstery Cleaner Or Detergent For The Seat

make a solution of detergent and water, or use an upholstery cleaner. You may use a bowl and a washcloth or fill the solution with a spray bottle. Use this solution to remove and rub stains on the seat at the office chair's backrest. try to remove as much of the stain as possible using this solution

Use Alcohol For Stains

Some stains are very stubborn and are impossible to remove using the detergent mixture. In this case, alcohol or a solvent may remove these stains. Before doing that, it is best to first test a small area of the chair that is not noticeable, like the underside. Test the alcohol or solvent on the fabric and wait for it to dry. Ensure that it is not causing any damage to the fabric. One positive is that it is not damaging the seat's fabric; you may use the alcohol on the stain to lift and loosen it up.

Sometimes a stain that is too stubborn doesn't go away with one application but becomes lighter. It would help if you reapplied it several times to completely remove the stain.

Use A Vacuum To Deep Clean And Remove Dust

A vacuum cleaner can deep clean the seat with its different attachments. The wide attachment can remove dirt and dust from the seat, the backrest of the seat, and the arms. The narrower attachment can be used to get inside the corners and crevices of the chair to reach deep areas. A vacuum cleaner can get rid of the tiny bits of dust and debris

Clean With Soapy Solution

Dip a rag or washcloth into a solution of detergent and water and wipe down the upholstery of the chair. But you must be careful to rub gently and not scrub too hard; otherwise, it could damage the fabric and cause it to become frayed. Once you have rubbed the entire upholstery of the chair, you may place the chair under the fan or near a window and allow it to air dry.

Wipe And Clean The Wheels, Arms, And Legs

Turn the chair upside down to begin cleaning the undersurface of the chair and the legs and wheels. Use a cloth dipped in detergent solution and begin cleaning the legs of the chair. Turning the chair upside down helps to access all the areas better.

Remove Wheels And Scrape Off Large Debris

Remove the chair's wheels so you can clean and wash them individually. Often, large pieces of dirt and debris are stuck on the wheel or the inside attachment. You may use a butter knife to scrape the sticky bits out. Dip the wheels in warm soapy water or use a washcloth dipped in soapy water and scrub the wheels down to make them look clean and brand new.

Wipe With A Dry Cloth

Once you have washed and cleaned the wheels, use a dry towel or cloth to pat the wheel dry and wipe the legs of the chair to dry them completely. Do not replace the wheels on the chair's legs until they are completely dried out. Once you have dried them with a dry cloth, you may let them air dry in an airy place or leave them on a paper towel for an hour.

Replace The Wheels

Once the legs and wheels are completely cleaned and have dried out, you may replace the wheels and turn the chair the right way up.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Workspace Clean

Whether you work in an office building or have a workstation at home, you must keep it clean and tidy. Working in a chaotic environment is not recommended for several reasons, such as:

It Makes You Lazy And Unmotivated

An untidy and messy work environment can make you feel exhausted. It kills your motivation and makes you feel lazy. Lack of motivation can make you slower and decrease the quality of work. A messy and disorganized workspace causes you to lose and misplace items and can frustrate you.

It Delays Your Work

Having an organized and clean workstation makes you more productive and increases efficiency in the workplace. A disorganized and messy place causes delays and problems in the workplace. You cannot meet your deadlines and are more likely to lose important documents or misplace items.

Reduces The Chances Of You And Other Employees Falling Sick

Dirty spaces that aren't regularly cleaned or maintained attract insects, mold, and pests. They harbor disease and can cause you and your employees to fall sick. It is important to have ventilation in your office space and ensure regular and proper cleaning. Often there is food debris and wrappers inside work cubbies or filled up in trash cans that can attract flies. Cobwebs and dust can collect in corners, cause allergies and other illnesses in employees, and generally make employees hate being in a dirty environment.

It Keeps Your Work Running Smoothly

A clean and tidy environment energizes and motivates you to produce better work and keeps everything running smoothly. If you waste time cleaning out your desk every day and organizing everything, they are precious hours lost. If you want a stress-free environment and a smooth-running office, you must get regular cleaning and dusting done throughout the entire office. Also, be sure to open windows to allow ventilation to prevent stuffiness.

It Prevents Hazards From Occurring

A messy or crowded workspace with empty boxes piled up in corridors and other areas can risk disruptions during an emergency. For example, in case of a fire or another hazard, old cardboard or material can get in the way and be an obstacle for people trying to escape and save themselves.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Since office chairs are the most important piece of furniture in the office, they must be carefully chosen to ensure comfort and long-term usability. Flexispot has a fantastic and wide range of office chairs that are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and luxury to their users while they work. They are meant to reduce fatigue, chronic pain, and postural problems while enhancing productivity and quality in the workplace.

An ergonomic office chair maintains your body's ideal sitting posture during work. It has all the features ideal for maximizing productivity and efficiency in the workplace while putting the least amount of stress on the body. It has the following features:

Adjustable height

Wide seat

Breathable seat fabric

Adequate lumbar support

Adequate backrest




Flexispot has some of the best ergonomic office chairs that are ideal for use in the office or a home office. There are many different options to choose from, and you can select the one that suits you best

The Final Word

Cleanliness is important, especially in the workplace. It keeps us physically and mentally healthy and improves our productivity in the workplace. Without cleanliness, we are prone to falling ill frequently, being demotivated at work, and producing poor-quality work. Office chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the office and are the most used. They are bound to remain fresh and brand new for a long time if they are regularly cleaned.