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How to Design and Achieve Your New Year’s Posture Resolutions

27 January 2023

A resolution needs determination and a course of action. Yup, it is time to talk about new year's resolutions again. Creating goals for yourself always feels like stabilizing your personal growth and centering your happiness during a time when everything else feels off-kilter. To some, resolutions can be a way to overwhelmingly put pressure on yourself and feel like a failure before the year ends. Luckily, there are ways to set realistic goals that you can follow through on as you go on with your daily life or year, and we will tell you how in the article.

Here is a fun fact for you. Did you know that a good posture can help you achieve your goals? According to statistics, 45% of people make new year's resolutions, 38% have the resolution of losing weight through posture, and only 8% of people with good intentions achieve their new year's resolutions.

What it means to have bad posture.

Your ligaments and muscles are naturally positioned specifically for your spine and are unique to you. When you fall into poor posture, your muscles shift to accommodate this change. This shift alters the balance in your muscles, adds tension in some muscles, and causes weakness in others resulting in back and neck strains and injuries in other body parts. Hence, if there is something people should aspire to obtain every year is a good posture. Working on posture differs from getting back into shape or fixing your eating habits.

Your body always craves a good and upright posture, which is compromised by factors like poor positioning while sitting at your desk or slouching while standing. Bad habits and uncomfortable work environments or living conditions can create tension in your body, affecting your natural alignment.

Before we look at how to achieve your posture resolutions, it is essential to understand the importance of posture because you will then understand the need to complete your resolution.

Importance of good posture on your body.

A good posture taps into the overall well-being of your body.

1. It helps to feel better for extended periods. As stated earlier, your joints benefit from good posture, but there is more to it than injury prevention. You can experience back and neck pain because of bad posture. Yet, the high tear and wear can result in more severe conditions such as arthritis if not corrected.

2. It keeps your heartburn at bay: it always comes down to alignment. Apart from aligning your muscles and joints, sitting straight and up tall gives your body organs enough room to function correctly simultaneously, making digestion so easy. You wouldn't want the discomfort that comes from constipation.

3. Helps in mind and body communication: have you ever heard that posing like a superhero boosts your confidence? Power posing always releases hormones that give you a sense of drive and decrease stress levels. A good posture helps you to feel better both mentally and physically.

To achieve your new year's posture resolution, you have to remember the benefits of good posture and use them as a drive to achieve your goals.

So how do you design and achieve your new year's posture resolutions?

Be committed

Nothing is more fearsome than commitment. To most people, the thought of doing something constantly is not appealing. We always love to leave some things to chance since we are not drilled into a routine and are spontaneous. Because of this, you might find it challenging to achieve resolutions like eating better, staying healthy, or even maintaining good posture because they are so difficult to keep as they need commitment and consistency. You can break down your posture resolutions into weekly segments that will allow you to change your routine throughout the year.

Use technological help

There is a lot of technology out here that can help you with your posture and many other resolutions. For instance, some desks use technology to help achieve a good posture. Similarly, apps can help you form new habits if your resolution is fixing your mental health. I'm saying technology is fast changing as years go by, and it is becoming more and more helpful in the health and well-being of people. You can also use technology to track your resolution, which is essential if you want to achieve it.

Stick with what works

Always remember that whatever you do is working, so don't stop! Once your character feels routine, it is easy to assume you have achieved your resolution, so you let your guard down. You don't realize that it is the moment you become vulnerable to missteps. You might think you can stop scheduling workouts for your posture improvement because you will naturally make time for them, but you're mistaken. You might also copy their routine on posture improvement from a friend because it works for them and looks fun while yours is boring, then you slip back into your old habits. Stick to what works for you.

Leave room for change.

As much as it is vital to stick to your new year's resolutions, it is also essential to understand that they are not written in stone. You might have to re-evaluate your objectives to keep up with the changes in your life. Still, the most important thing is not giving up but instead restructuring them to work with the changes around you. If you want to maintain posture using special equipment but can't carry it wherever you go, look for another that is easier to carry but still works. Be willing to adjust; achieving your posture resolutions will be easy.

Tips to improve posture.

Here are some tips to improve your posture after understanding how to design and achieve your posture resolutions.

Invest in an ergonomic chair

Correcting your sitting posture is more complicated than it looks. Sitting is an inevitable part of your daily routine, and the goal is to be self-aware when it comes to sitting. It is essential to purchase an ergonomic chair because it is designed to help with posture. Ergonomic chairs from Flexispot, such as the Flexispot Souiten Ergonomic Chair, have lumbar support, which helps to align your spine with the chair and reduces spinal and neck injuries.

Use a standing desk

One good thing about a standing desk is the ability to shift between standing and sitting, which is essential in our work environment. Ensure you get a suitable stationary desk that will meet all your needs regarding posture. One that will help you achieve your posture resolutions is the Flexispot E7 standing desk, which allows you to work without the risk of spine injuries. Its height adjustment feature allows you to adjust your desk height while working, thus preventing you from slouching or sitting in a poor position, which is suitable for posture improvement. You can learn more about standing desks through the Flexispot website.

Check the position of your monitor or laptop

Did you know that your laptop screen should align with your eye level? Looking ahead instead of down is a healthy posture habit. It would be best if you placed your screen at approximately an arm's length from you. To achieve this posture, consider using monitor mounts that can allow you to move and adjust your screen or a desk converter. All these can be found on the Flexispot website.

It is all about adapting to habits that accompany exercises to correct your posture. Always check yourself when using your computer or phone. Is your back straight? Are you maintaining proper posture? Can you take a break?

Sleep properly

It is not always about how you sit and stand because how you sleep matters too. You spend many hours sleeping; hence your resting position can have a more significant impact than you realize. It would be best to remember that correct alignment is crucial and that sleeping in the proper position, depending on your bed space, is necessary to maintain a good posture. Having the appropriate support at night depends on your bed and pillow, so invest in a good mattress. Invest in an adjustable one and have a good night's sleep.

Make exercising your routine.

A proper posture isn't just about your back. For you to correct your posture and prevent it from developing again, it is essential to exercise. Core exercises help to keep you upright by developing your abdomen muscles. Several activities can help; all you have to do is find the one that works for you, keep doing it and watch the results over time.

Good posture exercises

Cat-cow: it is excellent for stretching your spine. Start on all fours with your palm on the ground, arch your back toward the ceiling and drop your head toward the floor. Slowly lower your spine toward the floor, arch your back downward and lift your head to the top.

Chest opener: it keeps you from slouching and keeps your head away from your ears. Open your chest, clasp your hands behind your back, and stretch your arms straight.

Flexispot ergonomic products can help you achieve your new year's posture resolutions. If you need more help, contact Flexispot for tailored advice.